It’s Darin from Magnetic Marketing.

Today marks day twenty-one of the 21 days of Dan Kennedy and the Magnetic Marketing Search Engine. 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking a tour of Dan’s personal vault of marketing resources that we’ve organized and uploaded into the Search Engine for your unlimited use and access. We really wanted to emphasize the value that has been packed inside, and make sure you receive an in-depth understanding of what you would gain with your investment. If you are still not convinced that this investment is of value to you, then I want to close with a very fitting Sales Letter that I hope will open your eyes to what you will be missing out on if you choose not to invest. 

The piece I want to close with is a Sales Letter for an event that Dan hosted, and the headline reads, “How Would It Feel To Miss The Sentence Or Two That Could Have Made You A Fortune Or Opened The Door To The Ideal Opportunity? - An Unusual Letter From Dan Kennedy.” The letter continues with, “Dear friend in 1974, I was killing time on a rather unproductive reflective morning. I wandered out to the Medina Ohio fairgrounds to watch horses jog, next stopped in a coffee shop for breakfast and idly thumbed through the little local newspaper. For no good reason I looked at the classifieds, even though I was definitely not looking for a job, I even read the help wanted ads. There I stumbled across an ad that totally and irreversibly changed my life and set me on a particular path that almost certainly would have never occurred but for this accident. Of course you can't control such accidents.”

The reason I share this, is of course because it's another one of the great letters inside the Magnetic Marketing Search Engine, but also I thought the quote, especially fitting on this final day of the 21 days of Dan Kennedy and the Search Engine. How are YOU going to feel if you miss this opportunity to invest in the Search Engine, which can easily and quickly make you a fortune and open various doors to opportunities if utilized correctly? If you decide to delay even just a few more days you will miss out on the discounted price of $1,997 AND the waived yearly fee of $497. After August 16th the price will increase to $2,997 along with the yearly $497 fee. 

If you invest in the Search Engine today, there will be no additional access fees, no additional membership fees, just a one-time payment of $1,997, and you will have full, unlimited access to every resource inside. 

The Search Engine is full of great Sales Letters like this one, that you can take headlines, sub-headlines, entire sections of copy, formatting styles, outlines, and more from for your own business! AND, there’s more than just Sales Letters, there are NO BS Newsletters, Diamond Letters, Gold Letters, Marketing to the Affluent Letters, Swipe and Deploy files, and various inserts that go along with each piece. EVERY SINGLE ONE was created with Dan’s best copywriting and thinking. 

Dan’s success didn’t come about from luck, it came directly from these resources. So, if you want success like Dan’s, then WHAT are you waiting for?

We are offering this to you for just $1,997 until August 16th. After the 16th, there will be a $497 annual subscription fee, BUT for the first 50 people who invest, OR for those who invest before August 16th, whichever comes first, the $497 fee will be waived each year. We are already well on our way to 50 purchases and August 16th is just around the corner. Act now, or miss out on this huge discount.

Yesterday, I shared a piece that was inserted into a Newsletter and included a CD to help promote a past SuperConference. It featured Bill Rancic, and if that name doesn't ring a bell for you, he was the winner of the very first year of Donald Trump's Apprentice.

==> Check it out now!

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About the Author

Darin Spindler is a Magnetic Marketing Legend and is widely known for his complex marketing systems and his ability to get a lot done FAST. Darin was awarded the 2008 Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Implementer Of The Year. Darin is a contributing author to the NO B.S. Price Strategies book with Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker. Darin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Magnetic Marketing, where he and CEO Adam Witty are bringing greatness back to the Magnetic Marketing community. Darin is also the co-founder of and has helped to create over 30,000,000 new customers for bowling centers around the globe. Darin also has a done for you marketing services company that provides bowling centers, CoolSculpting salons and spas along with a handful of private clients. Darin is also the founder of Heartland Pizza Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Darin used Direct Marketing to fuel every business that he's invested in both online and offline. In addition to his business interests Darin is the proud father of Presley, named after her mother's love of Elvis. Darin is also a 5x Ironman finisher and hoping to get to Kona someday.

Darin Spindler

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