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Welcome to all things Dan Kennedy and his genius. This podcast explores all of Dan’s timeless ‘greatest hits’ over the past 40 years. What you’re going to get in every episode is the best of Dan taken from recordings of sold-out seminars, conferences, interviews, and speeches that have never been published online. You can’t find them in any archives, you won’t find them online, and you won’t find them on any podcast.

The ’secret’ reason long copy usually out-sells brief copy, and lengthy sales letters out-sell short ones is simply time. The longer the prospect stays in my store…

Entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly challenged to be creative. But creativity as it is commonly thought of and practiced is sin not virtue, because it is slow and ponderous; because it begins with a blank slate. One of the most profitably creative entrepreneurs of all time, Walt Disney, said “… .stop talking and begin doing.”

There are key benefits to firing customers, employees, your problem children, anyone you’re allowed to kick out the door…

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