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Every single issue is packed with ‘what’s working now’ business strategies based on the marketing and sales principles of Dan Kennedy. This newsletter is actually a ‘Dan Kennedy seminar in every issue.’ What you get are real life time-tested, timeless, and proven strategies that can be applied to ANY niche, industry, product, or service. Here’s the thing...this publication is based on the philosophy of abundance, prosperity, infinite opportunity, and wealth creation. There is no good or bad economy...only the economy you create. So make no mistake--when you implement the hard-hitting information and actual case study examples inside these pages, you WILL generate more leads, more sales, more customers, and more revenue. Guaranteed!





In This Issue: 
For Entrepreneurs, School Is Always In Session P. 1

Adam’s “F The Funnel” P. 3
Why Advertising Fails With Dan Kennedy P. 5

How To Lose A $100,000+ Client, Customer, Patient Or Member In 3 Easy Steps P. 8

Enjoy Some Great Copy, A Great Product Experience And A Great Steak Too! P. 10

The Key Discovery Donna Krech Made That Stopped A Catastrophic Downward Spiral, Insulated Her Business, And Grew Her Profits P. 13

What Is Your Legacy Going To Be? P. 15



In This Issue: 
Back On The Field Achieving Our Goals P. 1

Adam’s Growth Leadership P. 4

Why Advertising Fails With Dan Kennedy P. 6

Inside The Mind Of The Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy P. 8

What Do You Do When You Can’t Sell Cars From Your Lot? P. 10

The Hospitality Industry Sucks At Capturing Data, But Here Are A Couple Restaurants Making An Effort P. 11

How Andy Lockwood Created A SevenFigure Business That Lets Him Live A Retired Lifestyle P. 15



In This Issue:
How To Manage Change and Ignore The Social Media Mob Pg.5

The ONE Big Question You Must Answer If You Want To Make Maximum Money With Your Skill Pg. 7

Discover how Dr. James Fedich grew his practice from $250,000 per year to $1.7 million per year, using Magnetic Marketing and how you can too! Pg.15

The Passing Of A Planet Dan Legend, Saying Goodbye To Our S.O.B Pg. 3 3 Great Hook Scripts To Drive More Sales This Holiday Season Pg. 18

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