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3 Steps To Unlocking Your Superpower At Will

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

If there were one, two, or three strategies for clearing your mind from all the fatigue and tension and just focusing on the task at hand, what would they be?

The best analogy that I like to use is from sports teams - it all comes down to which team, which coach, and which key players are more clearly and totally focused on the task at hand versus which are even fleetingly directed by pain, fatigue, the crowd, the media, personal problems, or whatever.

Step One is the Acceptance of this Responsibility. The acceptance of the fact that you are different than many in having this responsibility and not everyone in your life is going to understand this. You'll probably be criticized for it. Some may try to make you feel guilty or insensitive or inhuman for it. And yes, you're gonna pay a price for it. It's all easier said than done.

Many people who say they want to be exceptional performers are not really willing to do this thing that is so necessary. You are different. You have a very different opportunity than most, and you have a very different performance requirement than most.

Step Two was described by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the author of Psycho-Cybernetics, is Clearing the Calculator. He drew the analogy at the time when the handheld portable calculator was brand new. And before you could use the calculator to solve a particular problem, you had to first clear it of all previous calculations, data, and problems.

Now with the little calculator, that's easy, you just push the clear button. Regrettably, we don't have a nifty little clear button behind our ears, but as Dr. Maltz pointed out, you may be able to benefit from the repetitively used visualization of clearing the calculator, seeing the screen cluttered with your concerns and worries, pushing a button behind your ear, and instantly seeing the screen clear.

Personally, I sometimes use this little visualization, as well as several others that make the same point, to remind myself of the necessity of clearing my mind.

I also go through a little focusing exercise right before every presentation and every selling situation. For the group presentations, I find a quiet place backstage in an empty meeting room in a hallway and pace. I pace counting the number of steps to match the number of units of the product I intend to sell in that particular situation.

I give myself a little pep talk, recalling past successes and statistics, and I sell myself on being able to achieve the goal I've set for that presentation. I bounce up and down on the balls of my feet and do a little exercise to get the tension out of the base of my neck. And I ask for energy confidence, power control, and concentration.

Now all of the details of what I do are not especially important because I do not think you can simply copy what I, or what anybody else, does. I don't think there is a regimen that works for everybody. I think you have to find your own way and put together your own collection of mental and physical things that, combined, clear your mind of extraneous thoughts so you can focus on the selling task at hand.

Now that I've said all of that, I suppose it sounds silly to some people, maybe psycho-babyish or mysticism and I can understand that. I can hear the grizzled sales veteran saying, “Crap, I don't need to do any of that stuff. If you sell, you sell and that's it.” Well, maybe, but I can assure you that the better a job I do at this clearing of the mind, the better my results are in each selling presentation.

You see, selling requires a very high level of mental alertness, remembering every most effective nuance of your presentation, using the best possible voice inflections and body language, sensing and interpreting and responding to the prospect's or audience's reactions.

I don't believe you could perform at that level while simultaneously letting distracting thoughts flip in and out of your mind more than you can achieve peak performance as a mountain climber with a big sackful of rocks, noisy tin cans, and melting ice tied to and dangling from one of your ankles.

Step Three is then Immersing Yourself into the Performance, into the selling with total concentration. I know one sales pro who gets so into the selling process he is actually oblivious to anything and everything going on around him.

He was in a meeting, selling to two executives in an office building in Burbank, California when an earthquake aftershock hit severe enough that the other people in that office building quickly rushed out. But he never noticed it and he so completely held the attention of the two executives that although they later said they had felt it, they gave it only a brief thought and they ignored it too. When the rest of the building employees filed back in about a half an hour later, they found the three still at work in the conference room.

You've got to revel in the art of the sale. You have to be totally involved in the making of the sale. This means, by the way, that if you are selling something, and you are not really confidently sold on yourself or interested in and sincerely enthusiastic about, or selling in an environment that you're glad to be a part of - you will not be able to achieve peak performance.

And frankly, you should probably think about changing your company, product or clientele.

I was asked once if I ever got burnt out with speaking in platform selling. Well, there were certainly days when I woke up and did not automatically feel like getting it together, getting to the event, and delivering a presentation.

And still, there are certainly days when I think I'd rather be lying on a beach, enjoying lunch in a clubhouse at the racetrack, or doing any number of other things. But all that gets cleared away and when I get into the actual selling. Believe me, I'm totally 100% there. I'm not on the beach or at the track or anywhere else.

This is just 3 steps to my process for accessing your own peak potential, particularly in sales, and that’s just a segment of my process, all of which can be found in my “Midas Touch for Selling” course. If you’re a NO B.S. subscriber, you have free access to the full course inside your account now.

And if you’re not a part of NO B.S. yet, let me give you the “Midas Touch for Selling” along with multiple other courses worth $19,997 for free as a gift when you get started today.

Take responsibility, clear the calculator & immerse yourself today.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy
Magnetic Marketing

P.S. Don’t forget, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.

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