Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Podcast with Jimmy Nicholas

In 1997, a 15 year old kid from New England sold his first website to a local business, now this business wunderkind runs Jimmy Marketing, a full service done-for-you digital marketing agency that uses the skills he learned from Dan Kennedy.

About Jimmy Nicholas:
In 2011, he founded Jimmy Marketing, a full service done-for-you digital marketing agency. Jimmy landed on Planet Dan back in 2011. He is a best selling author on Amazon. He speaks all over the world about direct response marketing, including Harvard twice. In 2013, he won the Marketer of the Year award for GKIC. Today, Jimmy Marketing implements direct response marketing for doctors in private practice who want to automatically attract more of their ideal patients through digital marketing.

Jimmy Nicholas - Magnetic Marketing Podcast Transcription

Joe Pardavila: This is Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing podcast. You'll meet folks that are using the Magnetic Marketing principles to take control of their advertising and marketing dollars. I'm Joe Pardavila. Let's do this. 

In 1997, a 15-year-old kid from New England sold his first website to a local business. I didn't even know they had websites in 1997.

This business wonder kin went out to create Jimmy Marketing. A full-service Done-For-You digital marketing agency that uses the skills he learned from Dan Kennedy. His name is Jimmy Nicholas. Hey Jimmy. How are ya? 

Jimmy Nicholas: Hey, Joe, how are you today? 

Joe Pardavila: I'm good. Thank you very much for popping on and sharing your story.

First and foremost, I want to get into what Jimmy Marketing does and then we'll get into Planet Dan. So what do you do? What's your day job right now? 

Jimmy Nicholas: Basically, what we do is we help doctors and private practice attract more new patients, mainly through digital marketing. Some areas of specialties that we work with are orthodontists, dentists, podiatrists, hearing care specialists, plastic surgeons. The type of doctor doesn't matter, but they tend to be doctors in private practice looking to help more new patients.

Joe Pardavila: Now obviously you have years of marketing experience. What was the inspiration to find a niche in marketing? Because not every marketer works in every genre or every realm or every media. So why did you zero in that space? 

Jimmy Nicholas: It really happened because of the Dan Kennedy community. Going back to 2013 there was a competition, Marketer of the Year.

The person I competed against was Dr. Dustin Burleson, who happens to be an orthodontist, he was like my enemy at the time. And I ran it like a political campaign as a marketer. So I had t-shirts like voteforjimmy.com and throwing out lanyards and all kinds of giveaways. And it was a very big turning point for Jimmy Nicholas.

And certainly for Jimmy Marketing, because it's not like you can go and get any sort of initials after your name and be certified in marketing. But if you win Marketer of the Year for one of the world's largest direct response marketing organizations that really puts you on the map. So I really took it as a big deal and happened to edge out Dr. Burleson, and our paths continued to cross in masterminds within the Dan Kennedy community. 

And we were having dinner one night and Dustin was sitting across from me and he's so Jimmy, what's working for your clients? And I said we're tripling the number of new patients for this podiatrist, basically doing like this three-step system online.

And he's wow, that's amazing. Can you do that for me? Will that work for an orthodontist? And I said, honestly, I don't know, but we could certainly test it. And he said I was the first marketer to not over-hype something and over-promise. So he ended up hiring us to implement our system for his marketing and as luck would have it, he coaches about 3,000 - 4,000 other orthodontists.

And we became the trusted web marketing provider in the digital space for Dustin and his coaching clients. So you've heard of the Oprah effect. There's certainly a Dustin Burleson effect. For about a good three years, all we were starting were orthodontists because we were just getting so many referrals and we were basically forced into that niche.

And then the more doctors we worked with, I got a buddy that's a plastic surgeon, can you help them out? And that's how we got into the other niches within the healthcare world. 

Joe Pardavila: That's amazing. Now, what kind of stuff were you doing before you stumbled into this or forced into this?

Were you doing just broad, like SEO type marketing with other companies?

Jimmy Nicholas: I'm from Connecticut. 98% of our business was in Connecticut. And literally, I would try to help every single business that came our way and no matter what their budget was. And it's a very challenging way to scale a business when you're in all different kinds of specialties. 

And yeah, it was not fun times, as a marketing agency owner back then. So prior to really being able to specialize we really did digital marketing, but not to the level. You can imagine if you're like a generalist trying to help everybody, you can't really go deep and you can't really help on a bigger level to make that bigger impact.

We were doing digital marketing, but really nothing like we do today and what we do for these doctors. 

Joe Pardavila: And so let's take us back to before you launched your career doing marketing for orthodontists and other medical professionals. How did you find your way to Planet Dan and the folks there at Magnetic Marketing?

Jimmy Nicholas: Yeah, that's a great question. So I'm smiling because it's always fun to go back to those times. When I was searching out for the mentor and as I shared with you when I was a generalist and trying to help everyone, it was a big struggle for a good three years. I was about half a million dollars in sales and just struggling.

We had a team of about maybe four or five at the time, and we just couldn't get enough business. And for whatever reason, I couldn't break through that ceiling. And here we are this marketing company and I was trying all types of ways to get new clients. We don't even know how to get marketing for ourselves, utilize it for ourselves.

So that being said, I'm always looking for resources and for information that can help our clients get that cutting edge. And also obviously ourselves too, in terms of our own client acquisition. So I picked up,  I can't remember which book it was by Dan, one of his marketing books and it was the best free gift from there.

Got some amazing direct mail pieces in the mail and went to one of the two-day implementation bootcamps. And it was there that I invested in Magnetic Marketing. Basically, I was the guy from the front of the room, always walking into the back of the room, investing in resources and courses. 

And it was basically just searching out information to help our clients have better results. Also, we could take that and have some better results for ourselves too. 

Joe Pardavila: Let's talk about direct response marketing. Were you doing that before you found out about Dan Kennedy or was that just something you were familiar with, but not really fully invested in it?

Jimmy Nicholas: No I really had no idea about direct response marketing. I would say we were more brand-based marketing and it was like, hey if you take an ad out in the newspaper, that should be enough to get the phone to ring. Like I invested in marketing, the phone should ring.

And the messaging, we did not pay attention to, at the time for ourselves or for our clients. Because we didn't know any better. And when I started going into the Magnetic Marketing program, I got really interested in the 3D mail type pieces and three-step campaigns. We had really great retention for our clients because we offered a smaller service to host their website and keep them engaged a little bit. 

And I knew at the time based on the results that were shared in Magnetic Marketing, that the reactivation campaigns tend to do really well. And I was like, we don't really have lost clients, but what we do have is we've got these clients.

What if I could get them back in to invest in more services and products from us? So I took one of the examples within Magnetic Marketing, and I remember it was a boomerang campaign. So we sent out a letter with four offers, a boomerang in a plastic bag to our client list. 

And we got over 742% ROI with our first direct mail campaign and then I was hooked. 

Joe Pardavila: Do you wonder, if you had not fallen into Planet Dan and if you just kept building the same grinding it out with these smaller clients hoping for some sort of retention rate.

Can you imagine where you'd be, if you hadn't, not even just the whole Dan Kennedy thing, but have embraced direct response marketing?

Jimmy Nicholas: Gosh, it's a scary thing to even think about. I can't imagine where I would be right now what we learned. And I say we because really it's not just Jimmy.

We've got a whole team of people that do the direct response marketing and follow Dan Kennedy and that sort of stuff. So what we have learned and implemented and have, not only impacted our business but impacted our clients and their patients. And we would be nowhere without those strategies and examples to go to. 

That's a scary thing to think about where we would be. 

Joe Pardavila: That's awesome. 

I love to hear that. So let's talk about some of the learnings, it obviously sounds like you've learned a lot. Since you started reading up on Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing, are there one or two examples of some of his teachings, maybe it was something you picked up in a book or one of the programs that were super successful for you?

Jimmy Nicholas: First and foremost, the Big Ticket Area Exclusive program was a tremendous resource for us because we only work with one doctor in a specialty, in a given market. And we designed that entire program based on what was in that course for the Big Ticket Area Exclusive. And we have turned away hundreds of doctors over the years, which can sound counterintuitive to someone talking business.

But really when we would prefer to have a bigger impact with fewer clients and be able to go deeper with fewer clients, the Big Ticket Area Exclusive really helped us do that. And when we're trying to get our clients to dominate their market, it's very challenging to do that for two people in the same market going after the same patients.

So that resource in and of itself, we were able to design an exclusivity program that really works for us, works for our clients. And in my opinion, it also works for our clients' patients. 

Joe Pardavila: And for the folks who never signed up for more or want to look into what are some of the elements of the Big Ticket Area Exclusive program that you really were like, wow, this is pretty awesome.

Jimmy Nicholas: I think, addressing the whole mindset about creating exclusivity. Think about a typical business person, being able to turn away business. Like we've had people begging us to work with and create a waiting list to work with us.

And there are times you need the business, but you're not going to do that because it goes against the exclusivity and you've got great loyalty and relationships with your clients. Laying all that out and putting a premium because we're offering the exclusivity. Within that course, it talks a lot about price and price elasticity and how to charge for exclusivity. Now we don't necessarily charge extra, but we're certainly not the least expensive. We're not the most expensive, in our opinion, we're the best value by bringing in that exclusivity. It gives us a huge value and gives us a reason for scarcity, a reason for people to act today, to sign up with us when they learn with us.

All those things and all those tactics are within that course. And it helped from a mindset standpoint, as well as an execution standpoint of how to actually carve out territories and look at it from demographics in terms of the number of people in an area. It's going to be different, whether you're coaching or doing what we're doing. We're building websites and we're running digital marketing campaigns.

When you're coaching someone, you could be doing a lot of things behind the scenes and the potential patient isn't going to necessarily know all those things that are happening. In my opinion, you could help two people in the same market, but in our world, if the potential patient goes to a website that looks and sounds just like the person right across the street, that's not good for anybody.

And so going through that, in that type of depth, in that course allowed us to really make the decisions that we felt were the right way to do business based on what we're offering. 

Joe Pardavila: What's awesome for your clients is the fact that you offer really the best of both worlds, because not only do you abide by the Dan Kennedy principles and Magnetic Marketing and whatever program fit, but also the fact that you have this SEO and digital marketing experience, do the clients realize how much bang for their buck they're getting? Because nothing against anyone else who just does direct response marketing.

But the fact that you offer both, it's gotta be a very impressive package for a lot of your members and clients.

Jimmy Nicholas: Absolutely. And I think where the big advantage is the fact that we're able to blend, web design, websites, that's great, but really it's the messaging on those sites, which is going to get the sites to get more leads, more new patient phone calls for our doctor clients, being able to take direct response marketing and apply it online, in terms of different offers and calls to action. 

And not just have that brochure website, but a website that really differentiates you in the marketplace and gives people the feeling that I'm in the right place.

And this is my logical and only choice for our client's treatment, to blend that with the design and the digital aspect really has been a home run for our clients, and the results that they're seeing for sure. 

Joe Pardavila: And I'm sure you experienced this. And if people listening may get this too, when they want to work in the world of doctors and in specialties in medicine is the fact that many old school doctors, no matter what their age is, my dentist will even say this, 99% of my business is from referrals.

And I'm sure you hear that all the time from people like, oh, I'm a referral driven business. For folks who don't think that marketing's important, I could just get by on referrals. What do you say to that person? Because I'm sure you run into that person from time to time.

Jimmy Nicholas: Very often, and really it comes down to goals.

Many of the clients that start with us, they're not really getting that much online because they're not putting that much effort into online when it comes to their marketing and they get a ton of referrals, but in different times and different cycles, there may not be enough referrals out there to help that doctor or professional attract the number of patients that they need to attract in order to hit those goals.

And that's one of the beautiful things of coupling the direct response marketing and the digital marketing side. We're able to turn on and off the faucet. As you need more leads, we can increase the lead flow with increased ad spend, more traffic sources, things along those lines. 

And because we're using principles around direct response and tracking ROI, we're able to get the best results from an ROI standpoint and scale up and scale down to get those patients in. 

Joe Pardavila: One of the things that Dan Kennedy says is, your business isn't different from any other business, no matter what you're selling. Did you find that, especially as you transitioned into this world of dealing with orthodontics and podiatrists, that basically at the end of the day, every business has all the same?

It's generating leads, getting people in the door, getting people to subscribe. Is that pretty much a good takeaway just for anybody who's interested in Magnetic Marketing?

Jimmy Nicholas: Absolutely. The principles that Dan teaches. I have found to apply to our business, to orthodontics, to if we're helping a home builder, the type of business does not matter.

I agree with that very much so. Now, you may go about things slightly different, but if we're talking, principle wise, they are the same, the different types of business out there. 

Joe Pardavila: And lastly, I know you did Renegade Millionaire. For folks who are interested in that program. What can you tell us about that one?

Jimmy Nicholas: Yeah, again, that's another big mindset one. One of the reasons I was struggling back when we were like a half a million-dollar company and we really weren't making much money was my own mindset. And so the Renegade Millionaire series really gives you the permission to think differently and to do things differently.

Some of the norms of business that may be you would think would be, I have to do business this way. And an example, in that series, where he talks about the super successful real estate agent that doesn't do open houses and doesn't take calls on the weekends, and just has his business set up and designed how he wants it to be designed and absolutely crushes it.

And you can go against the grain, you can do things differently, and really what I set up for myself, and Jimmy Marketing, is a lot of those principles in terms of how we deal with new clients and creating those systems and those processes. It doesn't have to be what every other business is out there.

You can go against the grain and you will attract the people who you want to attract is what I found. So I think from a principle standpoint, that was very big and, just the mindset in general and the permission to become a millionaire and become successful. And it really goes deep into how you think about money and wealth and growth.

It can be a lonely world in the entrepreneurial world, at least probably in your own local community, depending on where you are. And so to have Dan in your ear, in a program like that, and in your mind can really help you break through the barriers to wealth and autonomy and living life on your terms.

Joe Pardavila: His name is Jimmy Nicholas from JimmyMarketing.com. Jimmy, thank you very much for the time. Thank you for sharing those nuggets. And I'm so happy that you were able to converge the two worlds of the new world order and the Dan Kennedy world into a very successful business. So congratulations and thanks again for your time.

Jimmy Nicholas: Thank you, Joe. 

Joe Pardavila: Want to get Magnetic Marketing implemented in your business? Join us for our next Virtual Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp. You'll spend a day and a half working with our Magnetic Marketing five star generals to get Magnetic Marketing implemented into your business and start attracting more customers who Pay, Stay, and Refer.

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