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  • Separate yourself from your competition who are thrilled and excited to attract “any new customers, clients, patients, subscribers or members”  Dan reveals how you can attract high value, compliant customers by deliberately repelling price shoppers, and tire kickers.
  • Avoid becoming an advertising victim! Business owners are frequently sold media and advertising that has NO chance to work for them, but they feel the need to do “something” and easily fall victim to media sales reps. Stop being fooled.
  • The Secret Weapon To Building Your Magnetic Marketing System, The Marketing Triangle, Market - Message - Media - Details. Dan will personally guide you through the entire Magnetic Marketing System  to help you build your very own system to attract high-quality new customers, clients, patients, subscribers or members who, pay, stay, and refer!
  • 10 Rules That You MUST Refer To Before Spending A Penny On Your Next Advertising Campaign. Eliminate wasteful spending and creates mashing successes!

What Smart Entrepreneurs, Marketers
and Sales Professionals Have To Say About
Dan Kennedy’s Best Selling Magnetic Marketing Book and
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A rare treat from the Marketing Guru crowd 

“I've read (I believe) every Dan Kennedy book, and have bought and used almost every course he has produced. Let me tell you, it's plenty. But I'm not a friend or client of his.

When I saw that he had a new book out titled Magnetic Marketing, I thought it may be a book version of his Magnetic Marketing Toolkit, a phenomenal course for small business owners...one I bought years ago, an have applied to my own retail store. This book is not that. It's not the same material.

At first, I was a little disappointed. The Magnetic Marketing Toolkit costs $400-$500 (at least it did 20 years ago, when I bought mine). I was hoping to get it in book form for my marketing library.

So, I gave it 5 stars. Why? Because what you get here is a very long seminar...one Kennedy would give from the stage if he was selling the Magnetic Marketing Toolkit. But it's more than just a pitch. Every point made is explained. Every change in marketing is backed up with examples from real small business owners.

Some of these ideas are counter intuitive. New business owners may not figure these things out on their own. So these ideas have to be sold. And it takes a whole book to do it well. What I am saying is that this is a book that sells you one a concept of small business marketing....a proven one. But along the way, you see how much of it is done/

Something that I think may be unique to Dan Kennedy books and materials (including speeches he gives). He tells you what to do to effectively market you business offer...while he is doing the very same thing live...at the very same moment. For example, he tells you the advantage of establishing credibility, as he is establishing his (well deserved) credibility at the same time. It's really marvelous to watch happen, if you're savvy enough to catch it.

The book is a perfect book on marketing. It teaches necessary (but usually unknown) marketing principles for the small business owners that are the majority of his readership.....while he uses those exact same principles to establish himself as the Go-To Guy for marketing advice.

What am I saying? Dan Kennedy practices what he preaches. A rare treat from the Marketing Guru crowd.”

Claude Whitacre

And if you are one of my or my clients' competitors, please don't buy this book.

Yes, that's an old, corny, over-used cliché. But here's the thing about clichés...they're based on truths.

Here's the thing. I am also an Amazon best-selling author, and for over 40 years I have steadfastly studied and practiced marketing and branding. I've read a few thousand books, listened to hundreds speakers and consultants, and become friends with many of the smartest marketers in the B2B community, including Dan Kennedy.

 Dan is my #1 go-to guy for continued, practical, and just darn great ideas anybody business person can use. He is probably the smartest marketer in the world today. "Magnetic Marketing" is, IMNSHO, his most important contribution to the art and science of marketing. So, yes, I recommend this book.

Brian SadleR

Paradigm shifter book. I am in the Financial Services industry. For the past 3 years I thought I was an Insurance agent and financial adviser.

After reading Dan's book "Magnetic Marketing" I now realize that my REAL business is "Marketing a Financial Services Business". I am a Marketer. After applying Dan's philosophies my business has grown 100%.

I have doubled my client base in less than 1 month. Even if I can not completely explain why, I know it works. Anyone that is tired of "doing what everyone else is doing and getting the same results that everyone else is getting" should read and apply this book.

I remember my first big Dan Kennedy event in 2006 and being literally blown away.

I asked a friend where do I begin, what product should I purchase first? The answer he gave me was direct and clear... Magnetic Marketing.

It changed my life. In his new book, Dan covers all the bases and provides "take it to the bank" advice on what it really means to develop a marketing system that continuously and consistently delivers new clients, new patients or new customers for any business.

My library is now full of the books and many of the courses offered by No BS Inner Circle.


Years ago, long before many of the leading contemporary marketing gurus advocated 'pull persuasion content marketing' over 'push selling', Dan Kennedy pioneered the idea of Magnetic Marketing.

The essence of the Magnetic Marketing idea is that your success comes from creating an attraction force - ie 'the magnet' - that motivates prospects to seek you out.

So rather than chasing prospective customers, Magnetic Marketing practitioners entice prospective customers to seek them out.

The info product DK developed around this idea has been amongst the most successful in terms of units and $$$ of revenue plus impact on purchasers' business performance.

Now, in his latest book, he reveals the essence of this powerful marketing system. If you have not yet grasped the essence of this concept, this book may be life-changing.

If you are already an experienced Magnetic Marketing practitioner, DK's newest book is a timely refresher and update of one of the most primary marketing concepts.

Stephen Boulac

I heard about Dan Kennedy a few years ago, and listen to a couple of videos of him.

But it wasn't until I truly devoted myself to his content that I realised how simple and brilliant his approach to sales and marketing is. I'm sorry I didn't do it earlier.

This book is the essence of everything I've consumed from Dan and GKIC in the last few years.

Do yourself a favor and get this book now. You'll thank yourself (and Dan) when you do.

Avigaelle Lowy

I have been involved with GKIC since 2007 and have read all of Dan Kennedy's books. He is a NO B.S kind of guy and I attribute our success from his teachings. We are a very small garage door and gate operator service business in Dallas.

In the beginning I always said "We are different"! .. Boy has that changed since reading, learning, implementing and attending his conferences. Magnetic Marketing will truly work with ALL types of business. We use and implement the marketing strategies every day!

We have grown very quickly from a $10,000 a month business to almost a $2,000,000 a year business with 7 people.

I Highly Recommend reading this marketing book to change your bottom line! Implementation is key! Just Do It!


I’ve been following Dan Kennedy for OVER 20 years and he is, hands down, the best there is when it comes to marketing. There simply is no one else that can hold a match to what he can teach you to do to take your business marketing to much higher levels than you ever imagined.

Over the years, Dan’s marketing strategies and genius has helped make me millions and if you study and implement his stuff, it’ll make your business successful no matter what industry you’re in.

Magnetic Marketing is where it all starts. This is where the magic begins.

Get this book, read it cover to cover, and implement everything you read. Within a short time, you’ll start seeing business success like you have never seen or dreamed before. The key, obviously, is to read then IMPLEMENT what you learn. Action is the key to success. Get this book and change your business forever!

Monica Main

More than just a “good book” - it can change your business and positively impact your life.

Dan Kennedy has been teaching Magnetic Marketing principles for about 2 decades. When I first bought the program back then - on cassette tape - I didn’t get it. But about 10 years ago when I fell onto hard times economically when my wife had a mysterious illness, I needed to get more income in my small cleaning business.

I rediscovered Dan Kennedy and his Magnetic Marketing methods. I applied them and things turned around. Since that time I’ve tripled my business in size.

It’s so nice to have Dan’s methods encapsulated in this book. I particularly liked the point from a fellow business owner in chapter 3, “My business changed when I stopped doing what everybody else was doing."

Be Your Own Boss LlC.com

I've read virtually all of Dan Kennedy's books. There's not a bad one in them and this one is just another brilliant piece of work!

After working in corporate America for ~20 years, it is like a breath of fresh air to see how effective marketing/advertising can be! This book is just another in a great series of books on inexpensively finding and attracting customers!

Dan Kennedy's changed my life; Get on board now and study his work so you can transform your business!

Joe Glines

Have you ever been compelled to buy something from an ad in a magazine or an ad on Facebook?

Have you ever wondered how they were able to convince you to fork over your hard-earned money?

Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing reveals the how and why it worked.

You'll finally get a look at the wizard behind the curtain. Once revealed the marketing secrets in DK's Magnetic Marketing will make themselves apparent in every effective ad or piece of copy you read.

You'll spot each trick and you'll know what they're doing and why it will or won't work.

These secrets have been a revelation and completely transformed my marketing efforts in my business.

 I know they'll do the same for you.

David R.

When you are ready to grow your business using the revolutionary Magnetic Marketing: How To Attract A Flood Of New Customers That Pay, Stay, and Refer....DO IT! You will find Dan Kennedy's signature marketing system works and pays dividends over and over again.

I have subscribed to Dan's No BS Inner Circle/GKIC NO BS books, newsletters, programs and seminars for more than a decade and have found his advice invaluable!

His Message, Market, Media triangle, are key building blocks to your Magnetic Marketing success!

His advice is straight-forward and no-nonsense and is based on 40+ years of experience as a mentor, business advisor and legendary copywriter. He has used this system to become a multi-millionaire many times over and has the unique distinction of being called the "Millionaire maker" for hundreds of business owners all over the world. The key, obviously, is to read then IMPLEMENT what you learn. Action is the key to YOUR success. DO IT NOW!”

Barry Gumaer, Sr.

I've been a "lifer," for some time now with Dan Kennedy's material, and this one just about takes the cake of all of his books yet (although Book the Business and Speak to Sell were also incredible, as was Wealth Attraction). This man saves lives, and he probably doesn't even know it (or care to know it). Who knows if he ever will know it, but whatever the reasons for him doing what he does, I'm sure glad that there is this energy in the world to help guide people like me toward a path of wealth and prosperity.

I am also really so grateful that Dan Kennedy is still going strong in 2018, after so many years of publishing such amazing material. God bless him. And this book is nothing short of a gem, the one I've been waiting for for at least a decade and which has finally arrived on Amazon's site and available at such an affordable price (a book that represents literally decades of toil from a man who has been in the trenches like no other "guru" and success expert). The absolute Bible of Pull-Marketing, this man has felt so much pain so you wouldn't have to go through it. And it's all right there in book form.

Todd S.

Dan Kennedy's been a guru to the marketing gurus for a long time. And his legendary Magnetic Marketing System is, well, legendary. But to get to it you had to delve into huge 3-Ring binders and listen to hours and hours of cassette tapes (back in the day) or CDs.

It was all good. Great, actually...even though his system involved an investment (NOT a COST!) of hundreds of dollars. But now Mr. Kennedy (whom I have had the honor to meet once) has given you the heart of his incredibly valuable system within the confines of a book that you can pick up at Amazon for less than $20 bucks!

Seriously...Just buy the book! Incredible Value. Incredible Stuff!

Kent Wilson

Dan Kennedy always delivers and never fails to tell it as it is when it comes to getting practical yet BIG Real life- Results for small businesses.

I've already have a plan mapped out thanks to his content and am looking forward to both implementing my time forward capturing some more of his book material and my small business adventure.

Gill Franklin

This book is a must have for anyone who wants to succeed in business!

Troy Goats

This book is more than a book it's a teaching tool, a philosophy and a very through education in being an entrepreneur. I learned marketing and business fundamentals that will help me for the rest of my business life. I am going to buy more copies to give them as gifts.

Waco Hill

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About the Author: Dan S. Kennedy, 'The Millionaire Maker'

Dan S. Kennedy is a celebrated direct marketing and direct-response advertising strategic advisor to countless companies grown from the ground up to tens of millions and even over a billion dollars.

But his passion is for the Main Street small business owner; the butcher, baker and candlestick maker; the solo practitioner; those he deems the unsung heroes of the economy. He is a multimillionaire serial entrepreneur himself, an author of more than twenty popular business books, and a sought after speaker whose career has included nine years on the #1 seminar tour in America, with audiences from fifteen thousand and up, repeatedly sharing those stages with celebrity entrepreneurs like Debbie Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), Ben & Jerry, Gene Simmons (KISS), US Presidents including Donald J. Trump and Ronald Reagon and top business speakers Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins.

Dan Kennedy Picture

Dan has also been the “source” for many of the dental marketing, advertising and sales experts including Dr. Tom Orent, Dr. David Phelps, Jay Geir, Dr. Jeff Anzalone, Dr. Tyler Williams, Dr. Jesse Chai, Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Dr. Brian Bergh, and dozens more.

Hear From Even More Experts About
Why You Should Grab Your FREE Audiobook Right Now...

Joe Polish

"My relationship with Dan Kennedy & Magnetic Marketing has been directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in the past two years."

Joe Polish  //  Founder Genius Network
Brian Tracy

Dan Kennedy is a Genius

"My friend Dan Kennedy is unique, genius in many ways. I have always admired his ability to see the vital truths in any business and to state these realities with straight language and clear definitions. His approach is direct. His ideas are controversial. His ability to get results for his clients is unchallenged."

Brian Tracy  //  Author
Frank Kern

“Dan Kennedy was my most influential marketing teacher. It’s worth studying EVERYTHING he wrote.”

Frank Kern
Ali Brown

Easily Brought In Over $1,000,000 Using His Marketing Strategies

“When I discovered Dan Kennedy's materials years ago, I immediately became a "convert". And I'm so glad I did... since then, Dan's time-tested, proven, no-holds-barred advice has helped me more than QUADRUPLE my business. In fact, I easily brought in over $1,000,000.00 (yes, one million dollars) using his marketing strategies in just one year! And I'm having a ton more fun in my business now too.”

Ali Brown
Ron Legrand

Millions and Millions of Revenue

“I’ve learned so much from Dan over the years, it’s an education that is invaluable. It has created millions and millions of dollars of revenue for us. And after a decade plus association with Dan, I’m still learning… I spend thousands of dollars each year with Dan, attending seminars, going to Platinum meetings. You want to learn how to get people to respond to marketing, you go to Dan. I don’t care what he charges. It’s a very inexpensive expenditure.”

Ron LeGrand
Robin Robins

We have grown from $0 to $12.5 Million

"We have grown from $0 - $12.5M and I can attribute it all to Magnetic Marketing! Dan gave me the tools to grow a business, to attract clients, to make the maximum amount of money all while doing what I love for people who I genuinely love."

Robin Robins //  Founder Of TechnologyMarketingToolkit.com
Jeff Anzalone

Because We Did Multiple Steps We Generated An Extra $19,688.00!

"Dear Dan—I thought this would interest you. Every October for the past 3 years, we have been mailing out a “your dental insurance benefits are expiring at year-end” notice. Before Magnetic Marketing we would only mail this out once with little or no response with Magnetic Marketing we now mail out multiple steps.

This year, we added a new twist. We mailed out initial notices to 88 patients, then 2 additional notices 10 days apart (always using a headline, offer, and deadline). After the 3 mailings, spending about $50 on paper and postage, we collected $2400 (4700% ROI). But this year I also had my staff CALL the patients who had not responded to the mailer and I gave the staff cash bonuses for patients scheduled. Eight more patients scheduled, bringing the Grand Total to $19,688, a whopping 39,236% return on my complete investment."

Dr. Jeff Anzalone
Jimmy Nicholas

I was extremely lost and didn't have a clear path out of this debt

"...That was until I found Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing. Once I got the product, I started implementing right away. I even got my family involved! They helped me send out all this direct mail. The first campaign generated a 742% ROI, it was the boomerang campaign. I took it directly out of the Magnetic Marketing system. The next campaign generated a 535% ROI. We have become extremely profitable. Not only have I been able to buy my dream home and dream cars, but I have really created my dream lifestyle."

Jimmy Nicholas //  Founder Of Jimmy Marketing and No B.S. Inner Circle Marketer of the Year
Richard Duggal

My business doubled and even tripled!

"Thanks to Magnetic Marketing my business began to double and even triple. I was able to duplicate myself, now I have a team of real estate agents who generate business. This business now makes money whether I’m there or not!”

Richard Duggal //  Reality Selling

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