Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Podcast with Dr. Tyler Williams

The Magnetic Marketing | No B.S. Inner Circle is a membership community of entrepreneurs and business owners…including dentists. This week we’re featuring Dr. Tyler Williams, a full-time practicing dentist and the founder of Pinecrest Dental in Murray, Utah. Dr. Williams shares how Dan Kennedy changed the course of his career and what it’s like to be a dentist in the middle of a pandemic.

About Dr. Tyler Williams:
Dr. Tyler Williams is a full-time practicing dentist and the founder of both Pinecrest Dental and Pinecrest Practice Growth. He is a proud husband and father of three.

He has written numerous articles for the Utah Dental Association, Dentistry Today, the Profitable Dentist and Dental Economics. He is the author of two books, Reason to Smile: 11 Keys to Your Best Oral Health Ever, and The Consumer’s Guide to Dental Implants: 3 Keys Every Adult Needs to Know About a Smile Transformation which can be found at major bookstores and on Amazon.com. He is a real, “wet fingered dentist,” and has completed thousands of dental implant and restorative procedures.

Dr. Williams has been featured on ABC’s Good Things Utah, NBC News Radio, The One Thing marketing podcast, Sirius XM Radio, UK Health Radio, KTALK Utah radio and in several national dental research publications, including reviewing articles for the Academy of General Dentistry’s General Dentistry journal. He has several published articles in online and print journals, including: Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, ADA News, Dentistry Today, and The Profitable Dentist. Dr. Williams has been selected as a Top Dentist in Utah by the International Association of Dentists, and spotlighted in the renowned publication, Leading Physicians of the World. He has also been awarded as one of America’s Best Dentists for the past eight years in a row.

Dr. Williams is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, the American Dental Association, and the Utah Dental Association. He has also been recognized as one of the most influential dentists in Utah by Kleer’s list of Most Influential Dentists in America.

He is currently the owner of Pinecrest Practice Growth, which helps preserve independent dentistry while helping practice owners maximize the growth and opportunity within their existing practice. Dr. Williams enjoys being a speaker and instructor on Dental Implants with the Implant Institute. His dental practice focuses on restorative dentistry and oral-systemic health for a better quality of life.

To contact Dr. Williams call (801) 512-2987, or visit yourpracticegrowth.com.

Dr. Tyler Williams - Magnetic Marketing Podcast Transcription

Joe Pardavila: This is Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing podcast. You'll meet folks that are using the Magnetic Marketing principles to take control of their advertising and marketing dollars. I'm Joe Pardavila. Let's do this

Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Inner Circle is a membership community of entrepreneurs and business owners. We're talking about all kinds of businesses and I'm going to demonstrate that variety with today's guest. He is a full-time practicing dentist and the founder of Pinecrest Dental in Murray, Utah. 

His name is Dr. Tyler Williams. Hello Doc.

Dr. Tyler Williams: Hey, I'm great. Thanks for having me on. Nice to be with you guys today. 

Joe Pardavila: Thank you very much. First of all, you're not your typical dentist. Not that I would know what a typical dentist is, but you're actually a published author. You've written a bunch of books, haven't you?

Dr. Tyler Williams: So I have a couple. Reason To Smile: 11 Keys To Your Best Oral Health Ever. That was our first book. We just released the second one, which is about dental implants for patients. All right. So this one's Join the Implant Revolution: 3 Keys Every Adult Needs To Know About A Smile Transformation! SO that one's geared more towards our high-end cosmetic implant patients.

And then I'm also just in the production of a book for dentists that is The Seven Pillars to Grow Your Practice in the New Economy. Got a couple of different ones going on here. 

Joe Pardavila: You're like the Mark Cuban of dentists. You've got your hands in everything. That's fantastic.

Dr. Tyler Williams: I don't know about that, but I do appreciate the compliment. Once you do the first book, you realize how doable it is. And you also realize all the other things you want to talk about. 

Joe Pardavila: It's funny because you have only two parties. There are the people who write the one book and say, I'm never going to do that again.

And then there's the other side of the people who loved the experience so much. Like I got to keep doing this. So you fell into the latter.

Dr. Tyler Williams: And it gives the second book more credibility when you already have one too, which is cool. 

Joe Pardavila: That's great. Now you are a very modern dentist in terms of your marketing practices.

So outside of just being a good dentist, how do you get good clientele?  Is it just word of mouth? Is it just hooked up through, whatever sort of dental medical plan you have signed up with? How do you get clients if you're not out there direct marketing and doing these other things, like writing a book and being a vocal proponent of certain parts of dentistry?

Dr. Tyler Williams: Don't let modern practice fool you either. I still definitely have the old dentist jokes to pull out at any time. But yeah, that's a great question. There're so many different types of practices, and that's one thing that really inspired me to write a book was from a consumer standpoint, from the patients, most people feel like a dentist is a dentist, right? 

You go there, they drill your teeth. They all use the same filling to put in your tooth. They all use the same laughing gas, and it's very different. So like in my practice about two-thirds of our revenue actually comes from patients, not from insurance. 

Joe Pardavila: Wow.

Dr. Tyler Williams: So for other practices where maybe they're heavy in Medicaid or state-supported programs or other types of things. So for us, referrals and retaining the patient are really the keys to know for doing our job. Even more so than the revenue in the practice is, are patients referring, and do they want to come back?

That's really the goal. When we've looked through that lens, it makes all the other stuff a lot easier to fill in. Hey, should we do this? Or shouldn't we do that? What type of marketing? How do we attract the patient who's a good fit for us? And, I'm in a metropolitan area with, fairly dense population.

We've got I think a million and a half, roughly in kind of a greater Salt Lake area where I'm at. There are plenty of other dentists too. So we definitely don't take the approach of, we want to be everything to everybody. We're looking for people who really want to invest in their own health and they care a lot and that they refer other patients like them, keep their commitments.

And, we offer a lot of convenience for our patients too. Sedation, payment plans, early and late appointments, so we go the extra mile. We feel that's a good mutual relationship price. So your question, hey, how do we get these patients? Referrals are great. We do a monthly newsletter, print newsletter, and a weekly email.

And a lot of that I've really gained from the No B.S. community, the Magnetic Marketing community, which I appreciate because it really goes a long way. And it's amazing, it's really fun to have patients all the time commenting, hey, I really appreciate you sending that newsletter out. I love that story about your daughter. Or they bring an offer in or those kinds of things.

And that's how we know that it's really working. So internal frills, but then outside, we do different fun stuff. If we get involved with some community programs, there's actually a donated dental service downtown from us that provides service for the indigent homeless community. We do some volunteering there, but what we've done this year is when our patients refer somebody, we make a donation for each referral to Salt Lake Donated Dental.  

Then one really amazing one is just street signs. Let's just put these dumb little picket street signs out in the grass. And it's amazing how many people see those. And we just put different sayings and had a lot of direct response things that we've learned from the Magnetic Marketing community, but we make them funny.

Sometimes goofy, sometimes they're more serious. But people drive by, and I'm not even on a really busy road. We're moving to a bigger office where we will be on a busy road, but even where we're at now, we've got a great neighborhood and lots of people driving by every day to work, school, and different things.

So that's really been fun. 

Joe Pardavila: It definitely sounds you are like, you are a disciple of the No B.S. community, because you have a lot of little catch words and everything. So tell me how you ended up finding yourself there because I've interviewed a lot of people that have become disciples of Dan Kennedy, but you're the first dentist I've spoken to.

So I'm just curious, how does a  dentist say, I need to be more than just your regular dentist, who just depends on referrals, or depends on families of families to come into my office. How did you find the community?

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah, that's a great question. And I think the more I've been involved in the community here, one thing I've found fascinating, listening to different Members on how they found the community, how they found Dan Kennedy.

If people come to this crossroads where they feel like something has to change, something is just not quite clicking right. And I had been involved with some other groups. And some of the people in those other groups had been mentored by Dan Kennedy or different Members of the group.

And I was caught by this sneaky little offer that says, join for $1 for the first two months or something like that. As I've listened to other Members of the group, I think that you find the group when you're ready for it. When you're open to looking for something different. I'm looking to build on something I have an interest in.

So I always had an interest in these things. It was like I was interested in something that I hadn't yet been introduced to. So once I heard about it, I just started gobbling up books and everything. 

Joe Pardavila: How long were you a dentist before you stumbled on into the community?

Dr. Tyler Williams: About six years.

Probably 2015. I was briefly introduced to Dan Kennedy, maybe through a talk or a podcast or something. And right about then I got his first book and then joined and have been a Member ever since. It's really been a great community with very positive entrepreneurs, which is very cool.

Joe Pardavila: Now, before we get into specifics on how he's helped, let's talk about some of the intangibles because you really can't put a price on it. What kind of intangibles did the Dan Kennedy system bring that you didn't have those five or six years prior to ending up in that circle? 

Again, not nothing super specific, but something intangible that you picked up where you're like, oh man, I should have been doing this entire time?

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah. I think the biggest thing is running a business, it's taught me to make sure every dollar is accountable. So tracking. We're always measuring and monitoring because dentistry is very specific. We are doing that on the clinical side, but it's even more important to do it on the business side to make sure things run smoothly. Not just to make money, but to make sure you have happy patients.

Because they don't really care about 99% of the clinical stuff that actually lowers your treatment acceptance if you over educate your patients. Now that I have the Practice Growth Business as well too, where we're teaching this to other dentists, is when you overeducated, you'll actually scare people away because they don't know 90% of what you're talking about.

So it's really just getting down to what their emotions are, but then tracking everything, right? Like how did we do today? What did we do differently? Tweak it, measure, monitor, repeat. That's been really great from these teachings. 

Joe Pardavila: That's awesome. Now you mentioned the tracking, but if you could pinpoint one Dan Kennedy/ Magnetic Marketing System, book, or product that has made you the most money, which do you think it would be?

Dr. Tyler Williams: I think so the first one I read was Direct Response for Non-Direct Response Businesses. And that's not necessarily my favorite book of Dan's. I do love that book, he has a couple of others I've read. The Almost Alchemy book I think is my very favorite.

Because it's such a kind of mix of all the books, and it's just really great. That first one, I have to attribute that because that's what really got the ball rolling. And as I read it, it makes you realize,  your business really isn't that different from other businesses.

You have a product or service, you've got to manage it, deliver it on time, hire a great team, make it profitable, build it around the lifestyle you want. Not become a slave to your business. And so that really got the basics humming along for us. So that was pretty cool. 

Joe Pardavila: Without being dramatic, do you think finding yourself on Planet Dan changed your life in a way where maybe you would have fallen out of love with dentistry or maybe it was just too much of a grind, do you think there is some sort of elements to that?

Dr. Tyler Williams: Oh yeah, absolutely. 2010 is when I bought the practice and we've grown it about seven times.

7X since that time. And we bought it from a dentist who was on his way out. Great dentist who wasn't really interested in growing it. Okay. So I always had this feeling that I knew just the first few years, just by me being there with some enthusiasm and some drive, it was going to grow. But I knew I was going to hit a wall where we would stumble a little bit and I didn't know what was going to cause it.

I just knew I can only do so much by myself and my drive to where I ran up against a big roadblock. And so 2014 was the first year we had a dip. That's the only year we've had a dip in 10 years. It was maybe like a 1% or so revenue dip for the year. Not a lot. However, we were also hiring more team members and that's when I really realized that, I can blame other people, but it's really on me to set the standard here. 

Then I think it was probably the end of the next year we ran into Dan Kennedy. So we were involved in some different dental coaching programs and things that helped as well. But once we hit Dan Kennedy, that was when I really knew how to drive the ship myself, and make this.

And it's been fun too because in study groups and stuff I'm in with other dentists. As they're talking about things, these principles, and I'm like, what's going on guys? The truth is that 80%, just like the 80/20 rule, 80% of other dentists or other business owners, they're not at that point yet where they're ready to hear that because they're just following the industry norm and just treading water. 

Not really ready to make that leap yet. 

Joe Pardavila: And it's sorta like yourself because you said you were humming along and then I guess the Oprah aha moment.

Once you hit that, you had that 1% dip. You're like I got to do something or this is not going to work.

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah. Then we just shot back up. Even this year, May and June were our best months ever, which way. 

Joe Pardavila: Wait, May, and June was your best ever? If I'm mistaken, the coronavirus pandemic did touch Utah.

How did you do that?

Dr. Tyler Williams: We saw it. I think it was in a cloud flying by. It was amazing.  We're fortunate here. Our Governor is very pro-business, so it was really a little bit, probably more of a V shape hit than some other States. And I've called friends in other States, where it had to be closed much longer.  

And the truth was we never had to be closed. It was just the panic where everyone thought we had to be closed. But a lot of what we do is considered essential. Checkups and cleanings, those really came to a halt. But people were still breaking teeth.

In fact, people were breaking more teeth, they were stressed, nervous. It also got people thinking about their health and their immune system overall and how teeth play in that. And so we really sent tons and tons of emails and made lots of videos. We made sure we treated those relationships with our patients like gold so that, right at the end of April, we were able to open back up full throttle, with some added precautions, but we can do any procedure.

And that's when things just started really taking off. There may be some economic factors. People are wondering if they're going to lose their HSA or flex spending, or their jobs. So they're getting things done, but, I think it was just a good testament to if you stick with all the direct marketing and relationship building with your clients, customers, patients, vendors, employees that, on those rainy days, you just keep plugging away at those things.

And then when the sun comes back out, you can just take off instead of having to reboot from scratch. 

Joe Pardavila: Now you seem like a very aggressive guy, but did you see that growth in May and June coming? Or were you somewhat surprised?

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yes and no. So we plan for the year, we took the approach that hey, we can't control coronavirus.

But there's a lot of creativity we can control. Also, we're moving to a new facility and so we've been ramping things up. Because we know our expenses are going to go up dramatically in a new building. We've just really had that drive, so I felt like a caged bull, for two weeks there, I was like, I'm ready to go.

That's really where we worked on some of the books, getting all the content ready, revisiting the marketing plan for the year, reassess. I had to reset some goals and things like that because we knew we're not going to hit those numbers in every category, but on a month to month basis, we don't necessarily have to let that stop us. 

Joe Pardavila: That's awesome. Talk me through being a dentist in this COVID-19 world, because I haven't made a dentist appointment since the virus hit, so what's going on?

Dr. Tyler Williams: What they all say, everybody's looking for an excuse right now. 

Joe Pardavila: That's true. No excuses here, but what I'm trying to get to is the fact that everywhere you go, mask requirements, which obviously I'm totally agreeing with that.

But when you go to a dentist, the patient can't wear a mask. Is that something you worry about? How are you handling that aspect of it? Because I get you and your team is probably wearing masks, but the patient can't so talk about that dynamic.

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah. I actually forget some days there's even a pandemic during patient hours.

Because I'm so used to wearing a mask anyway, you know that I have to go wait, hold on, this is affecting the world. All jokes aside, what I was teasing you about is we joke with our patients,  this is the most excited you've been to come to the dentist ever because it's a legitimate excuse to leave the house.

But yeah, our people wear masks and we've added some air filtration in the building. That's circulating the air and we've got the air ionizer and everything. Dentistry is one of the higher exposure industries because we're so close to the face. And there are lots of aerosols.

So like when you have your teeth cleaned with the water jet or when we're doing implants or crowns or things, there's tons and tons of water spray that creates vapor aerosols. And those can harbor viruses. So we are at high risk, but we have some special mouthpieces, our patients wear that constant suction.

And they shoot the air out the back of the building, through vents. And we've been doing those anyway, so are they perfect? No. And there are not any hard and fast guidelines, but yeah, we have people wear their masks.  We really take the approach of holistic dental care where, if your mouth's healthier, you can fight off viruses and colds and cases of flu better.

And we know that some of us are going to get this, but we should recover quicker. At this point, I'm not overly concerned about getting it myself because I'm fairly low risk. But I am concerned to make sure my patients and employees don't get it and that we're not spreading things around.

So we are taking those precautions, making sure we're careful. 

Joe Pardavila: Great. One last thing,  it sounds like you're also giving back towards your dentistry community in helping them out and being, I guess if we're doing the Star Wars analogy, you had your Yoda and now you're Obi-Wan Kenobi to these other dentists, in terms of teaching them some of these skills you've acquired over the years.

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah. That's really been a lot of fun. I'm just as passionate about helping other dentists succeed as I am helping my patients succeed. So it's fun to take all the systems and marketing tools we've built in my office and say, look, how can we reuse these?

And the great part is it continually makes my own practice better because we're thinking about these tools and the systems we've created so much to be able to share it with somebody. It's one thing to understand how something works. It's another thing to be able to teach somebody how to use it. And so it simplifies it, makes it better.

And that's really been a lot of fun too. And we're just getting that going. We're just kinda kicking it off. As I mentioned, we'll have the book published here soon, and then we can really hit the road running. 

Do you have any disciples so far? 

Joe Pardavila: Do you have any little Tyler Williams, whether it's sharing some anecdotal stuff or just giving them some words of wisdom?

Have you been able to help people in your industry?

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah, absolutely.  We've been doing some different presentations and stuff for study clubs and groups.  We have a website now with a weekly blog post and email we send out to our subscribers, that's practice building tips each week, practice growth tips.

Our goal is really to help practices, grow people who want to grow their practices. And so we've got that going. And then once we get the book launched, we'll really do more broader marketing to the dental community as a whole and help people. Because dentistry's becoming more and more complicated because the technology is advancing, but it's becoming exponentially more costly to run the practice, dental school debt costs, dental school is going up astronomically much faster than the rate of healthcare expenses.

So these are all kinds of things that dentists are dealing with. And so we want to help people from someone who's been there in the trenches and I've done the right things and I've done the wrong things too. So we want to help people accelerate their learning curve and not have to skin their knees as much.

Joe Pardavila: That's great. That's the one thing I do love about this No B.S. community. As much as you are all individuals and entrepreneurs and have the goal to succeed. You guys don't mind other people succeeding, which I think there's a great part of the community. 

Whereas you would see a lot of this sort of competitiveness, or natural competitiveness, because I think we're all competitive by nature, but the fact that you're all willing to help one another.

I think that must be one of the things that probably was attracted to you when you jumped in, because who's to say anyone was going to help this guy, so some dentists in Utah?

But people were more than welcome to helping you out along the way.

Dr. Tyler Williams: Yeah, absolutely. There's a book I read years ago and I think it's called The Science of Getting Rich, but it's not about money per se.

It's just about how much abundance there is in the world. And it's abundance actually creates more abundance. And so I believe in that philosophy of, when we're all doing better, it makes the world safer, it makes the world stronger, makes the world healthier and we all help each other out.

And then it's amazing. You network with someone else who's successful and you share a couple of gold nuggets with each other and sometimes those things you take from that five-minute conversation can change the whole next quarter for your business. 

Joe Pardavila: That's awesome.

His name is Dr. Tyler Williams. He's doing a bang-up job banging up teeth at Pinecrest Dental in Murray, Utah. Thank you very much for the time, Doc. 

Dr. Tyler Williams: Hey it's been a pleasure beyond Joe. Nice chatting with you today. 

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