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A few weeks ago, I revealed to you two of the three BIG questions I asked Dan Kennedy about his soon to be released book, Why Advertising Fails & How to Make Yours Succeed. By now, you must be itching to know what my third BIG question was and with what priceless advice and knowledge Dan responded. 

Before I give all of that away though, I want to remind you that Dan will be releasing his book during Magnetic Marketing’s virtual, Red, White, and BBQ Why Advertising Fails Event on Wednesday, October 13th. You are NOT going to want to miss the Honkey Tonkin’ good time we’re going to have with tons of fun freebies and an A-List line up of speakers.

Speaking of our A-List line up of speakers, if you haven’t heard yet, you can look forward to hearing from:

  • Dan Kennedy - Founder of Magnetic Marketing 
  • Marty Fort - Founder of Music Academy Success
  • Travis Lee - CEO of 3D Mail Results 
  • Robin Robins - Founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit 

Each of these speakers are true direct response experts, and have years upon years of marketing and advertising experience that has risen them to the top of their industries. You’ll be walking away from this event with valuable insight from each of their business journeys, from failures to great successes, and most of it you’ll be able to apply to your own business practically immediately. 

So, why in the world would you want to pass up on the opportunity to learn from some of the best and learn how to avoid their mistakes and failures in the process? You won’t hear this advice anywhere else and you won’t even need to leave your own home to take it all in and begin the implementation process!

PLUS… The first 100 seats reserved will receive a signed copy of the book from Dan Kennedy!

If you recall, last week I told you what my second big question for Dan Kennedy regarding his book was and his response. Of course, his response was full of real-world examples, advertising dos and don'ts, and advice that has the potential to forever change a business. If you missed this, there’s no need to worry, you can go back and listen now! 

==> Listen to Dan’s response to question 2

If you’re all caught up on this interview, then you know by now that Dan’s response to my final BIG question is going to be packed full with valuable information. Well, the wait is over. My third and final question to Dan Kennedy was, “In one of the chapters you wrote about how ad budgets are stupid. Why don't you share a little bit about your thinking on why having an ad budget is a dumb idea?”

Here are some highlights from Dan’s response:

  • “So ad budgets are built on trailing indicators and not predictive indicators and they are restrictive and they come from big corporate land and academia. So you're taught in the textbooks to do this, and it’s done in big corporations. There's some defense for it in big corporations because usually they're doing advertising that doesn't work and they're doing advertising that they don't know whether it works or not. So the bad idea of, “we're going to spend 7.2% on advertising this year.” Is that maybe a good idea for them?”
  • “Direct response advertisers never have budgets. They are all about turning over an ad dollar as many times as they can, where it works best and,or across a broad spectrum of media, if they are dollar cost averaging. And media opportunities come along all during the year. Other opportunities occur all during the year.”
  • “So if you're running an ad and you are constantly split testing against it, and four months into the year, you cracked the code on changes to that ad that increase its response by 50%, to be simplistic. You now want to buy 50% more advertising than you were buying. You can afford to, so you probably want to. But if you've preset a budget you can't.”
  • “If somebody suddenly suggests to you, ‘that thing you're advertising, I think you would do well with that ad in X,’ and you test X and you weren't using X before, and they're right, and X is productive. You don't need to take money from any place else that's productive; it pays its own way. So you will want to add it to the portfolio of media you are using. You don't want to subtract from somewhere else to add it, nor do you have to. But if you operated on budgets, that's what you would have to do.”

Are you limiting your business’s growth and potential by implementing an ad budget? Or maybe you already have flexible advertising spending but you never really knew all of its advantages. 

Either way, you are definitely going to want to hear the rest of Dan’s response.

It should be pretty obvious by now that Dan is not holding back any of his advice or knowledge and he, along with the rest of our speakers, certainly won’t be during our virtual Why Advertising Fails Event. 

You’ll gain so much knowledge just like this, in just a single day and be able to walk away ready to implement it all into your business for exponential growth. 

Only someone who wants their business to be average, or even worse, fail, would pass up on this event. I am willing to bet that’s not the kind of business owner you are, so don’t hesitate and reserve your ticket now!

Secure your virtual seat for the Why Advertising Fails & How To Make Your Succeed Event taking place Wednesday, October 13 and you'll receive a signed copy of Dan Kennedy's newest book!

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Darin Spindler is a Magnetic Marketing Legend and is widely known for his complex marketing systems and his ability to get a lot done FAST. Darin was awarded the 2008 Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Implementer Of The Year. Darin is a contributing author to the NO B.S. Price Strategies book with Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker. Darin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Magnetic Marketing, where he and CEO Adam Witty are bringing greatness back to the Magnetic Marketing community. Darin is also the co-founder of and has helped to create over 30,000,000 new customers for bowling centers around the globe. Darin also has a done for you marketing services company that provides bowling centers, CoolSculpting salons and spas along with a handful of private clients. Darin is also the founder of Heartland Pizza Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Darin used Direct Marketing to fuel every business that he's invested in both online and offline. In addition to his business interests Darin is the proud father of Presley, named after her mother's love of Elvis. Darin is also a 5x Ironman finisher and hoping to get to Kona someday.

Darin Spindler

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