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The Difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary Business is IMPLEMENTATION


Magnetic Marketing Fast Implementation Boot Camp

Magnetic Marketing Is Simple, Yet Complex.

Magnetic Marketing is about creating attractive offers, to the properly selected prospects, repelling certain prospects in order to Magnetically Attract the very BEST who Pay, Stay and Refer.

Simple: Attract, Retain, Refer

Yet, Complex.

Magnetic Marketing’s successful implementation includes understanding how to build and craft offers, so hot that your ideal prospects will be begging to get your products or services.

Magnetic Marketing successfully uses multi step, multi media marketing and during our Fast Implementation Bootcamp our Magnetic Marketing 5 Star General will share with you examples and provide you with the foundational understanding of how to build these campaigns. They are VITAL to your success.

Magnetic Marketing 8 Week Fast Start

Fastest, Easiest Way To Attract New Clients Now using Dan Kennedy’sMagnetic Marketing System...Guaranteed!

The Magnetic Marketing 8 Week Fast Start is designed to help members learn and learn, understand and IMPLEMENT the basic principles of Magnetic Marketing in just 8 short weeks.

Magnetic Marketing Legend and CMO of Magnetic Marketing, Darin Spindler will guide you during the 8 Week Fast Start program to begin attracting more ideal customers, clients, and patients to your business during this 8 week program.

Each week is set up to get you QUICK wins and by the 8th session a simple, but very effective client attraction system will be in place and WORKING!

Each week will include tasks to do, homework to study, and at least one new element of the Magnetic Marketing System in place for your business.

The 90-minute sessions will feature a Magnetic Marketing Building Block, along with Show, Tell, and Improve segments.

Darin will be LIVE on each call and will be working with you to IMPLEMENT. You don’t need another information product on the shelf, you need working systems!


Magnetic Marketing Implementation Coaching

Members will tap into the expertise of Magnetic Marketing’s top coach, Darcy Juarez, who has been both implementing this system and teaching it to entrepreneurs and their teams for the last 16 years.

She will break down the Magnetic Marketing Systems into easy-to-follow, short 30-day sprints that will allow you (or your team) to focus on implementing one piece of Magnetic Marketing each month. But more important than just implementing, you will set these up as systems in your business so that they
will continue to run day after day while you move on to the next piece of your Magnetic Marketing puzzle.

This is a group setting, where members push each other and hold each other accountable to higher levels of business growth. New opportunities are revealed, shared, and achieved as each member shares their step-by-step successes, and also by sharing what didn’t work so that the entire group can
short-cut their learning.

Frustrations, overwhelm, and anxiety disappear through strategies, encouragement and easy-to-follow plans laid by those that have already done it. What started out as a journey on a lonely island soon becomes a party with 20-30 of your closest friends all holding a life raft if you need it, a glass of champagne and toast for when you’ve done something well, an ear to bend if you just need someone to listen, and an extra set of eyes for when you just can’t decide.

Advanced Implementation Coaching

Advanced Implementation Coaching, led by Magnetic Marketing coach Darcy Juarez, is focused on creating power in the marketplace. There are 5 sources of power that will advance your marketing reach and put your conversion and retention systems into hyper-drive.

In the Magnetic Marketing Implementation Coaching program we started with source #1 – your marketing system. This is what you are doing today to drive leads and customers. With that in place, the next step is to start advancing the other 4 sources:

  • Your Relationships: developing and nurturing a group of customers who are repeatedly and continuously responsive.
  • Your Reputation and what you are and should be known for.
  • Your specific marketing advantage.
  • Creating 100% Clarity.

This is a different kind of mastermind meeting and coaching experience than we have previously offered at Magnetic Marketing. You will have opportunities for Darcy to critique and answer your questions through hot seats each month along with the accountability and support of smaller groups.

This program is for those looking to advance their business by:

  • Creating additional systems in your business to ensure that you have maximized every opportunity with your customers/clients/patients.
  • Optimizing every interaction in your business for maximum value and creating systems to ensure that nothing is left to chance.
  • Developing lifetime customers by focusing on the relationship you create from the first interaction.
  • Increasing your positioning and strategically determining how you want to be viewed by the marketplace.

This is for you if you already have a foundational attraction marketing system in place. This means that you...

  • Have a system to attract leads (not just customers).
  • You have at least one lead magnet.
  • You know at a minimum your current cost/lead, cost/sale, and 1-year customer value.
  • You understand how to create irresistible offers.
  • You have a system for gathering testimonials and/or online reviews.
  • You are staying in communication with your customers and prospects by at least one form of media, preferably more.

Renegade Millionaire Implementation & Mastermind

Lead by: Adam Witty, Darin Spindler & Lee Milteer 

Renegade Millionaire is a mastermind and coaching group led by Adam Witty, Darin Spindler and Renegade Millionaire System and Retreat Co-Founder, Lee Milteer.

Renegade Millionaire is for entrepreneurs that have successfully implemented Magnetic Marketing into their business and now want to develop and/or enhance their Renegade Millionaire mindset, habits, and wealth to build greater lifestyle, wealth and autonomy.

Renegade Millionaire is exclusively focused on teaching and reinforcing the timeless Renegade Millionaire principles developed and brought to life by Dan Kennedy.

Members must complete an application and be accepted for Membership.


Secret Society Mastermind

Lead by: Adam Witty, Darin Spindler with VIP guest appearances from Dan Kennedy, Andrew Lock and Scott Manning

The Secret Society is an exclusive, high-end mastermind group for the very top students on “Planet Dan.” Secret Society meets in-person 3 times per year. Each Member has 45 minutes per meeting to present their biggest opportunities and challenges to receive focused feedback and support from your peers. Secret Society purposefully includes a mix of brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs and information-marketers.

Members must have businesses generating at least $1M in annual sales and be a multi-year Dan Kennedy student. Members are expected to have multi-faceted businesses with sophisticated direct-response marketing systems and able to provide significant value to the group. Members must complete a thorough application and be accepted by Adam, Darin, and Dan.

All Secret Society Members are invited to participate in an optional Bonus Day that is attached to each meeting.

Secret Society Members receive:

  • One Magnetic Marketing Implementation Coaching program registration for their marketing implementer (a $6,997 value)
  • Two VIP registrations to Magnetic Marketing’s Spring and Fall What's Working Now Day on Mar 10 and Oct 13. (a $1,988 value)
  • Two VIP registrations to the 2021 Dan Kennedy Mid-Year Event Jun 8-9 (a $2,994 value)

Secret Society Members are invited to bring a marketing implementer (must be a W2 employee) to act as a silent guest observer for an additional fee of $4,997.