Ready for some “very advanced Kennedy?”

Get ready for some straight BLUNT talk when the “Millionaire Maker” finally reveals…

“Why What Got You To 5-6 Figures Will SABOTAGE You In Getting To 7-Figures—And How Radically Different Approaches To Making BIG Money Will Help You Step Up And

Quickly Join The
‘7-Figure Fraternity’…

Regardless Of What’s Happening
In The Economy!”

Best Part: It Doesn’t Matter If You Have NO Talent, Skill, Or Genius IQ. I Have Absolutely NO Talent At All...Yet I Earn 7-Figures And Have Taught “Ordinary” People To Do The Same!

Keep Reading To Discover What You Need To Be Doing Right Now To Earn 7-Figures... Not Just To Have A Nicer Car And House… But To SURVIVE In Today’s Evolving Economy!

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Dear Future 7-Figure Earner:

First things first: I didn’t write this letter to accommodate today’s “low attention spans”…nor did I truncate a single thought or sentence to make it “convenient” for you.

Why? Because the subject I’m about to talk about in this letter is just too DARN important to just glaze over…as this is CRITICAL to your success as an entrepreneur.

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So that’s why I decided to be as LONG as possible, because I want to “make my case” as to why you need to be doing what I describe in this letter.

So if you’re “turned off” by this and have something better to do, then I suspect you’ll flick off your browser right now.

But if you truly “get it” like many of our Magnetic Marketing faithful who have been following me for more than 5…10…15…even 20 years, then keep reading.

But I must warn you:

What I’m About To Share
In This Letter Might Be 

Downright DISTURBING To Some Of You.

That’s because what I have to share with you “goes against the grain” of what you’ve learned about building a business.

In fact, there are probably a handful of you that will want to shut off your browser in disgust and have nothing to do with this “Dan Kennedy” guy.

If that’s the case, then that’s fine. Go ahead and keep watching Jersey Shore, mindlessly surfing the Internet, and watching sit-coms.

But if you’re looking for million-dollar strategies from a guy who’s “been there-done that” then this might be the most impactful message you’ve EVER read!

Because I want to share with you several VERY advanced, radically different, and POTENT approaches to making more money with your business than you’d EVER think possible.

This is stuff you won’t read in ANY trade journal, textbook, and business book. Nor is any other “expert” teaching this stuff.

Once you learn these… and IMPLEMENT THEM in your business, you can start flooding your pipeline with more customers and clients.

You’ll be able to make more money across ALL communication channels. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in… more on that in a second.

You see, these are the strategies my 7-figure earners have used to smash through the 6-figure ceiling.

And when you implement them yourself, it’ll lift you to an entirely new level of wealth, prestige, satisfaction and PLEASURE like you’ve never experienced!

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You see, this is an enviable position most of my Renegade Millionaires experience every day. But in most cases:

Asking Most Business Owners  

“How’s Business Going?”

Is Like Asking A 70 Year Old, 

“How Are You Feeling?

You get a lot of groans, grimaces, and LOT of negativity in general!

That’s because the rest of the 99.99% of business owners are practicing the same ol’ habits, strategies, and tactics that might have worked 10 years ago…but no longer work now.

“Roller Coaster” income is the norm for most of these businesses…which leads to stress, anxiety, and wondering if you’re going to be able to keep the lights on next month for as long as you are in business.

Same goes for businesses that have “stagnated” or “plateaued” in the past couple years thanks to the down economy, changing customer buying habits and preferences, and downward price pressure.

So if you’re thinking about starting a business, or if you're already earning a decent 6-figures, then keep reading.

Because what I have to present to you is a RADICAL departure from what “regular” people think and do when it comes to making accelerated incomes.

That’s because the rules simply CHANGE

when it comes to running
a 7- figure business. 

Pure and simple.

Old habits of doing things….and thinking about things…simply have to be thrown out the window. And a new set of skills, techniques, and “ways” of doing things has to be ushered in.

You see, I’m a football guy. The best way I can describe this is like having a #1 draft pick coming out of college football… where he won the Heisman Trophy and was “top dog” in college.

But as soon as he reaches the NFL, he realizes the pro game is a LOT faster, the playbook is a LOT more complicated, and the training and season is a LOT longer and more grueling.

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What I have to share with you is like Jack Nicklaus teaching his swing to an amateur golfer that seems to be “stuck” at a certain handicap.

You simply have to get more ADVANCED at the way you have to think about things and DO things if you want to reach the 7-figure mark. And forget about the “normal” habits, thinking and strategies that go with earning 6-figures and below.

In fact, what I have to share with you is NECESSARY in this economy. So I guess you can imagine I’m Alec Baldwin’s character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross when I telling you:

“I’m Here On A Mission Of Mercy!”

And before you dismiss most of what I’m saying in this letter as “bunk” and “bull” then I’ll let you know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to building 7-figure businesses.

And it doesn’t matter WHAT business. It could be buggy whips. Underwater basket weaving. Teaching people how to fly fish.

You see, I have students using these strategies with online businesses in health, fitness, and all kinds of hobbies like quilting, teaching and coaching.

Consider the late Penny Halgren.

She created a very nice online business all about her hobby of quilting.

She knew more than anybody on earth about quilting. She had awesome products about quilting. And all that wouldn’t be worth a warm cup of spit if she didn’t also know a whole lot more than 99% of businesspeople about lead generation.

7-figure-blueprint-4-min png

In one year, she brought 1.6-MILLION visitors to her websites about quilting, logged over 3-million page views, created membership site subscribers and sold 21 different products and generated several hundred thousand dollars in income – with NO staff, by the way, all automated and out-sourced.

She started this business with one e-book. She mastered the concepts I share in this letter. She credited the entire thing to following MY instructions. She gave me too much credit.

But this IS real, and it is the kind of power you could have to fuel any business you choose.

I even have some students who invest in real estate…and some who have become a bestselling authors. And all of them have INCREASED their incomes by double to ten times in the past 24 months.

Heck, one local professional went from $30,000 a month to $400,000 a month in 5 months by using these strategies.

For now, know, YOU can turbo-charge your ability to attract and achieve with what I’m about to share with you in this letter so you can vault your income to 7-figures!

And here’s one reason why you’re being “held back” right now:

You Value Being The “Doer” Of Your Thing…

More Than Being The “Marketer” Of Your Thing!

Let’s take my own copywriting business as an example.

I had a guy that requested a quote from me about a year ago. Well, he decided to move forward just recently a year later and now we’re working together.

I quoted him a price of $100,000…plus points on the gross for the copy. The guy is lucky I kept last year’s quote intact.

Now my client could have easily approached any other copywriter and gotten similar work done for about $15,000 to $25,000. And chances are that copywriter would have done a decent enough job to make my client happy.

But would his copy convert 5-times higher than mine? Probably not.

7-figure-blueprint-5-min png

You see, I make a million dollars a year on copywriting fees. And I NEVER have to look for work—as I get work coming to me. And I only spend 20% of my time on client projects.

This is a literal DREAM for most copywriters. Yet, they’ll never get there because most of them are focusing on the wrong thing.

They are focusing on writing the better headline, writing a stronger close, and getting better at writing copy.

When most of their time should be spent on the who’ing”… in other words the marketing.

This is what’s going to vault you from the 6-figure range…all the way to the 7-figure range.

The guy who hired me to write copy for him hired me because I’m Dan Kennedy.

That’s because I focused mostly on the “who’ing” in my business… or building up my name.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t get some sort of competency in your field. But once you get some modicum of competency, then your focus should be on the “who’ing”…on the marketing.

Gene Simmon’s 7-Figure Secret:

It’s All About The “Who’ing!”

7-figure-blueprint-6-min png

Years ago we had KISS bassist Gene Simmons at one of our SuperConferences.

We always have a lot of speakers, but we ended up paying more to Gene than all the other speakers combined.

Was it because he was a better speaker than everyone else? Hardly.

We paid him extra because he’s Gene-friggin- Simmons! Because of who he is!

That’s because Gene doesn’t waste his time trying to figure out how to be a better bass player. He focuses all his energy on one thing: being Gene Simmons.

So the “who’ing” and the marketing is vastly more important than actual competency or “skill”. And that’s just ONE secret that separates 7-Figure earners from everyone else.

In a recent issue of the trade journal for veterinarians, a letter to the editor was published from a doctor whining and complaining bitterly that, despite delivering great care to the animals and service to his customers, in 20 years, he’d never been able to get above a mid five-figure income.

He has decided to leave his “bad” profession. Were we to interrogate this sad-sack, we would discover a “basic” problem and, relevant to this discussion, an “advanced” problem.

For the record, the basic problem would be that he mistakenly believes he’s in the business of veterinary medicine – which is not a business; it’s a job, worth about $50,000.00 a year – not in the business of marketing veterinary care.

Worse, he feels entitled to high income because (a) he’s a doctor and (b) he does his job well. (Note: if I can hire somebody to do your job for $50,000, you owning the job neither guarantees or entitles to a higher wage. Sorry.)

This tip is just ONE of many strategies you should be using right now to give yourself an “unfair” advantage over your competition…

And if you don’t do it…

The 6-Figure “Glass Ceiling”
Will Seem Impenetrable…

Leaving You Frustrated And Confused!

You’ll be working “in” your business year after year, month after month…feeling like you’re “stuck” all the time.

Because no matter how much you’ll try, you’ll NEVER be able to increase your income in your business—leaving you distraught and feeling “inadequate”…and causing you to mistakenly QUIT…like our “sad sack” veterinarian above.

And when your family wants to take that vacation, or your kids want to buy that toy, you’ll have to explain why “Mommy” or “Daddy” cannot afford it.

Sure, you can settle for earning $200,000 to $350,000 per year. But that’s what I call “settle for” income.

Here’s why: in light of today’s economic turmoil and the advent of new taxes, Obamacare, regulation, and what I call the “recession hangover”…that income just might NOT be enough!

What’s this “recession hangover”?

Well, ask anyone who’s had their home burglarized. A 30-minute event can affect a family for MONTHS.

The same goes for this recession. In the oft chance that we return to 5% unemployment and 4% GDP growth in the US, it’s going to take even LONGER for consumers to “recover”.

7-figure-blueprint-8-min png

Bottom line: You’re setting yourself up for a HUGE risk if you just “settle for” what you’re earning now. Especially when the knowledge, systems, tactics, and expertise currently EXIST….and many people just like you have employed them to attract amazing incomes.

You see, you’ve gone as far as you can with what you now know. And when it comes to learning and practicing the habits of 7-figure earners:

You Just Cannot Listen To The Masses When It Comes To This Stuff!

The concerns of the masses boils down to several things:

  • ​What is on TV that evening...
  • What “Octomom” or “Casey Anthony” type news story they can fixate on for weeks...
  • And how they can cope with another day at the job they hate.

Think back to who last gave you business advice…or advice in general. Was he/she remotely qualified to give that advice?

It could be a well-meaning family member giving you business advice…when they’re earning a low income working for someone else. Or a neighbor giving you investment advice when they have $30,000 in debt.

Or a “guru” who comes from the “do as I say…not as I do” school of marketing teaching marketing strategies and tactics they don’t use themselves.

Or a colleague who pats you on the back and let’s you know “how things are done around here” in your business and market. Thinking he’s doing you a favor.

Here’s a rule I’ve stood by my entire life:

Figure out what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

Because everyone else is WRONG!

And that goes for taking a business from 6-figures to 7-figures. You simply have to do things that “goes against the grain” of conventional thinking…or what “everyone else” is doing.

My copywriting example above is a good example. The masses automatically assume that getting better at writing copy is going to somehow “attract” more prestige, power, and money.

So if you feel like you’re stuck in your business and aren’t sure where to turn to REALLY boost your profits, then:

“It’s Not Your Fault!”

Nobody has EVER revealed to you the TRUE success blueprint for taking an existing business and building it up so it’s raking in 7-figures in no time…

...and has actually done it themselves!

Well, I’m here to tell you that I have. I have 40 years of marketing experience under my belt, and I have taught HUNDRED of clients and coaching students to break through the 6-figure barrier…on their way to 7-figures too.

And these are “normal” people too…not people who have “Genius” IQ’s…or huge intellect, or uncanny talents you don’t already have.

And I’ll be the first to tell you that I have absolutely NO talent. But I do have a highly honed set of SKILLS that makes me the “go-to” person for ORDINARY people who want to make extraordinary incomes.

People gladly invest 100,000 to up to 1 million of marketing dollars based on my “say so”. And I have to be right. Otherwise my “Millionaire Maker” status gets raked through the coals.

7-figure-blueprint-7-min png

In other words, I’m one of those rare guys that “Gets It” when it comes to building 7-figure businesses.

I earn 3 million dollars per year myself, and I teach my private clients and students to do the same through my $18,800 consulting days, $5000-per-head seminars, and information products that range up to $3,000….

In other words, I do this stuff every day in my business…and teach others how to duplicate my successes. Just ask many of today’s Internet marketing “gurus” who secretly consult with me…unbeknownst to many of their followers.

In fact…

I Double-Dog-Dare You

To Find ANYONE More Qualified To Teach You How To Earn 7-Figures!

You see, my reputation as a ‘millionaire maker’ is well documented and celebrated. My friend and colleague Brian Tracy wrote,

”Dan Kennedy’s ability to get results for his clients is unchallenged.”

And People frequently recommend their clients to me for particular consulting engagements – a great tribute.

Recently, Nick Nanton referred a client. John Hartman, a marketing “guru” to the photography industry, who I haven’t directly worked with in 10 years, sent me a client just last year. And Greg Renker at the billion dollar Guthy-Renker empire refers clients to me.

So my ability to do what I am about to describe – to show you how you can take any business from 6 to 7-figures – isn’t really open to question. The question will be whether or not you opt to take action on what I have to tell you today.

Now the bad part.

This isn’t some pitch for the latest “razzle-dazzle” push-button way to make millions while you sleep.

You know…those courses with the cool names like, “Online Traffic Tsunami” and “Instant Traffic Typhoon”. And it has nothing to do with any Facebook or Twitter wizardry that’s supposed to solve all your business problems overnight.

If You’re Not Serious About Marketing… Or Have A Lackadaisical Attitude About Promoting Your Business…

Then This Is
NOT For You!

So if you constantly fall for the latest “shiny object” being pushed by the gurus…or are constantly looking for a simple solution or a “magic pill”... then this will be a HUGE turn-off for you.

And if you’re not motivated to engage in complex business processes…making more money…and erasing the uncertainty and fragility of making money, then you can skip reading this message.

7-figure-blueprint-9-min png

Because I’m going to show you the road less traveled. It’s the road many have used to create substantial wealth from “thin air”. Via marketing and doing things “differently” in your business.

And I decided that there was NO WAY I could do this in a simple 2-hour information product or presentation. The stakes are just WAY too high for that.

I wanted to be as thorough and persuasive as possible…and that meant weeding out the “riff-raff” and attracting the most SERIOUS business owners who are looking for the extra “kick” in their business.

So I decided to invite a limited number of prospects at $5,995/per head to come to Cleveland to reveal a proven pathway to extracting more wealth from their businesses and business activities than they ever thought possible.

And now, you can grab the actual audios and transcript from that LIVE “closed-door” event right now when you claim your copy of:

arrow-dark png

Dan Kennedy's

7-Figure Academy

7-Figure-PS jpg

7-Figure Academy covers all the tips, tricks and tactics you can use to boost your income into the 7-figure range.

You’ll get every single minute of the 12 hours of audio on 12 mp3s and a 310-page transcript that’ll reveal what most people will NEVER know when it comes to boosting their income from the 6-figure to the 7-figure range.

Again, this comes from the ENTIRE “7-Figure Academy” event I held in Cleveland a couple years ago…where people paid up to $5,995 to attend—depending on their Magnetic Marketing membership level.

7-figure-blueprint-10-min png

Quite simply, there are steps 7-figure earners take that differ from everyone else…from time management, marketing strategies and “mindset”.

Most people who strive to approach 7-figures FAIL because they don’t have these specific skillsets you can easily learn.

I go through every single skill, tactic, strategy, and example you can implement right away when it comes to building a business that explodes your wealth and flicks the money-getting switch from “difficult” to “easy”.

And if you think you need some special talent or skill to make it happen for you, then think again:

“Ordinary” People Are Catapulting Their Income Into The 7-Figure Range—Creating Wealth Out Of “Thin Air!”

Becky Auer could tell you how she developed a customer list of SIXTY-SIX THOUSAND! – in Pittsburgh, fueling the biggest and most successful restaurant in its category there, generating millions, and leading to the restaurant’s sale at a desired price, with what you’ll discover in 7-Figure Academy.

You could ask Dr. Chris Tomshack how he went from 4 to 360 chiropractic clinics at blinding speed and keeps them all awash in patients with these secrets.

You could ask Matt Zagula about his 7-figure income financial advisory practice in a tiny town in West Virginia, Ben Glass about his enormously successful law practice, Craig Proctor about staying on the top ten list of ReMax real estate agents worldwide for 10 years – in Toronto, all thanks to the exact kind of strategies that I’m presenting here and, later in on this letter, will offer you an incredible shortcut to.

If you prefer the e-commerce world, you could talk to Michael Gravette at or Sean Greeley at, and you would discover their very healthy 6-figure to multi-7-figure incomes are thanks to the exact kind of 7-figure blueprint that I’d like you to own.

I am not a mystic. But if you are ready for a REAL business, sales, income and wealth-building breakthrough and sincerely interested in owning a REAL money-making machine, then keep reading!

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover In The 7-Figure Academy:

  • 7 “Top Secret” requirements you NEED to have if you want to catapult your income to 7-figures. (You’re not going to discover these in any “mainstream” book or course!)
  • The REAL business you need to be in—my friend, the late Gary Halbert drilled this into me at one of his $7,000 seminars…which is $35,000 in today’s money…so you’ll get your money’s worth right here!
  • The secret of “dramatic demonstration” and how that can help you sell more of your product or service then ever possible (It’s something the advertising masters used ALL the time if you know your history!)
  • ​How to focus on “qualification” when it comes to choosing what client, customer or patient you want to work with (You absolutely HAVE to do this if you want to get in the 7-figure range—nothing else will do!)
  • The 5 keys to leveraging places and people in your quest to become a 7-figure earner. Quite simply, the game gets FASTER when you start banking extra zeros into your bank account!
  • ​The secret to leveraging brand and assets in your business so you can reach for higher heights of income…otherwise that “glass income ceiling” is going to keep you from doing anything!
  • ​Why it’s critical to become the “guru” in your industry when it comes to achieving more prestige, wealth, and POWER in your niche (most people shy away from this, but they’re stuck earning 6-figures and below as well…)
  • ​The importance of OPC (Other People’s Customers)…especially in today’s economy where it’s getting HARDER and harder to get a customer. (I’ll also share several strategies in this regard, too!)
  • The way you should be thinking when it comes to lead generation. Most people really BOTCH this up by making this #1 mistake—and they’re stuck earning 6-figures and below their entire lives.
  • ​Why competition is a GOOD thing…and how you can leverage competition to create a 2nd business out of your current one (most of my Renegade Millionaires end up making MORE money in less time by adding these “multipliers”)
  • The secret to implementing the Strategy of Preeminence…so you’re the only trusted advisor in your prospect’s minds. This is a very advanced concept Jay Abraham shared at the event—and you can use it to boost your business to 7-figures!
  • ​When manual labor is better when it comes to buying media in some aspects of a 7-figure business (Interestingly, this is something Trump used to do all the time!)
  • ​If you’re just a “ho-hum” business then you need to check this out! Because I reveal how to “bring something new to the table” so you’re the “go-to” person in your market. (99% of businesses really botch this up!)
  • ​Why environment is EVERYTHING when it comes to getting work done…and being as productive as possible. And that doesn’t include having a client call while standing at a urinal or in a bathroom stall!
  • My secrets to controlling other people in a business…so they’re trained to respect your time, so you can get work done. Being sloppy with this might work for a $350,000 business…but it’s inexcusable for a 7-figure business!
  • ​The secret of “compartmentalization” in time management and how that will allow you to be more productive than ever. (I am obsessed over keeping track of time…because that’s the only limited asset we have!)
  • The unshakable mental attitude you NEED to have if you want to get to 7-figures in your business (80% of becoming a millionaire is MENTAL…and you have to get this down if you have any hopes of earning 7-figures!)
  • ​The 3 tasks you should NEVER delegate if you want to keep track of what’s going on in your business (Trump does this all the time…yet most business owners let this “slide” by outsourcing it!)
  • ​How to implement the wealth trigger of SPEED in your business---which is critical if you want to start making 7-figures (this ain’t the minor leagues anymore!)
  • ​The #1 trait that will have customers, clients, and patients FLOCK to you—so you’ll never have to worry about money again (I’ve seen this over and over with my Renegade Millionaires and top money earners in Magnetic Marketing.)
  • 3 critical mental blocks most business owners have when it comes to making money, and how you can overcome them (Most of this comes from childhood or upbringing, but you can shake loose all those LIES about money and wealth right away!)
  • ​…And a whole LOT more!

It’s Like Backing Up A Mack Truck And Emptying Every Single 7-Figure Wealth Tactic Out of My Brain!

We even had Jay Abraham there to share some of his 7-figure strategies to the crowd. Some might say we are fierce competitors, and although our egos might clash he shared a LOT of secrets most business people will NEVER know.

We also had multiple “Hotseats” where participants quizzed me on specific marketing problems—and I was able to answer them all right on the spot.

jay-a jpg

Jay Abraham

You learn more when you listen to other people—and I guarantee at least ONE person in 7-Figure Academy answered at least 1 “burning question” that could liberate your income into the 7-figure range.

Seriously, this is truly your path to leapfrogging YEARS of trial, error, and testing trying to “figure this out” yourself. Not implementing these steps is like trying to drive from New York to Los Angeles without a roadmap, GPS, iPhone Maps application, or any other doohickey you can use these days.

And most of the “gurus” out there teaching “7-Figure Secrets” don’t have the experience and track record that I have…not only doing it myself but teaching OTHERS how to do it.

Oh, and my strategies are backed up by some of the top “thought leaders” in so many different industries and fields.

…Like Chet Rowland…who went from a dead broke bug guy to a marketing millionaire by using my System in his pest control business.

….like Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems, advising over 5,000 restaurant owners.

….like Ron Ipach, advising over 2,000 auto repair shop owners,

...Like Chauncy Hutter, who used my System to build a $4-million per year tax business with 24 locations and 440 employees.

…Like Dr. Tom Orent, advising over 2,000 dentists…

…Like Dr. Charles Martin…who averages $10,000 per patient at his cosmetic dental practice thanks to my System...

…Like Bill Hammond, advising over 1,000 lawyers and law firms,

…Like Dennis Tubbergen, advising over 2,000 financial planners, and…

…Like Dr. Ben Altadonna, advising over 3,000 chiropractors.

…Like Al Williams…a commercial lender who uses my System to close clients with fees in excess of $15,000 per transaction.

I could go on and on.

But the point is what I teach works…pure and simple. I’m not some old timer selling antiquated strategies or trying to swindle you out of a buck.

arrow-dark png

Now I’m Sure You’re Asking Yourself…

“Should I Invest In This Now?”

I’m sure you can come up with different reasons not to invest in 7-Figure Academy. Everybody’s instinct is to stop short of pulling out their credit card to spend money…especially now.

You’re probably no exception…and you might be a little skeptical right now. I understand. And that’s the best reason you need to invest in 7-Figure Academy…right now…while it’s still hot on your mind.

I’ve made it very easy for you. All you have to do is invest $997 $797 in this 12-hour course. That’s a whole 6-times less than you had to pay to attend the original “7-Figure-Academy” workshop in Cleveland…and you don’t have to pay travel expenses either.

cleveland-event-min png

And considering you could make that money back 2x, 5x, and 10x over and over again, what I’m asking for is a drop in the bucket.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the skyrocketing costs of college…which averages $200,000 for a 4-year degree with room and board and everything else. Skills that don’t teach you a THING about making money…and taught by “marketing experts” who haven’t ran a business or had to meet a payroll in their lives.

So what I’m asking here compared to a college degree is peanuts.

I mean, c’mon, you probably spend that money on cable TV, trips to Starbucks, magazine subscriptions, streaming services, and other stuff that’s gone in an instant.

Why not use that money to invest in your business—so you can achieve what many of my students have been able to accomplish?

The 7-Figure Academy isn’t designed to part money from you… it’s designed to MAKE you money. So consider this an investment. Heck, you can even deduct the price of the course as a “continuing education” expense…making it even a no-brainer!

So Don’t Disqualify Yourself:

7-Figure Secrets
Is FOR You

NO Matter What Business You’re In!

Do not cheat yourself out of earning more money, obtaining more prestige, and having a better life because I haven’t mentioned your business in this letter.

And don’t cheat yourself out of this zero-risk, guaranteed opportunity to reinvent your business, liberate your income, and turbo-charge your marketing.

You name the market, and there’s a celebrated, respected leader in marketing linked to me…and coached by me.

And it’s literally impossible to be in a type of business that cannot benefit from what I shared in the 7-Figure Academy!

But don’t take my word for it.

Why? Because you get 30 Days risk free as my judge and jury.

Give 7-Figure Academy a shot. Claim your transcripts and 12 hours worth of audio from the original 3-day seminar in Cleveland.

guarantee_moneyback-min png
  • If you’re not convinced that 7-Figure Academy isn’t going to give you the edge you need to vault your income into the 7-figure range with ease…thus leaving your competition struggling for leads…then email the Magnetic Marketing support team at and we’ll give you a FULL refund of the package.
  • Even if you think I’m a little “grumpy” and perhaps say too many 4-letter words on stage, then no worries. If you’re offended, just request a refund within 30 days from today and I’ll gladly refund your money.

So there’s absolutely NO way you can make a mistake here. I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing this letter…nor would I have spent thousands of dollars putting on this event, creating the product, and putting it on the market if I didn’t think this would help you…like it has my many coaching students, clients, and many of the “ordinary” people in Magnetic Marketing who are now making extraordinary incomes.

It's Decision Time...

Now we’ve come to the proverbial fork in the road. Yogi Berra once said,

“If you come to a fork in the road, take it”.

The strategies in 7-Figure Academy aren’t just for businesses who are cruising at 6-figures per year…and just want to elevate their income to start earning 7-figures just so they can get a better car or house.

Every business owner needs to invest in 7-Figure Academy. What worked 10-15 years ago no longer works in this economy. And the only way you can survive is to do things…and think about things…a little differently that everyone else.

You simply cannot “slack off” if things are going great for you now. This is a good, sound, and important investment you need to make RIGHT NOW if you value your business future.

Oh, and you’re also backed by my 30 day money back guarantee. So you have nothing left to lose. And you could be earning your investment back ten… even HUNDRED-fold…in no time.

I know I talk about creating wealth out of “thin air”. And it might seem a little “pie in the sky”-ish. But that’s what ordinary people are doing right now…with the right PRACTICAL strategies (not theory) that 7-figure earners are doing differently than the masses.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your legacy to invest in 7-Figure Academy. So don’t mess around and “think about it” any longer. Invest in 7-Figure Academy today…right now…while it’s still on your mind right now!

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Yes Dan!

I Want To Shortcut YEARS Of Trial, Error, And Testing And Get Your Exact Blueprint For Earning 7-Figures!

  • I know that this is NOT the time to “slack off” and be satisfied with a 5-6 figure income in today’s tumultuous economy. I realize that I need to be multiplying my income using your PROVEN 7-figure strategies you’ve been implementing with your OWN private clients and coaching students!
  • I know I’d be absolutely nuts to NOT take you up on this offer…as you’re doing me a HUGE favor by revealing that what got me to earning 5-6 figures just ain’t gonna cut it when it comes to earning 7-figures!
  • I also know that 7-figure success has absolutely NOTHING to do with “talent” or “IQ”…but the implementation of PROVEN concepts other 7-figure earners like myself have utilized time and time again with amazing results. So as long as I don’t let this course collect dust on my bookshelf and take action, there’s NO WAY I can fail!
  • ​I know that my investment today is a FRACTION of the $5,995 every attendee at your 3-day “7-Figure Academy” workshop had to pay when you first revealed these secrets…and that this course is designed to get my investment back and MORE!
  • ​And I know if I’m not the least bit satisfied, I can request a FULL refund within the first 30 days of purchase for any reason. I should be making at least 1…5…even 10x my investment in 7-Figure Academy within a short while…and if I'm not, then I can request a full refund. So there’s no way I can make a mistake here, because I can basically try out 7-Figure Academy for free!

So with that in mind, please rush me the entire 12 mp3s set AND 310-page transcript, so I can start implementing these 7-figure strategies in my business…and start exploding my income!

Dan Kennedy's

7-Figure Academy

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Only a single payment of $997 $797

(PLUS 163-Page Bonus Transcript...
Through Friday, March 10th at Midnight!)

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

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Dan S. Kennedy

P.S. The times where you can be timid, “slack off”, overcautious, and afraid to try new things is a thing of the past. A whole lot of business owners are in “time out” mode thinking they can wait it out and “see what happens” when it comes to the economy.

You simply cannot just “mope around” here. You cannot be lax…especially in this economy. That’s why there’s no better time to leap over your competition that aren’t seriously trying anymore. Their malaise is good news for you, so I advise you to jump on this opportunity to get 7-Figure Academy while this price is still low—compared to the $5,995 everyone else paid.

P.P.S. I am quite a political junkie. And I am constantly SICKENED by the “class warfare” rhetoric being bestowed on us 7-figure earners who already pay 60% of the U.S. income tax. And it’s only going to get worse…as the advent of higher taxes for the wealthy are on the horizon.

If you are making a modicum of decent wealth (or plan to) you NEED to install these 7-figure “multipliers” in place to make up for potential higher taxes—and STILL have enough to fatten your savings and investments. This is serious stuff…if you are currently making 5-6 figures you simply NEED MORE!

7-Figure Academy will get you there. Assuming you’re coachable and aren’t going to use the CDs as coasters on your coffee table, you can join us 7-figure earners and enjoy the prosperity and wealth we enjoy everyday.

P.P.P.S. Remember earlier when I said you’d probably think what I shared in this letter would be disturbing to some of you? Well, if you’ve been able to withstand my NO B.S. style thus far, I’ll tell you that the content I have to share in 7-Figure Academy will be blunt. Very blunt.

You will be challenged on many aspects of “business-building”…and your assumptions will be corrected. This isn’t a ride on the Love Boat. This is the blunt, unvarnished TRUTH about what it takes to go from 5-6 figures to 7-figures… and I don’t hold back.

Once you receive digital access to the 7-Figure Academy, a whole new world of wealth-building, certainty, and prosperity will smack you upside the head like a Tom Brady pass right upside the forehead.

Your life will never be the same…assuming you are “coachable” and don’t dismiss these wealth-building ideas because they’re a little “Strange”.

7-Figure Academy is boxed and waiting for a label bearing your name.

Make a change now!

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