It’s been a busy week at Magnetic Marketing. This week Magnetic Molly (our longest tenured team member) and Zippy Zach (our newest team member) flew to work with me in Marco.

We spent three days locked in working from sunup to sundown on a great new program we’re rolling out and in this week’s minute, I’ll share a quick story that is both instructive and will perhaps pique your curiosity about this program.

As some of you know I’ve listed my home in Green Bay, WI as I have decided to make Marco Island my home.

My home in Green Bay is listed at the top end of the market and has been active on the MLS for a couple of months and frankly, the results have been underwhelming.

I’ve generated millions of new customers and created huge lists of prospects for both my own companies and my clients.

My perspective is likely clouded because I know what’s possible when you pair great direct response knowledge with Massive Action which is one of the Renegade Millionaire Principles. Few business owners and Realtors really understand the POWER of Direct Response Marketing.

Yesterday, as we were building out this new program that is the Fastest, Easiest Way To Attract New Clients Now using Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing System I began to think to myself…What if we take what we’re drawing up, apply it to my home, and make it a case study for the program?

After we worked a very long day, I took a short bike ride, and then Molly, Zach, and I knocked out the entire system in just 87 minutes.

What did we build?

1) A squeeze page with strong copy.

2) A thank you page that showed the home, and how to contact my realtor for a showing.

3) We launched an Active Campaign account.

4) Created a simple, automated follow-up email that began to segment the leads.

5) A Facebook Page for the house.

6) A Facebook Ad for the house.

7) Shared a post on my personal page.

…the results?

Leads in minutes.

24 hours later, 15 leads...including one VERY HOT one! He saw my ad, tagged his realtor, and then opted we'll see if they schedule a showing.

In the past two+ months we’ve had maybe 6 showings total.

I haven’t booked a showing yet, but I’ve been subtle so far and it's been just 24 hours.

We used Advanced Magnetic Marketing and applied it to the Facebook home to target affluent buyers, even though Facebook pulled out your ability to use demographics.

If you’re smart about all of this…you don’t need demographics, there are other ways to find the ideal prospects.

…now in a week if I don’t have showings or offers…I’ll be writing a letter that will be swiped from the Magnetic Marketing System, one that I’ll be sharing during this program.

This exercise allowed me to write the story here for the Magnetic Marketing Minute, but I’d prefer to sell my home.

…if I were a Realtor I’d be following this plan on every home I list, then create an enormous list of buyers and sellers in my market. Copy, clone, build lists. The market is easy now, so many are being VERY LAZY about this, but there will be a day where owning a HUGE list of both buyers and sellers will be very important.

…then I’d segment it better than I am based upon factors including desired neighborhood and price range.

…for any Realtors, I’d love to see one of you actually copy this and share the results…there will be at least one who will.

Are you interested in implementing this simple system to attract a flood of ideal prospects and customers for your business?

Message us at, put in the subject line: Fast Start Program.

We’re starting the class on 4/21/2021. Don’t delay, it will fill up fast!

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About the Author

Darin Spindler is a Magnetic Marketing Legend and is widely known for his complex marketing systems and his ability to get a lot done FAST. Darin was awarded the 2008 Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Implementer Of The Year. Darin is a contributing author to the NO B.S. Price Strategies book with Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker. Darin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Magnetic Marketing, where he and CEO Adam Witty are bringing greatness back to the Magnetic Marketing community. Darin is also the co-founder of and has helped to create over 30,000,000 new customers for bowling centers around the globe. Darin also has a done for you marketing services company that provides bowling centers, CoolSculpting salons and spas along with a handful of private clients. Darin is also the founder of Heartland Pizza Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Darin used Direct Marketing to fuel every business that he's invested in both online and offline. In addition to his business interests Darin is the proud father of Presley, named after her mother's love of Elvis. Darin is also a 5x Ironman finisher and hoping to get to Kona someday.

Darin Spindler

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