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In the old West, it was an identifying mark burned onto livestock with a fire-heated iron to thwart rustlers and cattle thieves.

eople ask me how to get fast business growth, when what they really want to ask is this: “What magic button can I push to get rich overnight?”

No matter how well-equipped you are with the best gun, bullets, and other hunting equipment – you still won’t do very well aiming at the wrong targets.

Are you ready to stop the endless pursuit of customers and instead irresistibly attract them to you in droves like moths to a flame?

Category management is a strategic approach to the procurement and management of product categories as individual business units.

I invented this question to help businesspeople “get” USP and to use it as a crowbar to pry ideas out of their heads, to dig out the makings of a good USP.

Today, we'll explore several examples of such pioneering brands that have carved out new niches, reshaped markets, and left a lasting impact on the business landscape.

Category management involves a systematic and disciplined process for retailers and suppliers to work together, managing categories more effectively.

This blog will break down 4 of the main types of marketing you can use to attract customers, get sales, and keep your business off the ground.

We all know what e-commerce is. In simplest terms, it refers to buying and selling goods and services over the Internet.

The primary goal of an awareness campaign is to ensure that the target audience is familiar with the entity or message being promoted.

Market categories and market segments. You may have heard these two terms of concepts but do you know exactly what they mean?

There’s no doubt that any great marketing strategy can grow your business, brand, and bank account

Your product has to be great, but your marketing has to be as good if not better. Remember if nobody knows you, or your business.

When it comes to creating a marketing campaign, you really have to look first at who you’re targeting.

The lessons you’re about to learn are some of what I’ve learned over the last 40+ years of me being in business, in my GKIC days, and now with Magnetic Marketing.

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