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Get your business to $1,000,000 in record time!


Marketing To The Affluent

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How to sell to the wealthiest and most under-served market on the planet.



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What if you could “hi-jack” your customers’ minds and practically force them to buy only from you and become your raving fan? Attendees paid $5,000 to be in the room and learn from the best of the best on advanced influence and persuasion strategies to hook and keep customers for life.


Opportunity Concepts Marketing

$4,575 per ticket to attend

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How to reframe and reinvent the way you present your products and services for greater attraction and stick rates. This is the “bridge” between your sales message and what your prospect REALLY thinks.


Game Changer DNA

$2,497 for the masterclass

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Crack the ‘secret code’ for creating success, wealth, and market pre-eminence by knowing how to write influential and persuasive copy (even if you’re not a copywriter)...


Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp

$1,997 for the masterclass

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How to easily attract high-paying clients and keep them coming back year after year.


Adversity To Opportunity Blueprint

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Transfer the powerful ‘adversity’ strategies of the super-successful to your business… and watch your profits soar!


Big Ticket Area Exclusive

$3,497 per ticket to attend

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Looking to expand your business? Unlock the secrets and answers to franchising, dealer networks, distribution, licensing, and ‘fee for service’ agreements.


Butts In Seats

$1,597 for the masterclass

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Keep your seminars, live events, and virtual events packed to the rafters. Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer reveal the strategies and promotions that have generated over $100 MILLION in sales.


Professional Speakers Business Training

$1,997 for the masterclass

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Dan spent years on the road speaking to millions of people and raking in millions in profit in the process. Ready to be a high-paid speaker? Here’s how he did it, step by step.


Inside The The Mind Of A Million Maker

$3,000 per ticket to attend

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Direct mail is alive and thriving, especially in today’s digital world where everyone is online and neglecting a gold mine of opportunity. Learn how to identify and target your DREAM customers for maximum profits!


Wealth Attraction

$2,497 per ticket to attend

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Take a deep dive into the psychology and principles of wealth generation… how to make it, grow it, and keep it.


4x Customer Value Accelerator

$397 for the masterclass

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Dan Kennedy reveals the secret tactics Disney employs to get their customers to spend 4 times more than they budgeted for - and still be happy about it.


Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs Workshop

$1,497 per ticket to attend

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Dan exposes the 3 different modes of creative thinking that are critical to growing and scaling your business.


8 Big Ideas

$397 for the masterclass

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Dan S. Kennedy’s provocative presentation reveals how to speed up your pace of accomplishment to such a degree that everybody will think you are cheating!


10 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets

$397 for the masterclass

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Discover the ten secrets Dan Kennedy has not only used to personally build his legendary status, but that Dan has also taught his personal coaching clients over the years.


12 Business Building Strategies

$597 for the masterclass

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Build a recession-proof business designed to rise above any and all current and FUTURE economic storm clouds with 12 Super-Strength Business Building Strategies guaranteed to increase cashflow - even during the darkest of times.


43 Secrets

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Dan Kennedy reveals the strategies he has cultivated and perfected from over 41 years’ experience and his treasure trove of examples.


$252,000 Platinum Meetings

$297 for the masterclass

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Discover the way multi-millionaires think, brainstorm, and build on ideas behind closed doors. You’ll hear their most prized, most secretive strategies, experiences and ideas…their disagreements and differences and their answers to BIG Money-Making Questions and more.


Absolute Autonomy Blueprint

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Achieve total autonomy in your business and get everything the way you want it to be, doing business with whom you want to do business, at the price you want to do it. 


Advanced Business Development 

$2,497 per ticket to attennd

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Dan covers the principles and specific methods behind expansion, diversification, developing synergies, business maturity, maximizing profits now and building maximum equity value for the future. 


Advanced Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp

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Steal Dan Kennedy's best stuff with this full unedited, uncut recording as Dan peels back layer by layer his exact methods, giving you an inside look and drive home more income than you ever thought possible.


A-Z Information Marketing Blueprints

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Discover how to create a profitable Information Marketing Business from scratch or EXPLODE the profits of an already existing business. 


Business Building Blueprints

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Discover how you can transform your ideas, advice, expertise or hobbies into cash. This program is a comprehensive expose' on how you can leverage what you already know to summon a tsunami of profits as little as 90 days. 


Cash Copy Clinic

$497 for the masterclass

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Renowned marketing strategist Bill Glazer unveils his proven strategy for finding and contacting your most-likely-to-buy prospects and turning them into lifelong customers


Celebrity Promotions

$397 for the masterclass

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“Celebrity is the most powerful marketing force,” says renowned marketer Dan Kennedy. It just makes good common business sense to tap into our obsession and use it to bring more revenue and profit into your business -- and it’s easier to do than you may think! 


Copywriting Mastery & Sales Thinking Bootcamp

$997 per ticket to attend. 

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The one thing—more than any other—that Dan Kennedy attributes most of his success to is his ability to write persuasive, compelling copy. Develop and fine-tune your copywriting ability and you will possess a skill that has the potential to bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years. 


Craftsmanship Of One to Many Selling

$1,597 per ticket to attend

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Learning to master the skills of one-to-many selling could be your key to huge success. That’s why you should know about this Dan Kennedy Program. Craftsmanship of One-To-Many Selling Presentations covers it all. 


Effortless Selling Strategies

$297 for the masterclass

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Multiply the number of people who buy from you with a proven system for getting more of your ideal customers, clients, or patients to say “Yes” to you without having to resort to “brute-force” selling techniques? 


Essential Internet Marketing Truths

$497 for the masterclass

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Become A Virtual ‘Fly On The Wall’ As Dan Kennedy Reveals Closely Guarded Internet Marketing Secrets Most Of Today’s ‘Gurus’ Will NEVER Know, And FINALLY Discover The Keys To Massive Marketing Success Using Online Media. Social Media, Blogging, Tweets, Posts, Likes, and more.