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Dan Kennedy On-Demand

Get instant access to over $10,997.00 of direct response marketing legend dan kennedy's best video content for just $1 for the next 30 days, backed by our no b.s. 10x "love it, or leave it" guarantee.

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F-A-S-T Implementation Bootcamp

Designed to arm you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to quickly & easily IMPLEMENT Magnetic Marketing in your business for FAST growth.

You're going into battle and your mission, as stated in the beginning of this letter, is to SEIZE HEAVY BUSINESS ARTILLERY (a.k.a. explosive business growth strategies).

During this 1.5 day Virtual Bootcamp, you'll spend intense, focused time with highly decorated, 5-star General of Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy.

Ultimate Magnetic Marketing Fast Start Kit

Imagine getting Unlimited Access to Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker, notoriously grumpy marketing "guru" to the "gurus" and world's most expensive copywriter for less than $1 a day.

You'll receive 5 life-changing Magnetic Marketing resources, valued at $435.46! Request your Fast Start Kit for JUST $5 today!


Advanced Marketing

Learn from our proven advanced marketing strategies.

How To Find Your Ideal Customer

“Who Else Wants To ‘Upgrade Their Clientele’ And Find Their IDEAL Customers, Clients And Patients Who Are Worth 5x-50X More Than Your Average Customer — AND Are Easy To Deal With?”

Finally, Dan Kennedy Reveals His Secret Formula For Attracting “High-Roller” Customers, Clients, Or Patients. This Is How Magnetic Marketing Attracts Customers That Have Spent $100,000+ With Us!

"How To Find Your Ideal Customer" is based on a “no-holds-barred” presentation straight from one of our recent $2,497 per head Magnetic Marketing events.

Renegade Millionaire 2.0

“ATTENTION: Business Owners - There’s NEVER Been a Program So Vitally Needed, a Systematic Perspective on Marketing and Operations So Critically Relevant… Consider Carefully As We Now Live In an Age Where Creative Entrepreneurs of ALL Kinds Face Relentless, Overt, and Insidious Attack”

Renegade-ism isn’t merely an option now. It’s a vital necessity. It means you finally experience complete control over your affairs. At last, you can reject any and all efforts to control you - your thoughts and your emotions; your business decisions; your business methods and practices; your time; your money; your life. If this sounds like the kind of business you dream of, then Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is for you!

Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs 

“Revealed: The Secret Formula For Revving Up Your Creativity So You Can Generate Blockbuster Ideas For Products And Promotions At Will.”

Produce great ideas at every turn using Dan’s methodical, duplicable, repeatable methods for consistently thinking creatively. Discover how to easily, instantly make yourself more creative as Dan takes you through the nine different kinds of creative thinking that allow you to immediately revamp, remix, improve or reinvent any product or service. Learn what Dan does that most entrepreneurs don’t which allows him to churn out five newsletters a month, write books every year, continue bringing fresh ideas to his customers-for-life and get paid huge sums of money to advise leaders on so many different levels. Copy his strategy and watch your “revved-up creativity” soar.

Outrageous Advertising Workshop

“Revealed: How Any Business Can Stand OUTRAGEOUSLY Out From The Crowd And Attract More Customers, Clients, and Patients – Guaranteed”

Stand out from the clutter and get PROFITABLE results from your advertising using Bill Glazer’s tested and proven methods. Based on his #1 Best Selling book, OUTRAGEOUS Advertising, you’ll learn the simple, yet effective advertising strategies behind Bill’s success along with a slew of new ideas on how to put OUTRAGEOUS Successful Advertising to work for you and your business immediately.

Unlocking The Secrets To Direct Mail Profits

“Discover How to Harness The Power Of Direct Mail So You Can Irresistibly Attract More Leads And Customers To Your Website Or Storefront.”

Designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who have already mastered the basics of direct mail, Unlocking the Secrets of Direct Mail Profits is for those enterprising individuals who want to use time-tested, proven methods for generating leads and then converting those leads into customers creating huge income and massive wealth for themselves.

Butts In Seats

“Announcing A Proven Blueprint For Filling Up Our Events And Masterminds You Can Easily ‘Copy’ For Yourself And Pack A Room Full Of Your Perfect Audience.”

Put on your own, sold-out, captivating seminar that fills up faster than you imagine possible and easily generates a flood of cash. With dozens of real life examples, personally highlighted by Magnetic Marketing Founder Dan Kennedy, you’ll get our EXACT room-filling strategy we’ve used to sell out every one of our events. Find out our well-guarded tactics, developed over 40 years of experience for producing promotions, which make people thirsty for your seminar topic and eager to hand you checks in large amounts to attend your event.

Opportunity Concepts Marketing

“The Cunningly Simple Way To Easily Tap Into The Conversation Going On In Your Prospect’s Mind And Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition.”

Sell just about anything better-using Opportunity Concepts Marketing. It will reveal how to bridge the “Grand Canyon Sized Gap” between what your prospect really thinks and your current sales message. Dan shares the game-changers from Opportunity Concepts Marketing by comparing and contrasting the opportunity marketer’s approach to the two sales approaches most commonly used in marketing. Discover how to apply Opportunity Concepts Marketing to better attract a more committed customer.

Big Time Event Strategies

How Anyone Planning Or Offering Events Can Easily Attract, Retain, And Ascend Customers To Bigger, High-Ticket Packages…And Make More Money In A Single Weekend Than Most People Do In A Single Year.”

What if you possessed a time-tested and proven “secret strategy” that automatically attracts the “top 1%” of customers who are motivated to get results, forms a “virtual fence” around them so that they’ll never leave you, and easily moves them to your high-ticket packages without any buying resistance?

It’s all about putting on LIVE events—the secret “X-Factor” that we’ve been using for years to influence, impact and retain customers.


Business/Growth Skills & Strategies

Learn our secret strategies & skills needed to grow a highly successful business in the new economy.

Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp

“Discover Dan Kennedy’s Confidential Blueprint To Leveraging Your Talents And Skills As A Highly Paid Consultant And Coach…And Unlock The Potential To Make $100,000 To $1,000,000 A Year (Or Even More) With So Little ‘Work’…”


- Help You Avoid the “Billable Hours” Trap and Command Outrageous Fees Instead
- Have Consulting and Coaching Clients Come to You—Vs. Chasing Them
- Help You Augment Your Existing Income or Launch a Brand New Coaching Business

7-Figure Academy

“Why Most 5 to 6-Figure Earners Are DEAD WRONG About How To Join The 7-Figure Fraternity, And How To Step Up And Discover Radically Different Approaches To Earning 7-Figures In ANY Economy.”

Listen, the habits that produce six-figure earners will actually sabotage you when it comes to making 7 figures. Why? Because earning 7-figures requires a different mindset and habits that most 5 to 6-figure earners will never know.

7-Figure Academy covers all the tips, tricks, and tactics you can use to boost your income into the 7-figure range. You’ll get every single minute of the exclusive “7-Figure Seminar” Magnetic Marketing Founder Dan Kennedy created and charged $5,995 to attend.

Personal Operating System - The Dan Kennedy Business Life

“Finally: You Can Literally Tap Into Dan Kennedy’s Brain And Legally Steal His Blueprint For How He Thinks And Conducts Business—Revealed For The First Time Ever!”

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy get more done in less time, and earn up to $2 million dollars for a marketing campaign while his competition is charging peanuts, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

We want to give you an expose’ of Dan Kennedy’s personal “modus operandi” on how he conducts business that you can easily “cut and paste” into your own business.

Advanced Business Development - Secrets Academy

“Crack The Cash-Code-Flow For A Better, Stronger, More Sophisticated Business That’ll Boost Your Profits While Doubling Your Time Off”

Advanced Business Development will arm you with Dan Kennedy’s best strategies he’s gathered after 42+ years of intimate work with companies in 138 different industries. You’ll discover “off mainstream” strategies in direct marketing, how to expand your business, diversification, developing synergies, business maturity, maximizing profits now, and building maximum equity. All of this will help you grow your business, put more money in your pocket, double your free time, and rescue you from any slump you’re going through in your business right now.


Copywriting Courses

Learn how to write copy that sells more of your products and services.


“Tap Into The Mind-Hijacking Techniques That Replace Prospect’s Free Will With The Urgent Need To Act On Your Offers.”

If you have a strong stomach and aren’t easily offended, then you’re about to discover the most advanced psychology-based persuasion, manipulation, and influence control techniques for one-on-one sales, negotiations, and presentations ever!

Magnetic Marketing brings you “Mind-HiJacking®: Advanced Persuasion & Influence/Customer-Client Control” that’ll arm you with tactics that persuade people to part with large sums of money, pay large fees, ‘pledge allegiance’ and behave like top-value customers and clients.

The Power Of Copy Unleashed

“Announcing a Revolutionary Step-By-Step Copywriting Formula So Compelling It Will Enable Anyone To Craft Offers Your Customers, Clients Or Patients Will Be Powerless To Resist…”

The Power Of Copy Unleashed will show you a proven sales letter formula you can use to craft killer offers that’ll flood your merchant account with orders. So invest today and start attracting your ideal customers, clients, or patients today.

Dan Kennedy's "Lifetime of Work" Archives, Volume 2

“Hot Off The Presses: Dan Kennedy’s “Lifetime Of Work’ Volume 2 – 1,152 More Pages Of Promotions, Notes, And Samples You Can “Swipe And Deploy” To Destroy Any And All Competitors To Your Business”

Magnetic Marketing Founder Dan Kennedy has once again has performed a deep, deep, deeeeep excavation of literal rooms of files, notes, samples, photos, artifacts and more to create Volume II of his “Lifetime Of Work” Archives Collection. You’ll get 1,152 more pages of promotions, content, articles, newsletters, photos, personal items, and correspondence that span his 40+ year career.

How To Create Personality In Copy

“EXPOSED: Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Secret That Has Allowed Him To Retain and Monetize Customers For Decades – Creating Repeatable Revenue Practically On-Demand.”

Discover how to use the written word to cultivate an interesting character that makes you “famous” with your target audience, creates business longevity, and customers-for-life. Dan Kennedy teaches you how to deliberately and strategically create, develop, and use “personality” to build your business with this in-depth behind the scenes look that can quickly propel you into hyper wealth-attraction-mode.

Dan Kennedy's "Lifetime of Work" Archives, Volume 1

“At Last, You Can Hold In Your Hands 1,556 Pages Of Ads, Notes, Samples, Photos And Artifacts Representing Dan Kennedy’s Lifetime Of Work – Giving You The Ultimate Copywriting Resource For Any Marketing Campaign You Could Ever Imagine”

Here’s your chance to acquire the largest collection of promotions, presentations, speeches, and ads from Magnetic Marketing founder Dan Kennedy ever assembled. Dan Kennedy’s “Lifetime Of Work” Archives, Volume 1 contains over 356 examples and 1,556 pages of presentations, speeches, and promotions for you to study – literally countless ideas to swipe for your own promotions.

Make Them Buy Now!

“Amazing But True - You Can ‘Ethically Steal’ The EXACT Sorceries, Formulas, And Systems Used By Dan Kennedy To Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now.”

Most marketers and copywriters make the tragic mistake of assuming they have to inject “power words” and hypnotic commands into their copy to make their prospects buy. The truth is this: great copy uses little-known psychological triggers to lather up the prospect and get them to desire your product or service so they have no choice to buy. Ethically of course.

Influential Communication And Writing Workshop

“Discover Dan Kennedy And Magnetic Marketing's ‘Secret Recipe’ To Communicating With Your Target Market So You Can Move Your Readers From Ordinary ‘Interest’ To FASCINATION…And ATTRACT Your Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients.”

We’re going to show you how you can physiologically and emotionally bond and connect with your prospective customers, clients, or patients so they’ll effortlessly trust you, and keep buying from you.

Now, this isn’t to be confused with just “copy” and basic selling techniques. This isn’t just about writing fancy headlines, call-to actions, and killer closes.

Copywriting Mastery & Sales-Thinking Bootcamp

“Dan Kennedy FINALLY Reveals His PROVEN Strategies To Grab Readers By The Eyeballs And Dramatically Boost Your Sales, Conversions, And Business GUARANTEED…Even If You Can Barely Write A Grocery List!”

Let’s get right to the point: Dan Kennedy rarely revealed his secret to writing copy that has allowed him to earn a collective $1 billion dollars for his clients. And if you ever wanted to attend one of his rare workshops, be prepared to fork over $5,000 - $10,000 for the privilege.

However, Copywriting Mastery And Sales Thinking Bootcamp will give you a rare glimpse into the mind of the Millionaire Maker without paying that exorbitant cost.


Information Marketing

Learn how to profit from your advice, by selling automated info-products.

The Top Secret Ninja Funnels

"Now You Can Own The Top Secret ‘Ninja’ Sales Funnels That We – Along With Savvy Marketers Around The World – Exploit Daily To Enjoy Maximum Profits… You Can Literally Start Creating ‘Free Money’ Out Of Thin Air.”

Having a marketing funnel that gently ascends your ideal customers, client, or patients toward your higher-tier offerings can catapult your income.

Ninja Funnels is a no-holds-barred explication of the funnels we use at Magnetic Marketing. These “profit multipliers” are responsible for taking every single dollar our customers spend and turning it into $4, $5, even $6, just by adding a couple of additional steps.

Info-Product Recipe

“Here’s Dan Kennedy’s Foolproof Recipe For Creating Information Products That’ll Explode Your Income, Create Customers For Life, And Make You The ‘Go-To’ Person In Your Niche.”

The days of just dumping a bunch of information on your prospects through your information product are over. There are a whole host of psychological triggers that are inserted in these info-products that not only boost their selling power but also ensures your customers keep buying again and again.

Info-Product Recipe is No B.S.’s proprietary “Secret Recipe” for creating long-lasting million-dollar information products - plus the critically important consumer psychology embedded in them.

The No B.S. Information Empire Game Plan

“Finally – Hold In Your Hands The Very Same Master Blueprints Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Inner Circle Uses To Dominate Their Industry… Giving You The Keys To Building Your List, Creating Products Your Customers Will Crave, And Earning Residual Income Through Your Own Continuity Program…Even If You’re Just Getting Started.”

We’re going to give you a sneak peek at what Magnetic Marketing does behind the scenes to rake in multiple 7-figures on a yearly basis. This is true “insider” stuff because we’ve perfected this model after many years of trial, error, and testing. It’s going to save you a lot of time, money, and headaches trying to get it right yourself.

Ultimate Information Marketing Machine

Get Personalized Attention For Your Info Business As We Take You By The Hand And Guide You Through Our Blueprint For Creating Top-Selling Info-Products In 8 Weeks.”

Now’s the time to break the “work-money” link and earn automatic income with Magnetic Marketing's EXACT blueprint for info-marketing success.

The Ultimate Information Marketing Machine will give you all the templates, systems, and tactics we’ve used to launch blockbuster info-products so you can easily “move” them into your own business or niche.

How To Maximize Your Info-Marketing Business

“Here’s Dan Kennedy’s ‘Yet-To-Be-Revealed’ System For Extracting The HIDDEN Money From The ‘Elite 1%’ Of Customers Who’ll Give You Money Over And Over Again…”

How To Maximize Your Info-Product Business is a sophisticated, yet elegant system for sifting out your best customers who are going to keep giving you money over and over again and become your best raving fans.

7-Figure Info-Marketing Blueprints

“Discover How You Can Transform Your Ideas, Advice, Expertise Or Hobby Into Cash In 90 Days—Even If You Failed In The Past Or Think You Don’t Have Enough Time, Money Or Know-How.”

Now’s the time to live life on your own terms thanks to the greatest business in the entire world: information marketing. 7-Figure Info-Marketing Blueprints is a comprehensive expose’ on how you can leverage what you already know to summon a tsunami of profits in as little as 90 days.

These are Dan Kennedy’s personal moneymaking blueprints he’s been exploiting for 7-figures per year that you can “copy and paste” into any business.


Lead Generation & Conversion

Learn how to get more leads and them convert them into high paying customers, on demand.

Ultimate Marketing Machine

Unlock the hidden profits in your business in just 8 weeks – a radically simple, step-by-step system to dominating any market, and never have to worry about getting new customers, clients or patients again.

The Ultimate Marketing Machine is a step-by-step, program that will effortlessly guide you through what works for Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy, and the legion of millionaires and multi-millionaires who live lives of wealth, significance, and contribution because of this easy to use business marketing blueprint.

Lead Generation 2.0

“Who Else Is Ready To Plug Into a Supercharged, Nonstop Flow of Highly Qualified, High Value Leads Using Only the Hottest Trending Techniques And Methods?”

That’s what happens when you’re using a repeatable, predictable SYSTEM for attracting a flood of customers to your business—where you can simply “turn on the machine” and have customers come to you anytime you want. That’s what you’ll get when you invest in Lead Generation 2.0, which will come to you via 12 online training sessions plus enhanced transcripts so that you can take notes and make action plans for your business.

Modern Traffic School

“Six Traffic Masters Spill Their Secrets And Reveal Specific, Actionable Examples That’ll Allow You To Attract TONS Of Traffic To Your Website Or Storefront…”

You can have the perfect sales funnel and sales copy that gets your ideal customer to yank out their wallet and buy. But if you’re not getting traffic to your website or storefront, then all that effort building the perfect sales funnel, lead generation magnet, and writing copy will be all for naught.

Modern Traffic School will show you what’s working now to get traffic to your website or storefront thanks to six experts who know how to summon a surge of traffic almost overnight. So now’s the time to let your competitors worry about where they’re going to get traffic and generate leads while you’re sitting pretty.

Traffic Academy

“At Last In ONE Place – the Hottest, Most Powerful Methods for Creating a Never-Ending Gusher of Qualified Leads So You’ll NEVER Have To Worry About Where Your Next Customer Will Come From...”

Too many entrepreneurs rely on just one or two sources of traffic to drive qualified leads to their business. But today, you need multiple sources of traffic to build a sustainable business that can survive any potential downturn and provide your Business with ample income.



Become a world-class marketer and persuasion master.

Magnetic Marketing System

Get digital access to Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing System where you’ll learn how to get more customers, clients, patients or members who pay, stay, and refer. You’ll understand the basics of direct response marketing, how to target your best prospects and much more.

For just 2 payments of $97 you’ll receive Magnetic Marketing digitally, on demand, plus a 60 day test drive of our NO B.S. Magnetic Marketing Newsletter. 

Powerful Price Positioning

Discover The Jealously-Guarded Secrets Of Dan Kennedy's Elite Who Regularly Charge 5-10x More For Their Products/ Services Than Their Competitors.

How You Can ‘Legally Steal’ Their Secrets To INSTANTLY Increase Your Income And Value Of Your Business.

Magnetic Marketing Referral Program

“Announcing A Referral System That’ll Generate An Endless Flow Of Customers, Clients Or Patients Who Are Predisposed To Do Business With You…Even If You’re Afraid To Ask For Referrals Or Your Customers Don’t Know How.”

If you’re not getting enough referrals in your business, then you need to keep reading every single word of this message. Because they are the best customers, clients, or patients you can get, it’s literally a done deal at that point. Referrals always see you as the best option and trust you, which gives you an advantage when it comes to negotiating price.

Magnetic Marketing Book

Discover the Simple 3 Step System to Attract More Customers, Clients, Patients, or Members Who Pay, Stay, and Refer

Arm yourself with THE system that successful entrepreneurs, marketers and sales professionals from and around the globe are using to generate a steady stream of new customers, clients, patients, subscribers, or members.

Magnetic Email Marketing

“Discover Magnetic Marketing's Uncommon System For Writing Compelling Emails That Get Opened, Get Read And Build Long-Lasting Relationships With Customers, Clients, And Patients—Resulting In More Money In Your Pocket.”

We’re going to show you how to create an automated engine that can help you grow your business without buying more traffic, adding more people to your list, and working 60-80 hours per week.

Holiday Promotions Swipe File & CD

Skyrocket the effectiveness of big money holidays such as Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and unusual holidays such as National Pistachio Day, National Siblings Day & National Ice Cream Day.

Boost sales instantly by entering the conversation that is already occurring in your prospect, customer or client’s mind.

43 Secrets 

Discover 43 Advertising Tactics You Can “Legally Steal” To Easily Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now…

Here’s Your Chance To Shamelessly Swipe From The Greatest Moments In Advertising And Take Your Marketing To The Next Level.

Mailbox Millions 

“Amazing Yet True – A 300+ Year Old Method That Allows You To Reach More Prospects, Cut Through Competitive Clutter, And Put More Money In Your Pocket—Giving You An “Unfair Advantage” In Your Marketplace.”

You’re probably overwhelmed with all the “shiny objects” that most marketers try to tout that promise more money in your pocket with little or no effort. But did you know that there’s a 300+ year-old method that even Google still uses to reach prospects and cut through the clutter in their marketplace? Check it out below!


Money-Making Swipe Files

Plug-n-play our marketing- and sales swipe files.

S&D Money-Making Resources Volume #2

“Shortcut The Time And Hassle It Takes To Create Leads And Customer-Getting Promotions – Even If You’re Not An Expert Copywriter.”

Discover a collection of ready-to-use promotions, many of them displaying clever strategies to apply the brilliant tactic taught by legendary copywriter Robert Collier of “entering the conversation already occurring in your prospect’s mind.

Big Mouth Big Money

“Revealed: Dan Kennedy’s Personal Blueprint For Landing High-Paying Speaking Gigs That’ll Allow You To Double, Even TRIPLE Your Current Speaking Fees.”

Make a six or seven-figure income speaking. Dan Kennedy candidly lays out everything he’s learned from his 40+ years of speaking engagements along with his much sought-after advice for creating a predictable income and a steady stream of speaking gigs flowing directly to you. Filled with practical strategies, answers to the most common questions he’s asked, tips and techniques, you’ll discover the better, faster path to turn “speaking” into “wealth” without running yourself ragged.


Sales Strategies

Learn how to close more high ticket deals and get more clients.

Sales & Persuasion Strategies

Here’s How To Catapult Yourself Into The “Top 1%” Thanks To Sales & Persuasion Strategies Responsible For A Collective 1 BILLION Dollars…

Who Else Wants To Land Sales With No Resistance, Raise Your Prices And NEVER Compete For Business Again Thanks To Dan Kennedy’s System For Avoiding Prospecting Altogether And Having Qualified Prospects Come To YOU.

Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies

“How To Land Sales With No Resistance, Avoid Prospecting, Raise Your Prices And NEVER Compete For Business Again… Discover Advanced Strategies That Takes The “Hard Work” Out Of Selling And Allows You To Close Sales With Clockwork Efficiency.”

The problem with too many businesses and entrepreneurs is that they are great at marketing but NOT at closing the sale. No matter how great your product or service, if you can’t “seal the deal” no one benefits – neither your customer and definitely not YOU.

The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team

The more sales you generate, the more income you produce. But you’re probably wearing too many hats in your business to concentrate solely on the “sales” part of your business.

The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team will help you hire a salesperson or sales team that’ll allow you to close a higher percentage of sales if you’re already overworked or your revenue has plateaued.

Effortless Selling Strategies

“Ethically Take Over The Free Will Of Your Customers, Clients, And Patients And Hijack Their Behavioral System So They Will Unconditionally Buy From You.”

Want to learn the secret that will ethically and morally grab a hold of your customers and prospects, and tap into their behavioral system, so they will effortlessly and gladly do business with you?

It’s all about entering the conversation that’s already going on in your prospects and customer’s mind when they come into contact with you—either in the boardroom, online, on stage, or face-to-face in your office.

Craftsmanship Of One-to-Many Selling

“Announcing A ‘One-Time-Only’ Training With Dan Kennedy As He Reveals The ‘Golden Keys To The Vault’ He’s Included In Every One Of His Million Dollar Speeches.”

There’s a “secret code” to smartly crafted scripts that most marketers will never know. These are tested and proven principles you can easily “move” into your existing scripts…or, if you’re a one-to-many selling newbie, can avoid years of trial and error trying to “wing it” yourself.

Sales Mastery Unleashed

“For The First Time EVER, Dan Kennedy Reveals A Powerful And Profitable System For Closing More One-On-One Sales And Making More Money Without Spending Another DIME On Marketing.”

Your days of using “brute force” selling tactics are over. We want to share the sales tactics that separate the top 10% of income earners in ANY field from the bottom 90% of entrepreneurs.

One of these secrets is the “Three Tipping Points”…where your potential customer, client, and patient are immediately moved to trust you and accept your advice and recommendations at the drop of a hat.


Renegade Millionaire

Learn the modern day way to becoming a renegade millionaire.

Renegade Millionaire Book

Inside this revolutionary book, world-famous author Dan Kennedy reveals the principles and strategies he’s used over the past four decades to do exactly that―not only for himself but also for businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the world.

It’s all practical, rubber-meets-road kind of material, 100 percent based on the real-life experiences of well over 150 first-generation, from-scratch, entrepreneurial millionaires and multimillionaires… In essence, you’re getting over $100 million worth of entrepreneurial street smarts.

Renegade Millionaire System

Discover the radically different blueprint used by Renegade Millionaires to start and build businesses from scratch with little or no relevant education or apprenticeship. Covers strategic alliances, marketplace advantage & more.

Get a clearer, more definitive blueprint for achieving whatever business, money, success, fame, impact and/or influence goals you may have while defying all normal, common, ordinary, boundaries and restrictions-on speed, ease and independence. Based on Dan’s hands-on, personal and continuing relationships with extraordinary achievers, his own three decades of entrepreneurial experience and a retrospective look at his previously written, recorded, published and unpublished works, you’ll get an inside look at Renegade Millionaires in a way no one else can share.

Renegade Millionaire 2.0

“ATTENTION: Business Owners - There’s NEVER Been a Program So Vitally Needed, a Systematic Perspective on Marketing and Operations So Critically Relevant… Consider Carefully As We Now Live In an Age Where Creative Entrepreneurs of ALL Kinds Face Relentless, Overt, and Insidious Attack”

Renegade-ism isn’t merely an option now. It’s a vital necessity. It means you finally experience complete control over your affairs. At last, you can reject any and all efforts to control you - your thoughts and your emotions; your business decisions; your business methods and practices; your time; your money; your life. If this sounds like the kind of business you dream of, then Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is for you!

Renegade Millionaire TIME MANAGEMENT System

"Receive Dan’s blunt answers to the Objections, Excuses, and Fears people have about insisting absolute control, about imposing their will, about tightly planning and organizing their schedule and discover it is possible!"

Each day war is declared on your own personal “Entrepreneurial Battlefield” where you try to get a lot done but are surrounded by people getting little done. Dan tackles the three challenges you face daily of managing yourself, managing others, and finally of managing time itself. Get a rare look, with all NEW material not excerpted from any other program, at how Dan gets so much done and how you can too.

Renegade Millionaire Marketing

"Discover the profoundly different results-driven blueprint used in Renegade Millionaire Marketing that “flips the equation”, tapping into the source of advertising that actually works while avoiding mistakes that cost you money. Plus, why businesses die off and what to do to prevent that from happening to your business & more."

Explore the most unusual, unorthodox, creative, advanced, and exceptionally profitable marketing strategies used by Renegade Millionaire entrepreneurs. In a top-notch recording studio, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer give an unscripted, unrestrictive, concentrated, and clearer picture of what a Renegade Millionaire does differently in marketing that is pretty much ignored or misunderstood by the majority of businesspeople. Discover why this method is fundamentally, creatively, and determinedly more effective in creating wealth and expanding opportunities.

Renegade Millionaire Retreat

"Far Different from ANY other Magnetic Marketing Event in history, this LAST EVER 3-Day Renegade Millionaire Retreat showcases a once-in-a-life opportunity to see Dan S. Kennedy like you’ve NEVER seen him—mostly unscripted, more straightforward, giving complete open access and extremely frank answers about the Renegade Millionaire System."

Experience the place where 100-Million Dollar businesses were created from scratch…where businesses were totally reinvented… in “hot seats”, on stage, right before everyone’s eyes. Blow the lid off your earning potential by learning more BIG Ideas, BIG Leverage, BIG Opportunities, and BIG Breakthroughs than you ever dreamed possible when you listen in on Dan and his superstar clients and coaching members.


Wealth Creation

Learn how to break through your income "glass ceiling" and build generational wealth.

Wealth Attraction

Discover the little-known (and never talked about) success philosophies, beliefs, thinking, and personal behaviors that allow millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs to attract MAXIMUM Money and Create MAXIMUM WEALTH in Record Time. You’ll easily and instantly eliminate your thinking, fears, and emotions that block Wealth Attraction and quickly shift into Wealth-Attraction-Mode. Stop wasting years “deprogramming yourself” as Dan assists you in learning how to finally get yourself in sync with the beliefs required and essential for wealth attraction."

Wealth Breakthroughs

"Explore every imaginable aspect of Wealth during this exclusive look at how to remove obstacles and roadblocks to creating wealth and multiply your income and wealth now, not later. Dan Kennedy reveals NEW, advanced strategies through wide-ranging discussions for unearthing hidden opportunities, creating wealth breakthroughs, and moving from recession disorder and struggle to fresh optimism and speed."

Discover how “wealth math” actually works, wealth philosophies & behaviors along with practical applications. Includes how the public determines how important you are and how highly you should be paid, what to do to get in the right mindset daily, the Six Forces that cause money to move from one person to another, and more.

The Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction

“Discover The Secret SOURCE CODE To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction That’ll Allow You To Transform Your Business And Open The Floodgates To More Wealth, Power And Freedom.”

We know you want to be rich and successful. But chances are, you’re not operating under an architecture that’s in sync with attracting wealth. In fact, this is the secret reason why so many work hard and do so much, but can never seem to get ahead. They think they just have to “work hard” advertise more, learn new selling tactics, and rely on sheer willpower.

featured in top magazines