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Want to learn how to attract a flood of new customers that pay, stay, and refer others? The Magnetic Marketing company has the core frameworks that Dan Kennedy created to help companies in over 136 different niches, business categories, industries, and professions to grow in very untraditional ways. Magnetic Marketing is a radical, dramatically different way to look at business…with no academic theories, no vague “ideas,” no fads, and NO B.S.

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Want to take Dan’s tested and proven marketing principles and use them in a cutting-edge way to grow your business online? Inside the Gold membership, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek at what is working in the marketing industry right NOW! Each month, you’ll receive a monthly NO B.S. Letter from Dan Kennedy and a monthly Behind The Scenes Letter from Russell Brunson, both chock-full of marketing strategies and principles that you can use to explode profits, at will! You’ll also get access to the private membership area, where you can access the previous three months’ newsletters. No theory, no fluff—just proven examples that you can model for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Join the Gold membership at

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You’ve already learned the principles to market and create a successful business. Now learn how to be an elite entrepreneur! As a Diamond Member, you’ll get more tools to help you gain momentum in your business, so you can build it faster and faster! You’ll receive everything inside the Gold membership, including both the monthly NO B.S. Letter and Behind The Scenes Letter, and a special membership area (with the previous three months’ newsletters). Additionally, you will have access to a monthly in-depth masterclass, which is an interview with Dan Kennedy discussing different core principles, and a LIVE quarterly “open Q&A” Diamond call, where you can call in and get your questions personally answered by Dan himself.

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Insiders Circle

This TOP-level membership is a high-end group for our Members who want to both learn and EXECUTE proven marketing principles from “Planet Dan.” Our Insiders’ Circle is a blended program of training, coaching, and implementation. The Insiders’ Circle membership includes everything in the Diamond membership, plus access to the Ultimate Marketing Machine (a step-by-step eight-week course that you’ll be executing), monthly implementation coaching sessions, quarterly two-day “intensives” to get your marketing projects DONE, the Whole Enchilada (a huge collection of all the most important Dan Kennedy training courses), and the Dan Kennedy “search engine” with the back archives of the many newsletters he has written over time.

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