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Dan Kennedy has a 40+ Year History and is the GURU to the 'GURUS'. Planet Dan is where market leaders including Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Joe Polish, Perry Marshall and dozens of others began their journey. 

Dan Kennedy's Recession Rescue Plan is a ROBUST 4+ hour seminar that includes all of this and a whole lot more... Implementing just one of these ideas into your business could mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving or dying...

The simple secret to getting your current customers, clients or patients to spend more $ with you, without spending a single penny more on advertising
How to patch the leaky holes in your bucket and put more money to your bottom line without having to acquire one more lead or new customer...this is the low hanging fruit  
How to leverage other peoples money to buy SPEED and SCALE...and it's not money from a bank...Ford leveraged this model to become one of the biggest companies in America. 
Avoid the ONE big mistake that 99% of business owners are doing with their marketing and why they'd be better off not 'marketing' .
The THREE reasons business owners WILL not put in place THE system that can turn their business into a legal cash printing press and recession proof business.
The ONE place that ALL of the money is in your marketing, and why you need to STOP looking for simpler solutions right now.
Why your prospects don't purchase FASTER and how you can accelerate this process.
How to stop wasting your time with poorly matched prospects...this will instantly improve your marketing ROI .
Why you want to delay the sale - seemingly counterintuitive, but highly profitable.  GUARANTEED to upset your sales team, while GUARANTEEING you get THE best prospects to become customers, clients and patients.
One thing you can learn about your business from the highest paid call girl business in New York City. It's not what you think and ANY business can legally do this.
What the MAJORITY of businesses get WRONG and why this could be the life ring for your business.
Who the EASIEST person to sell to is and what the VERY BEST time to make this sale is.
How to get a 50% increase in your sales follow ups with this one simple letter, email or phone call.
An appointment no sale letter, we messed up and I'm sorry. Build this one simple tool into your business that lets you know exactly when a customer should have been back or might be getting ready to leave you...this device will TRANSFORM your marketing and need to continuously need 'more' customers, clients or patients.
Why having a 'real' relationship rather than a 'booty call' relationship with your customers, clients or patients is VITAL during times of economic uncertainty. 
The one message that is not really compelling for your prospects and creates cash flow NIGHTMARES.
What to invest in that is ALWAYS a smart thing to do, no matter what the economy is. 
The group of consumers that will always leave you most vulnerable to the slightest change in the economy and how to avoid them at all costs...they could kill your business.
How to find the VERY best prospects in your niche or market without having to hire another 'consultant' - there's a simple investigative tool you can use.

Get Dan Kennedy's Recession Rescue Plan now!  

This is a ROBUST 4+ hour seminar that can literally transform your business within hours, it's up to you to decide if you're ready...

Who is Dan Kennedy?

Dan Kennedy is Founder of Magnetic Marketing® and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world.

Kennedy has taught his Magnetic Marketing System to over 6 million people around the world. For 9 consecutive years, Kennedy spoke on the famous SUCCESS Tour, earning on average $100,000 per speech, and sharing the stage with President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Colin Powell, Johnny Cash, Larry King, and Mary Tyler Moore. Kennedy has delivered over 3,000 paid speeches and seminars to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Kennedy has authored 32 books, many being named to the “Top 100 Business Books of all Time” list by Inc. Magazine with translations in over a dozen languages.

Kennedy has been interviewed or featured in 300 different business magazines or trade journals including Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur.

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We have grown from $0 to $12.5 million...

We have grown from $0 - $12.5M and I can attribute it all to Magnetic Marketing! Dan gave me the tools to grow a business, to attract clients, to make the maximum amount of money all while doing what I love for people who I genuinely love.

ROBIN ROBINS  //  Founder of

I was extremely lost and didn't have a clear path out of this debt...

...That was until I found Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing. Once I got the product, I started implementing right away. I even got my family involved! They helped me send out all this direct mail. The first campaign generated a 742% ROI, it was the boomerang campaign. I took it directly out of the Magnetic Marketing system. The next campaign generated a 535% ROI. We have become extremely profitable. Not only have I been able to buy my dream home and dream cars, but I have really created my dream lifestyle.

Jimmy Nicholas  //  Founder of Jimmy Marketing

The Small 'Hinges' From Magnetic Marketing Swing BIG Doors For Our Law Firm and have allowed our family of 9 which includes 4 children adopted from China to build a wonderful life well beyond our business life!

Ben Glass, Esq.  //  20+ year Magnetic Marketing Legend

We Bring Magnetic Marketing To Hundreds Of Our Law Firm Clients To Transform Their Businesses 

Rjon Robins  //  CEO,,
14 year Magnetic Marketing Legend

My Son Used Magnetic Marketing To Get Interviews and Secure His Dream Job

Cindy Cyr  //  Magnetic Marekting Legend - Copywriter

Get clients chasing you, rather than you chasing clients! 

My Income & Net Worth Has Increased With Every Investment I've Made In The Magnetic Community! 

Gene Kelly  //  CEO Accelerated Training Institute, 17 Year Magnetic Marketing Legend

We grew from 9 stores to 100+ and eventually sold the company for over $100 million because we knew exactly how to drive revenue, traffic and create new customers at will with our marketing!

Steve Adams  //  CEO Tiger Neuroscience, 11 Year Magnetic Marketing Legend

Get Dan Kennedy's Recession Rescue Plan now!  

This is a ROBUST 4+ hour seminar that can literally transform your business within hours, it's up to you to decide if you're ready...

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