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15.1% Response!

Friday, November 18, 2022

15.1% Response!

“Congratulations! You have proven that you don’t have to complicate life in order to create success.” Those are the words that I recently shared with Insiders’ Circle Coaching Member Scott Mizenko.

Scott and his wife Lenore have built a nice little business with her branded as the Medicare Authority with 3,000 clients built by sending out a 3-step Magnetic Marketing letter campaign. The same letter sequence that the Magnetic Marketing System has been teaching for over 40+ years.

On a recent Diamond Q&A call, Scott asked me, “What is the best way to lead my wife’s credibility as the Medicare Authority and transition those people over to my end to start talking about asset based long-term care and other things? I want to send them a survey and then offer them a copy of the book I am writing.”

Two important lessons came out from my answer that I want to share with you today…

Lesson #1

The first thing I want to say is that your nose is pointed in the right direction. Once you have people who have entrusted you, who you have established trust with, not then offering them additional goods and services is not bright because all of the cost of getting the trust was front end loaded in the first sale. And so you have this very valuable asset there. It’s like having a whole field full of bountiful corn just a few steps beyond the tomato patch that you did harvest and not bothering to harvest corn.

The second thing I would say before I answer that question is that it will be smart for you to create some ongoing communication with these clients that doesn’t attempt to sell them things. I would recommend a newsletter and it doesn’t have to be elaborate to start. It could be a giant postcard once a month with something useful on it. But otherwise all you are doing is making booty calls, no candy, no flowers, no birthday greeting in between, and you will wear out your welcome. So I would recommend that as a smart investment in maintaining the exploitable value of the clients.

Now, to the question – their trust relationship right now is with your wife. It is not at all difficult for her to share that with you or for that matter with somebody else, but easier with you since you’re married. So the lead generation is going to be in her voice selling concept and selling you. And the lead response is going to come to you, allowing you to now pick up the conversation. It’s not going to take much more than that.

You don’t have a problem here, you have an unvoiced desire waiting to be responded to. The trust that has occurred from the first purchase in a highly competitive environment, I might add, now gives these 3,000 people and everyone to come, something that is rarer and rarer for them to have in the environment in which we now live. And that is a trust based relationship.

Lesson #2

I’m going to tell you something else about this. DO NOT make going online be your only option. This is a mistake with your demographic. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they want to. If you look at the mail order catalogs that are aimed at 50+ they all still have paper order forms and reply envelopes. I could give you other examples.

Let’s not try and force people to do something only one way when getting that survey answered and back to you has so much value.

The Results

I am happy to report that Scott took my advice, and after only the first of their three letters going out, they have a 15.1% response rate with 56% returning their responses via the self-addressed stamped envelope that he provided.

This is an example of a smart marketer, smart questions, and Magnetic Marketing! And it’s an example of how a question from one month’s Diamond Q&A call can grow your business. Our next call is on Thursday, December 8 (if you have a question for me, join Diamond and submit it soon for next month’s call)!

Even if you know you want to be on the call but maybe not ask a direct question, everything’s recorded and available for the future, including all our past calls which are available to Diamond members right now. Get full access to everything at and join next month’s Q&A.

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