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What would YOU Do With An Extra $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or More?

The 7 Copy Blunders Business Owners Make
That Murder Sales 

 with John Carlton

And be able to do it ‘On-Demand’ without having to hire an A-List Copywriter like Dan Kennedy, or John Carlton, who are all going to spill their best-kept Direct-Response Copywriting Secrets at this year’s Ultimate Sales Letter and The Ultimate Marketing Plan LIVE!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an information marketer, a coach, a consultant, an advertising agency owner, or a brick and mortar retailer. The ability to write emails, sales letters, Facebook posts, postcards, website copy, Amazon listings and more, is by far the MOST VALUABLE skill that you can develop.

Copywriting and Influential Communication is an asset that never leaves you. It easily moves with you from business to business and industry to industry. It’s a highly-paid skill that continues to flourish no matter what the economy might be. It doesn’t matter who lives in the White House in Washington D.C.!

…and the best news is that you don’t need to be the very best copywriter in the world; at most you need to be just one step ahead of your closest competitor. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

At this LIVE event you’ll discover how one of Dan’s personal clients recently wrote a simple letter that’s now generating more than $20,000 a month, every month, reliably, on auto-pilot. You can do it too! Dan didn’t write the letter, the client wrote the letter… and then tested it with a few different formats… we’ll reveal which of the formats made the cash register ring in a BIG way! If you’d like to build marketing assets like this simple letter, this is a MUST-ATTEND event.

During the 2-Day LIVE Event You’ll Hear From Our Expert Speakers including:

  • Four Game-changing Sessions with Dan Kennedy
  • Direct-response Copywriting Legend, John Carlton
  • Direct Response Legend and Author of the Internet Marketing Manifesto Rich Schefren
  • Dan Kennedy’s Personal List Broker & Direct Marketing Specialist, Craig Simpson
  • Bob Regnerus, Co-author of The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising
  • Michael Johnson, Direct-response Marketing Specialist for Google Ads and YouTube
  • Darcy Juarez, The Queen Of Marketing Automation and The Ultimate Marketing Plan Guide
  • Darin Spindler, Magnetic Marketing Legend and ‘The Bowling Guy’ who’s created more than 30 million new customers for his bowling center clients and is now leading the charge to Make The Newsletter and Magnetic Marketing Great Again!
  • More to be named real soon… get your tickets today at MagneticMarketing.com/ultimate

The Timeless Secrets To Creating New Customer, Client, Patient Or Subscriber Generation Pieces That Work For Weeks, Years And Even Decades… UNTOUCHED! Dan Kennedy’s Personal List Broker And Direct Marketing Specialist, Craig Simpson

The Timeless Direct Mail Secrets to Creating New Customer, Client, Patient, or Subscriber Generation Pieces That Work for Months, Years, and Even Decades!

with Craig Simpson

Fed up with the censorship and the ongoing threats to shut down your online ad accounts without a way to discover what ‘rules’ you broke? Craig Simpson will share with you the copy and copy formats that attract your ideal customer, client, or patient without worry. Never again will you let Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey neuter your copy and sales pitch.

Craig Simpson is Dan Kennedy’s secret weapon and the man behind some of the most profitable direct mail and direct-response campaigns running right now. Craig will share What’s Working Now to attract a steady stream of new patients, without censorship from the online media moguls, and how you can make money in the ‘dark’, generating an endless stream of new customers without having your best copy, offers and audiences in plain sight online for your competitors to rip off… there’s a much better way!

Facebook Ads Masterclass For Direct-Response Marketers:
3 Critical Profit Levers Of Success To Build Your Ultimate Marketing Plan Bob Regnerus, Contributing Author, Along With Perry Marshall And Others, On The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising

Facebook is THE dominating force of online advertising right now, but it’s also fraught with problems, challenges and frustrations. Facebook is THE place where conversations and groups of your ideal customers, clients and patients are gathering and can be quickly accessed. But… you can also burn money faster than Bernie Sanders and his merry band of socialists if you do not know what you’re doing.

Most advertisers are using the easiest, most expensive and least effective tools on Facebook. Bob Regnerus is a Dan Kennedy and Perry Marshall-trained direct-response marketing specialist. Bob will share exactly how to pull the Critical Profit Levers For Success on Facebook RIGHT NOW as well as a plan to turn Facebook into a lead generating and profit-generating platform for your business. You’ll walk away with a road map to Launch Massively Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns For Your Business In 28 Days Or Less!

Shooting Fish In The Barrel: Hit The Bullseye EVERY Time Using Direct-Response Marketing To Laser Focus Your Budget To Dominate Google Ads And YouTube While Acquiring New Customers, Clients and Patients With Ease!

Facebook has been all the rage, but the sharpest marketers on the planet have been attracting better customers, clients and patients from Google for more than two decades now. While many advertisers jumped to Facebook, the sharpest direct-response advertisers continued to put quarters into Google’s slot machine!

Why? It’s simple, intent-based searches on Google get you a prospect who’s much closer to a buying decision, rather than stumbling onto your ad on Facebook. Michael Johnson, Co-founder of Get Found First, will be sharing how to ‘shoot fish in the barrel’ - laser focusing your marketing budget on those who are searching for a solution to their problem that you can solve RIGHT NOW. One of Michael’s clients is currently running $400,000 a month in advertising to sell rubber flooring. Michael and his team are in the trenches every day. As experts in using Google Ads and YouTube, they can identify the very best prospects for your products or services and do it without wasting your budget.

Building Your Ultimate Marketing Plan And Putting It On Autopilot –
Bigger Bottom Line, More Free Time!

Darcy Juarez, Chief Business Strategist for Magnetic Marketing and the Queen Of Automation will share with you 9 Simple Ways For You To Build Your Ultimate Marketing Plan. She will present the most successful ways to build your marketing ASSETS and DEPLOY them with ease and automation.

Never Stare At A Blank Page Again, Create Your Ultimate Sales Letters And Marketing Plan In Record Time

Darin Spindler, Chief Marketing Officer of Magnetic Marketing and Magnetic Marketing Legend will share with you how you can have Dan Kennedy at your beck and call 24/7/365! Do you struggle to write copy that sells? Struggle to find the right headline or an idea for an upcoming promotion? Darin will share with you some of Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing’s very best sales letters and marketing plans. Darin will discuss some of Dan’s best sales letters and unveil the simple ways you can quickly swipe and deploy them for your business.

Imagine having an entire library of Dan Kennedy’s best headlines, offers, sales letters, follow up pieces from his 40+ year career at your fingertips and ready to help you write your next letter... And, we have a couple of additional sessions and speakers to be named real soon!