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Business Success Profiles

This channel features business success stories from legendary entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. You'll enjoy hearing their challenges, lessons learned, and key strategies that led to ultimate success. Our profiles include a mix of keynote presentations at events, interviews with our team, and business documentaries.

On Demand

Dan Kennedy On Demand

If you can't get enough of marketing legend and “Professor of Harsh Reality” Dan Kennedy and his plain spoken No B.S. approach to marketing, business, and life, you'll love this channel. The Dan on Demand channel features classic Dan Kennedy courses and seminars going WAY back. Dan's lessons are timeless and you're certain to love them too.

Magnetic Marketing

Magnetic Marketing Channel

If you're looking to attract new customers, clients or patients who pay, stay, and refer, this channel is for you. Stop wasting money on advertising guesswork. Stop wasting time on cold call prospecting. This channel shows you how to create direct response advertising that magnetically attracts your ideal customer. This channel will radically change your approach to marketing.


Information Marketing

Information Marketing is taking the knowledge and know-how you’ve gained and sharing it to help others. Frequently, brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs take what they are doing and sell it to non-competitors in their industry. As an example, the local restaurant owner who has a great hiring process can package that and sell to other restaurant owners. A hobbyist can take the knowledge they have and teach others. Photographers can create courses on lighting, camera lenses, tripods, framing shots and much more. These are just a few examples in a HUGE market that does well during turbulent times. This channel teaches you how to do it. The limits of information marketing are only limited by your imagination. Information marketing can be highly scalable and resilient during turbulent times. Information Marketing isn’t just for “gurus”, it creates “gurus”.


Surviving & Thriving

Recently the economy was tripped like a light switch in the US and around the globe. One night most went to bed sleeping sound, bank accounts fat and happy. Just 24 hours later, restless, stressed, frustrated, scrambling. This channel brings you the very best of Dan Kennedy’s sage advice on surviving and thriving in turbulent times for business owners and entrepreneurs.


Looking Forward To Monday

How do you create a compelling business capable of hyper growth that can truly make a dent in the universe? Build a team of competent and capable people that love what they do and look forward to Monday. This channel features education and strategies to build a world class company culture that attracts and retains A-Players that propel a company to profitably grow while making work fun!


Authority Marketing

How do you put yourself and your business in a 'category of one' and make your competition irrelevant? Become the authority, thought leader, and expert in your field. This channel teaches the principles, philosophy, and how-to implement tactics of Authority Marketing that include book authorship, branding + omnipresence, content marketing, PR + media and speaking.

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So BusinessAdvantage TV... one tip implemented today and got a 1,000% increase in leads and counting. Dead lead reactivation. Mic Drop."

Gary Morris, 
Grafted-In Digital Marketing

Watched BusinessAdvantage TV, followed up with a prospect I normally would have assumed was a "no", sold a $5K package. Well, dang. That was a worthwhile investment!

Jane Carter, 
Jane Carter Coaching

Love BATV! Anybody interested in forming a new, free Zoom mastermind to learn together from what's in the BusinessAdvantage TV Library? I just watched my first episode yesterday -- "Would Warren Buffet Buy Your Business?" By Dan Kennedy -- and it was terrific! We could pick an episode in some interval (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), watch it, rotate on who would be the point person to lead the discussion, with the idea  of talking about how the ideas in the episode apply to our companies? And connect from all over the country through Zoom?"

Robert Monahan, 
Robert A Monahan Esq