Rich Schefren, Direct Response Legend and Author of the Internet Marketing Manifesto, the first-ever viral “Lead Magnet,” shared with our attendees The Explosive Growth Of A Breakthrough Marketing Idea.

Rich knows firsthand how frustrating it can be when your biz needs good copy to grow, but the copy you have isn’t bringing in the sales you need. 

Like many business owners and entrepreneurs, he was in the same boat over 20 years ago. So, he attended his first-ever Dan Kennedy copywriting seminar, took copious notes, and applied what he learned. 

The results? 

A month later, he wrote his first sales letter using those notes and it brought home $287,000! Rich then wrote newspaper ads, advertorials, and countless other winning marketing pieces all with the same set of notes that have now generated millions for his own businesses and Billions (with a B), for his clients, including Agora. 

Rich also invented the first-ever automated webinar in 2009...you’re not going to want to miss all this session reveals.

During Rich’s presentation you’ll discover:

  • What’s Working Now in digital marketing and the tactics and strategies you can swipe and deploy into your own business.
  • How to make sure all of your emails land in the email inbox and NOT the promotions tab.
  • The two words you need to include in your ads that will double your click-thru rates!
  • The difference between using the right strategies at the right time versus the wrong ones, or the same strategies that everyone else is using.

As marketers, we want to be at the front of the curve, not the end - so you don’t want to miss Rich’s presentation!