Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Podcast with Dave Dee

Joining Joe this week is Dave Dee, a former struggling magician that stumbled into a Dan Kennedy seminar and became a the preeminent sales expert who wrote the book, Sales Stampede.

About Dave Dee:
Dave was a struggling mentalist (mind reader and magician). Then he discovered the power of sales and marketing and his business skyrocketed from 3 shows a month to 25 shows a month in less than 90-days.

Then he discovered the power of sales and marketing and his entertainment business skyrocketed from 3 shows a month to averaging 25 shows a month in less than 90-days.

Other business owners took notice and started asking Dave for his advice. Because he knew he could make a more significant impact on people’s lives as a coach, consultant, and speaker, his new business was born.

Dave has shared the stage with Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, Brian Tracy, Emmett Smith, Dan Kennedy, Penn Jillette, Peter Guber, and other luminaries at some of the world’s most prestigious conferences.

Dave is the author of the book Sales Stampede, which teaches business owners how to sell more of their products or services, or get their very best prospects to schedule appointments, through the art and science of virtual selling.

Dave Dee - Magnetic Marketing Podcast Transcription

Joe Pardavila: This is Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing podcast. You'll meet folks that are using the Magnetic Marketing principles to take control of their advertising and marketing dollars. I'm Joe Pardavila. Let's do this.

Today, I am talking to a guy who walked into one of Dan Kennedy's seminars and became one of the preeminent sales experts in the country and the author of the book Sales Stampede. His name is Dave D. Hey Dave, thanks for popping on.

Dave Dee: Hey, great to be here. I'm excited.

Joe Pardavila: Dave, I stumbled upon your website which I believe is DaveDee.com. If I'm not mistaken.

Dave Dee: That's it. 

Joe Pardavila: You have this opening line, which is, I love it. It says from a struggling magician to the preeminent sales expert, that is quite a jump. And to encapsulate that in an easy soundbite. Take us back to the struggling magician.

Dave Dee: Yeah, for sure. So I'm not going to tell my entire backstory.

So we'll just start when I was eight years old and then chronologically every year, I think that would be exciting for the listeners. 

Joe Pardavila: So we're going to miss the first eight years of your life?

Dave Dee: Yeah, exactly. They're going to miss the first eight years. But no, seriously, when I was eight years old, I got a little magic set for my grandmother and I fell in love with the art of magic.

It was a passion. It wasn't like a passing thing. I knew when I was eight. That's what I wanted to do when I grew up. And my parents thought it was cute when I was eight. But when I was 18, they didn't think it was cute anymore.

Joe Pardavila: It's no longer as cute when you're 18. Right?

Dave Dee: Yeah. That's exactly it. So I got a lot of stuff. Like you can't do it. You will make enough money. You're going to have to get a real job. All of that kind of stuff. So I took a very traditional route, went to UMass at Amherst. Got into radio advertising sales. I was probably the worst radio advertising salesperson of all time.

I had no sales training whatsoever, but more than that, I still had this passion to be a professional magician. To make a long story short, I moved to Atlanta, did a number of different jobs that I said I gotta really live my dream here. Finally, I got to have the guts to go ahead and live it.

And so I thought that if I just got really good at my craft, meaning if I just became a really good entertainer, I would be successful because that's what everyone is taught. If we just get really good at what we do. People are going to flock to us. So I practiced and rehearsed and did all that kind of stuff.

But the problem was I was only doing about three shows a month and I had to make a decision. Was I actually going to make this work as a business, or I was going to get a real job. And getting a real job would feel like death to me quite honestly. And so I thought I needed motivation. So I went to a big success rally seminar.

It was at the Omni in downtown Atlanta, which is now State Farm arena and they had a whole bunch of big-name speakers. So for example, the late Zig Ziglar spoke and I think Norman Schwarzkopf was the keynote speaker and everyone was getting you pumped up. And then the very, very last guy on the program, a guy by the name of Dan Kennedy, who I had never heard of before my entire life was the last guy, he was after Schwarzkopf.

Everyone's piling out of the arena as this guy, Kennedy comes out on the stage. And so I get up to leave and Dan's opening line. You talked about my opening line. Dan's opening line is you might as well sit down because you're just going to get caught in Atlanta traffic anyway, and I knew that was true because just about a few weeks before that I was sitting in the middle of Atlanta traffic.

I had the windows rolled down in my beat-up car because my air conditioning was broken in the middle of the summer in Atlanta. So things weren't good. So I sat back down and I listened to this guy, talk about marketing. And now I'm so dumb at this point. And so unsophisticated that I don't get the Dan's trying to sell me something right.

Joe Pardavila: You thought he would be like an inspirational speaker, just trying to inspire you.

Dave Dee: Yeah, man. Crazy. And he's talking a mile a minute and he's putting the overheads on a mile a minute. But I'm like, this is what I need. This is exactly what I need. And then he told the price of the program that he was selling, a program called Magnetic Marketing.

And when he told me the price of the program, my heart sank. And because I didn't think I could afford it. And I think back then, by the way, Magnetic Marketing, he was selling it for $279. 

Joe Pardavila: So you're telling me a struggling magician didn't have $279 in his bank?

Dave Dee: Yeah. Not only that I was about $80,000 in debt.

Joe Pardavila: Oh, okay

Dave Dee: So I actually left that seminar without buying that product. So I went home and I talked to my wife and I said, this is the program that I needed and I didn't buy it. I blew it. I said I didn't think we could afford it. It was $279 and she looks at me and she says $279. We're $80,000 in debt.

What's another $279 going to do? But there was no way to contact them. There was no internet, there was nothing like that. But Dan being the super-smart marketer that he is sent me a follow-up letter in the mail. Okay. Not an email. A follow-up letter in the mail. Now there are a couple of lessons in just that.

Okay. So the first thing is many people would say, this guy just saw my very best presentation. He didn't buy, therefore he's not going to buy, which is always a mistake. The second thing is he followed up in the mail. So I had a physical letter in my hand, and I read the letter and it basically said, hey, you were at the seminar.

You didn't buy Magnetic Marketing. If you order by the deadline, another lesson there, stamped and red on the order form, you can still get it for the same price. And man, I took that letter everywhere and I kept reading it and reading it. Now, if that was an email. It would have been gone, but I had the letter, I had the physical letter and there was a number on it to call customer service if you had any questions.

So I called the number and his customer service person was at the time, his wife, Carla. And so I call up and I say to Carla, I'm a professional magician. Is this product Magnetic Marketing going to work for me? She says to me in the best customer service, I have no idea. So that was enough for me. I took out my credit card and I bought Magnetic Marketing. And I remember the day that it arrived, on a Friday. And remember I needed to make this work, this was it.

Joe Pardavila: Because right now, at this point you are now $80,279 in debt.

Dave Dee: That's exactly right. And so I literally went through the entire program. I went through all of the audiotapes, that's what it was back then. I went through the big thick binder. I went through all of the bonus materials. I literally didn't sleep. Maybe just got a couple of hours of sleep over the weekend.

And then on Monday, I started implementing and I took imperfect action. I started sending out sales letters. I started doing what was written in the product. I didn't try to modify it. I didn't try to change it. I didn't think I was smarter. I just followed what the program said. 

The truth was my first marketing pieces and stuff that I created wasn't very good. But, it was far superior to what I was doing before. 

Joe Pardavila: So you were pitching your magic act?

Dave Dee: Yeah, pitching my show to corporations, for birthday parties, anything like that. So I was doing lead generation ads in parenting magazines. I was sending out sales letter sequences in the mail to corporations.

What I realized was I was selling a service, just like anybody else who sells a service. 

Joe Pardavila: No matter what it was.

Dave Dee: And it doesn't make any difference. I have to generate leads. I close those sales over the telephone. I had to deliver my service. I wanted referrals and repeat business.

My business just happened to be entertainment, which was one of the major lessons that I learned from Dan. And that lesson was this. It is more important to be a master marketer than it is to be a master of your craft. Now, he wasn't saying that you don't need to be good at what you do. What he was saying is that marketing is the most important aspect because being the best, being really good at what you do, isn't an advantage until somebody actually uses your service or buys your product.

And just that one thing changed my focus completely on, hey, I got to focus on the business part of show business. I got to focus on marketing my service. And when I did that, even though it was imperfect and it was messy, and most of the stuff that didn't work, enough of it did. Now get this, I went from doing three shows a month to averaging 25 shows a month in less than 90 days.

Joe Pardavila: Wow.

Dave Dee: In my fifth month I did 57 shows. In a month at the end of the year, I had paid off all of my debt. 

Joe Pardavila: Wait, you were able to strike the debt in a year?

Dave Dee: Yup. 

Joe Pardavila: Wow.

Dave Dee: Paid off all of my debt, bought a new house, bought a new car. And for me at that time, I was living my dream that I had ever since I was eight years old.

But again all I did was I took massive action and followed a proven system. That was really the key and put my focus on marketing. Put my focus on marketing and sales and then everything changed for me. 

Joe Pardavila: Wow. So you're a public speaker, now you're an author. The magic career, has that been sidelined?

Dave Dee: That's been sidelined.

What happened was, it was really interesting. Dan actually invited me to speak at one of his events. It was called the SuperConference where a bunch of his members got together. I think it was 800 people and he said, hey, Dave, I want you to come. And I want you to tell your story. 

It's a really good story, and obviously, it's a really good testimonial as well. And he says, here's the one caveat though, at the end, you've got to sell something. And so I say to myself, oh, no problem. That sounds great. And I've seen other speakers make six figures after their presentation, people running to the back of the room to buy their program.

So I'm very cocky. So I go up there and I'm entertaining the audience. They're laughing, they're clapping. And then I go to do my close, and I'm putting air quotes around that because it wasn't really a close and I offer my product and I'm expecting people to run to the back of the room. There is almost nothing.

There's a trickle to the back of the room. And most of those people are running to the back of the room to leave to go to the bathroom, to be honest with you. 

So what was your product? If you don't mind sharing. 

Yeah. My product was a product about how I applied Magnetic Marketing. How I applied Magnetic Marketing to my service.

It wasn't a great product, but the presentation wasn't very good, either. But what happened is that people started asking me, listen, I understand that really your business is fundamentally the same as my business, right? Whether I'm selling financial services or I'm an attorney we're still selling a service.

Can you start working with me? Can you consult with me? And so I started doing that, but then I really wanted to get good at speaking to sell because I saw that I could make a much bigger impact on people than I could then just being an entertainer. So I really dove headfirst into that. Two years later, Dan asked me to come and speak at an event this time he didn't put me on the main stage.

Because when you bomb, they don't put you back on the main street.

Joe Pardavila: You were over by the oeuvres.

Dave Dee: I was on at 8:30 in the morning in the bowels of the hotel, but now I knew how to speak to sell it. I'd been working on it for two years. And this time I sold  $330,000 worth of my product in seventy-five minutes.

Joe Pardavila: Wow.

Dave Dee: That took me on a completely different trajectory, training people on what I call One to Many Selling and what Dan calls One to Many Selling. How to sell through webinars, how to sell in person, how to sell via video things of that nature. And again, so very slowly I did a lot more of that and a lot less of my show.

Now when I go out and I speak, I typically do my show the night before to warm up the audience, and the next day I speak and I sell. So that was the transition 

Joe Pardavila: I see. Now, talk about that package, which I'm sure has evolved over time, but what kind of wrinkles do you offer that is different from the Magnetic Marketing concepts or maybe just heightened versions of it?

Dave Dee: Yeah I actually don't teach marketing, so I teach exclusively selling now. So I teach closing and what I call Psychic Selling techniques because when I say that I was a magician, I was actually a mentalist, but a lot of people don't know what that is, a mind reader.  One of my core products is called Psychic Sales Consultations that Close.

So we're really not teaching marketing principles. We're not teaching how to attract clients. What we're teaching is, you've got the client now, how do you close that client? Or how do you speak to a group of people and influence them to either book a consultation with you? A lot of my clients are professional services providers.

So when they speak to sell or when they do a webinar, what they're actually doing is using it to get masses of people to schedule time on their calendar, to meet with them. And then they'll close them in a one-on-one situation. We don't really teach marketing.  We leave that to the fine folks at Magnetic Marketing.

Joe Pardavila: All right. So I just have a couple more things before I let you go here, Dave. First and foremost, I can't talk to anyone nowadays without bringing up coronavirus. So how does COVID-19, the pandemic affect selling in 2020? It might be too early to sense a shift, but do you sense a shift in how things are sold now?

Dave Dee: Oh, absolutely. So webinars are now more important than ever before. The problem is everybody's doing them and almost no one is doing them correctly. 

Joe Pardavila: The word Zoom fatigue, you hear all the time.

Dave Dee: Oh my God. And it's also because they're not doing them correctly and they're boring.

They're not entertaining. And so that's the problem. So there are two parts to delivering One to Many presentations. One is the actual slides and the content. The second part is how you deliver it. The presentation of it. The other thing is we've got to learn or service providers need to learn how to close via technology. 

They need to learn how to close like we're talking now via Zoom or GoToMeeting or over the telephone. The actual closing now becomes more important than ever before because they're in most cases are fewer prospects. Therefore we need to maximize our time and the value of every single prospect with who we meet with.

So even folks who maybe didn't like selling before or didn't think that they should have to sell are now thinking now man, I better learn how to close sales virtually or I'm going to be in really big trouble. So that is the biggest shift, but honestly great selling. It doesn't matter whether you're selling in person or if you're selling one-to-one over a video.

Almost all of the principles of selling apply to focus on, hey, I really need to learn how to convert these leads that I'm getting. If I have an appointment, I need to convert that. I think that's the most important thing. Also, I would say that the people who are doubling down on their marketing using the Magnetic Marketing principles are always going to do better in any economy.

Especially now, it's so important to get back to the fundamental principles of direct response marketing and Magnetic Marketing. And the Magnetic Marketing organization is something that everyone should be a part of to get these fundamental principles and then apply them. 

Joe Pardavila: That's great.

Well, that leads me to my final question. You mentioned the seminar that you had first seen Dan and package, but is there a book or product, or even just maybe a nugget that you still live by to this day, or maybe it's been the most profitable thing that's changed your life?

Is there one thing or maybe two things that come to mind?

Dave Dee: The first thing is what I said, which is the real focus needs to be on marketing. It's more important to be a master marketer than it is to be a master of your craft. That was like a game-changer for me, that not to do one and done marketing, I think is super important.

That you need a campaign, right? You need a sequence, that is major. But I think one of my favorite Dan Kennedy programs is his Wealth Attraction program. And he's got a Wealth Attraction book, and I know that Magnetic Marketing actually has an entire Wealth Attraction library of programs.

I would get my hand on that program I listen to about once a year. It's that powerful. So I would tell folks to get on that. Now it's not necessarily about marketing, it's more about mindset. But when you combine the great marketing for Magnetic Marketing and the mindset, that's when things change for you. 

Joe Pardavila: Not bad for a guy who was $80,279 in debt, and turned out to have a pretty successful career.

If you want to reach out to Dave Dee, his website is DaveDee.com.  Dave, I appreciate your pearls of wisdom and your time today. Thank you so much. 

Dave Dee: Hey, thank you so much for having me. 

Joe Pardavila: I want to get Magnetic Marketing implemented in your business? Join us for our next Virtual Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp.

You'll spend a day and a half working with our Magnetic Marketing five star generals to get Magnetic Marketing implemented into your business and start attracting more customers who Pay, Stay, and Refer.  

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Joe Pardavila is a broadcaster, actor, writer, director and producer born and bred in New York City. Joe was a radio personality who was heard on legendary New York City radio station, 95.5 PLJ where he was part of their successful morning show for over 15 years that had over a million listeners daily in the metropolitan area. While at ‘PLJ he interviewed everyone from musical artists like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and more. He also spoke with entertainers and newsmakers that include Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Mike Tyson, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and Kim Kardashian.

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