This week we hosted our Ultimate Sales Letter and Ultimate Marketing Plan LIVE! event in Cleveland.

It was our first event where we were allowed to have more than 20 in-person attendees join us since the beginning of the pandemic, and it was great to return to a bit of normalcy without having to connect with everyone via Zoom.

Plus, our attendees left the event with TONS of valuable strategies and tactics to guide them in creating their Ultimate Sales Letter & Ultimate Marketing Plan that they can implement into their business immediately.

Does Your Business Have An Ultimate Sales Letter
& Ultimate Marketing Plan?

We kicked off Day 1 with four game-changing sessions with Dan Kennedy, starting with how to craft your first sales letter and why every business should create one, even if you never deploy it.

Because even the most inexperienced copywriters can create successful sales letters for their business, no matter how comfortable they are with writing. This also allows you to think through your business and why people should do business with you.

If you missed the event, here are some key takeaways Dan shared for writing a sales letter for your business.

  • The NUMBER 1 rule that must be followed when writing for a client.
  • 10 questions you MUST ask yourself about your target market in order to create a sales letter that speaks to the prospect and invokes a response.
  • Why studying this ONE thing will allow you to create advertisements that you know will be successful within your target audience in a fraction of the time.
  • How to create believability within your sales letter, so that you gain your prospect’s attention and give them a reason to respond.
  • Why the inclusion of multimedia in your direct mail can tremendously increase connection and response amongst your target audience.
  • The key components you need to include in your sales letter to motivate your prospect to take immediate action.

In our afternoon sessions with Dan, he dived deep into how to build and maintain your Ultimate Marketing Plan so you can reach your marketing goals more consistently and effectively.

There are many factors to consider when creating your Ultimate Marketing Plan, including:

  • This HUGE mistake can cause you to unknowingly close your business off from your target audience. (HINT: Why you shouldn’t advertise just on Facebook.)
  • The BIG SECRET to achieving better results, greater price elasticity, and a lower effort to results ratio.
  • Dan Kennedy’s marketing sins and how to avoid them at all costs.
  • How to use geographic, demographic, and psychographic targeting to your benefit rather than your detriment.
  • And so much more!

It was a jam-packed day, and I know I will be watching these sessions over and over again. Dan shared a TON of golden nuggets for both seasoned copywriters and copy-newbies as well.

Missed the event? You can secure the recordings and watch them at your convenience.

==> Get the Ultimate Sales Letter & Ultimate Marketing Plan recordings

After dinner, Direct Response Legend and Author of the Internet Marketing Manifesto Rich Schefren joined us and shared some of his most explosive marketing ideas to catapult your business into hyper-growth mode.

All business owners face the same problem, in which the marketing strategies you use may have great results at first, but always begin to decrease over a period of time. And not only do they worsen, but the effort it takes to actually get a result goes up over time.

And the reason you don’t hear Fake Gurus talk about this marketing strategy evolution is that they don’t have a solution to end the cycle.

However, in Rich’s 1.5-hour presentation, he goes in-depth with the ideas and examples he’s shared with hundreds of business owners (including Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, and Todd Brown) in his 20+ year career that has allowed them to multiply their business seemingly overnight.

These are the kind of ideas you’ll never find in a marketing course or hear on a stage. And if you missed his presentation, there is still time to catch the replay.

Also, a big thanks to all of our speakers including Craig Simpson, John Carlton, Darcy Juarez, Bob Regnerus, Travis Lee, Michael Tominaga, and our very own Darin Spindler, who stepped away from their own businesses to contribute and share their expertise with our attendees.

Have a great weekend!

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