Happy Friday!

Can you believe that we’re already closing in on the end of June? Time has been flying!

I just got back from a few days in Louisville, KY where we attended the annual Bowl Expo. It's THE event of the year for the bowling industry.

Despite the last 18 months being tough for many center owners, and the fact that bowling proprietors in Canada and overseas really couldn’t attend because of the travel restrictions still in place…the attendance was really great and everyone was quite thankful to be able to collaborate again, see each other without masks and talk business.

Last week I shared a bit about the difference between being on Zoom or in a Room. 2021 and beyond there will be a great way to beat your competition…show up and do business, in person.

Certainly there will be many things that can be done online or virtually that wouldn’t have been able to have been done prior to March of last year.

But the idea that big trade shows like this or annual meetings are gone for good is fantasy. There are just too many benefits to being at these events in person that are literally impossible to replicate online.

The breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The meetings in the hallways facilitated by a client who connects you with another person.

The hooking together of ideas that you get only by being exposed to new things and new people.

If you want to get ahead of your competition in the next few months, show up in person at events in both your industry and outside of your industry.

What’s Your Story?

Creating a great business often revolves around the creation of a great story.

My restaurant in Green Bay, Wisconsin has a number of interesting stories. First we have all real ingredients, we cook from scratch. We make all of our own ice cream with organic whole milk. We offer vegan options, we make our own gluten free crusts. 95% of the craft beer we serve is only from Wisconsin.

In addition to being able to quickly tell a story about the food, we have a story built into our building.

Much of our decor comes from items that had been salvaged.

We have a bar that’s been created from a bunch of tin that was sitting in a farmer’s field rusting.

We used a lot of old pallets, painted them, and used them in design elements.

Our tables and our bar top are made from old bowling lanes, a part of my personal story of being in the bowling business my entire life.

We also have some windows that were brought in from a 100-year-old home in Green Bay.

And this week we’ve opened up another section of seating that includes items from a building that burned down in our hometown and a mantle from former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre’s home.

By thinking through how you can build a story into your business it’s much easier to write copy for your website, emails, postcards, social media posts, and more!

Here’s a part of the email I sent to my list today:

One reason so many have a tough time writing copy is because they have a business that’s frankly, not that interesting.

You need to clearly think through how you can make your business more interesting, create ways to make your business a factory for stories.

If you’re looking for some help writing copy like this you should try out Dan Kennedy On Demand and his Advanced Messaging Seminar on video.

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About the Author

Darin Spindler is a Magnetic Marketing Legend and is widely known for his complex marketing systems and his ability to get a lot done FAST. Darin was awarded the 2008 Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Implementer Of The Year. Darin is a contributing author to the NO B.S. Price Strategies book with Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker. Darin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Magnetic Marketing, where he and CEO Adam Witty are bringing greatness back to the Magnetic Marketing community. Darin is also the co-founder of KidsBowlFree.com and has helped to create over 30,000,000 new customers for bowling centers around the globe. Darin also has a done for you marketing services company that provides bowling centers, CoolSculpting salons and spas along with a handful of private clients. Darin is also the founder of Heartland Pizza Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Darin used Direct Marketing to fuel every business that he's invested in both online and offline. In addition to his business interests Darin is the proud father of Presley, named after her mother's love of Elvis. Darin is also a 5x Ironman finisher and hoping to get to Kona someday.

Darin Spindler

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