Everybody's talking about the same stuff in the same way.

Can't afford it.

And in your business, you need to be at least different and unique, and it is best to be different and unique and just right for somebody.

So one of the goals that you can be equipped to do is to replace all the sloppiness with very clear and sharp focus about who you are for.

Because a great marketing principle you want to remember is, and it is increasingly true, who you are for is more important than what you got.

So, everybody who sells for a living, the first thing we think about our bag of stuff, whatever our bag of stuff is.

Because it's our bag of stuff, but it is less and less important.

Who you are for is more and more important.

Here is a great ad that demonstrates this.

This is a vodka ad. Now, way down here in two-point invisible, it's here once, and it's hearing two-point invisible is the only statement in this entire ad about their bag of stuff.

All right. It says a perfect balance of wheat, rye, and potato. 

They're right to consider it completely unimportant. And they have brilliantly made their ad about who they are for, which is "Congratulations, you're part of the 1%, which also happens to represent your free time."

Somebody got this right. The only thing they could have done differently is put it in “your part of the evil 1%,” but this speaks to the mindset of who they are for, the life experience of who they are for, because the dirty little secret of the evil 1% is they work all the time. You're part of the 1%, which also happens to represent your free time.

This says earned entitlement, this is the luxury you’ve earned, grab it and enjoy it.

Our goal is for you to become a more sophisticated marketer because increasingly you damn well better be. 

So, all sorts of people use the same objects, but people get different incomes from them.

All sorts of people have the same bags of stuff, but get different incomes from them, the differences in the level of sophistication that they apply to the process.

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About the Author

Darin Spindler is a Magnetic Marketing Legend and is widely known for his complex marketing systems and his ability to get a lot done FAST. Darin was awarded the 2008 Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Implementer Of The Year. Darin is a contributing author to the NO B.S. Price Strategies book with Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker. Darin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Magnetic Marketing, where he and CEO Adam Witty are bringing greatness back to the Magnetic Marketing community. Darin is also the co-founder of KidsBowlFree.com and has helped to create over 30,000,000 new customers for bowling centers around the globe. Darin also has a done for you marketing services company that provides bowling centers, CoolSculpting salons and spas along with a handful of private clients. Darin is also the founder of Heartland Pizza Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Darin used Direct Marketing to fuel every business that he's invested in both online and offline. In addition to his business interests Darin is the proud father of Presley, named after her mother's love of Elvis. Darin is also a 5x Ironman finisher and hoping to get to Kona someday.

Darin Spindler

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