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Ben Glass, Esq. 

20+ year Magnetic Marketing Legend

RJon Robins

14 year Magnetic Marketing Legend

Cindy Cyr

Magnetic Marekting Legend - Copywriter

Gene Kelly

CEO Accelerated Training Institute, 17 Year Magnetic Marketing Legend

Who is Dan Kennedy?

Dan Kennedy is Founder of Magnetic Marketing® and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world.

Kennedy has taught his Magnetic Marketing System to over 6 million people around the world. For 9 consecutive years, Kennedy spoke on the famous SUCCESS Tour, earning on average $100,000 per speech, and sharing the stage with President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Colin Powell, Johnny Cash, Larry King, and Mary Tyler Moore. Kennedy has delivered over 3,000 paid speeches and seminars to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Kennedy has authored 32 books, including the Magnetic Marketing, many being named to the “Top 100 Business Books of all Time” list by Inc. Magazine with translations in over a dozen languages.

Kennedy has been interviewed or featured in 300 different business magazines or trade journals including Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur.

Dan Kennedy

What Do Some Of The Sharpest Direct Marketers On The Planet Have To Say About Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing?

Joe Polish

"My relationship with Dan Kennedy & Magnetic Marketing has been directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in the past two years."

Joe Polish  //  Founder Genius Network
Brian Tracy

Dan Kennedy is a Genius

"My friend Dan Kennedy is unique, genius in many ways. I have always admired his ability to see the vital truths in any business and to state these realities with straight language and clear definitions. His approach is direct. His ideas are controversial. His ability to get results for his clients is unchallenged."

Brian Tracy  //  Author
Frank Kern

“Dan Kennedy was my most influential marketing teacher. It’s worth studying EVERYTHING he wrote.”

Frank Kern
Ali Brown

Easily Brought In Over $1,000,000 Using His Marketing Strategies

“When I discovered Dan Kennedy's materials years ago, I immediately became a "convert". And I'm so glad I did... since then, Dan's time-tested, proven, no-holds-barred advice has helped me more than QUADRUPLE my business. In fact, I easily brought in over $1,000,000.00 (yes, one million dollars) using his marketing strategies in just one year! And I'm having a ton more fun in my business now too.”

Ali Brown
Ron Legrand

Millions and Millions of Revenue

“I’ve learned so much from Dan over the years, it’s an education that is invaluable. It has created millions and millions of dollars of revenue for us. And after a decade plus association with Dan, I’m still learning… I spend thousands of dollars each year with Dan, attending seminars, going to Platinum meetings. You want to learn how to get people to respond to marketing, you go to Dan. I don’t care what he charges. It’s a very inexpensive expenditure.”

Ron LeGrand
Robin Robins

We have grown from $0 to $12.5 Million

"We have grown from $0 - $12.5M and I can attribute it all to Magnetic Marketing! Dan gave me the tools to grow a business, to attract clients, to make the maximum amount of money all while doing what I love for people who I genuinely love."

Robin Robins //  Founder Of
Jeff Anzalone

Because We Did Multiple Steps We Generated An Extra $19,688.00!

"Dear Dan—I thought this would interest you. Every October for the past 3 years, we have been mailing out a “your dental insurance benefits are expiring at year-end” notice. Before Magnetic Marketing we would only mail this out once with little or no response with Magnetic Marketing we now mail out multiple steps.

This year, we added a new twist. We mailed out initial notices to 88 patients, then 2 additional notices 10 days apart (always using a headline, offer, and deadline). After the 3 mailings, spending about $50 on paper and postage, we collected $2400 (4700% ROI). But this year I also had my staff CALL the patients who had not responded to the mailer and I gave the staff cash bonuses for patients scheduled. Eight more patients scheduled, bringing the Grand Total to $19,688, a whopping 39,236% return on my complete investment."

Dr. Jeff Anzalone
Jimmy Nicholas

I was extremely lost and didn't have a clear path out of this debt

"...That was until I found Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing. Once I got the product, I started implementing right away. I even got my family involved! They helped me send out all this direct mail. The first campaign generated a 742% ROI, it was the boomerang campaign. I took it directly out of the Magnetic Marketing system. The next campaign generated a 535% ROI. We have become extremely profitable. Not only have I been able to buy my dream home and dream cars, but I have really created my dream lifestyle."

Jimmy Nicholas //  Founder Of Jimmy Marketing and No B.S. Inner Circle Marketer of the Year
Richard Duggal

My business doubled and even tripled!

"Thanks to Magnetic Marketing my business began to double and even triple. I was able to duplicate myself, now I have a team of real estate agents who generate business. This business now makes money whether I’m there or not!”

Richard Duggal //  Reality Selling


We Wrote the Book On It

Dan Kennedy authored the best-selling Magnetic Marketing book, in which he challenges entrepreneurs and business owners to dump the boring corporate marketing they are doing that commoditizes them into “sameness” and has them chasing customers and begging for business.