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Why is it important to create a compelling message? On this episode Bill Glazier and Dan Kennedy discuss why it's important and some different strategies you should consider when creating your compelling message.

In the exciting conclusion of this 2-part episode, you'll hear Dan talk about: Be a RANCHER in the HERD business Assess the FUTURE BANK number of your herd, not the CURRENT BANK number Start thinking in terms of the herd, because it will liberate you from ever having to worry about money The power of the herd is Income on Demand And so much more. Enjoy!

In the first part of this 2 episode event, you'll hear Dan Kennedy talk about: Whatever business you're in, no matter what you do or what you sell, you're in the "money business." Current income for most biz owners tends to disappear because they're good at spending what they make. They neglect to focus on the question, "Am I creating any VALUE for my business?" The #1 Asset in your business in your Herd. The Herd is the group of people, your list, who continue to give you money month in and month out. And so much more. Enjoy!

In this episode, you'll hear Dan Kennedy talk about: The worst number in business is 1. The days of the "one trick marketing pony" are gone. One marketing strategy, one product, one service, one location, just won't cut it. Diversity = stability. And so much more. Enjoy!

Dan interviews two of his top Diamond Members and dives deep into creating simple and highly profitable direct mail campaigns. Here how landing just one client from a single mailing of 100 letters can make you very happy.

When it comes to marketing your business, you want something that has growing and staying power, not ‘fly by night’ or trendy tactics. Because the latter will suck your energy and bleed your bank account. Advanced Magnetic Marketing is a proven system that has sustained itself for more than 34 years.

To sell well…and to avoid inefficiency, sloppiness, and falling through the cracks, you have to have a few key pieces in place or else selling is gonna be real hard. In this episode, Dan reveals:

Marketing and selling go hand in hand. Marketing is easier to control. And the better you market, the less you have to focus on selling…because the marketing facilitates the selling.

Expansion (not just growth), wealth (not just income), access to capital, leverage, and sales-of-your company exit strategies.

Expansion (not just growth), wealth (not just income), access to capital, leverage, and sales-of-your company exit strategies.

In this rare gem of an episode, you get to experience Dan Kennedy speaking at an indoor stadium of over 10,000 people. This was recorded years ago at a Peter Lowe Success Event, where Dan was the last speaker…and sold tens of thousands of dollars in products.

You have to get your head on straight if you’re looking to achieve success and build wealth. If you give a box of the best tools to someone and they don’t know how to use them, can’t get their act together, can’t discipline themselves to learn how to use them, can’t motivate themselves to do what’s necessary, then the tools go to waste.

Dan Kennedy’s original mentor said, “The number one reason there aren’t more millionaires is because most people haven’t come up with enough reasons to do what’s necessary to be a millionaire.

Doing business on YOUR terms can be dangerous. Because most people won’t approve of it. To start, you must think of yourself first…and this in itself is very uncomfortable for most entrepreneurs and business owners.

This NEVER happens! Two of modern marketing’s greatest legends get together for a RARE chat, where Dan interviews Jay on high level strategies and principles.

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