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A Lesson I Still Use From My ‘Amway’ Days…

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A Lesson I Still Use From My ‘Amway’ Days…

The term newsletter is industry standard, and we sort of all understand what that means in physical form. So a better term for ‘newsletter’ would be ‘visit letter’...

Let me tell you about the driving force behind my business.

I spent some young adult years in the Amway business and, unlike many, I actually had a pretty good-sized retail business. Probably at its peak, 200 retail customers got product delivered to them.

For most of that, the ongoing purchasing was because of the personal relationship much more than because of the consumer's preference for the products.

And, in fact, they were tempted all the time when they went to the supermarket to get other stuff, like to grab a box of Tide detergent if they were getting low on Amway SA8, or to grab a new spray cleaner they had seen advertised on TV.

So keeping them…“loyal” is the wrong word, but keeping them purchasing without wandering off the reservation—it was all about relationship.

And with most customers, that required not just calling up and saying, “You need more X and more Y and more Z, and I'm gonna deliver on Thursday.”

But then on Thursday, delivering and also petting the dog, maybe doing a little magic trick for the kid, and sitting down and talking with the customer as if they were a friend.

And so I've sort of always viewed my newsletters as fulfilling that purpose of the monthly or bimonthly visit, almost as the equivalent of dropping by somebody's house or somebody's office every so often and being welcomed, sitting on the porch or in the office, and picking up our conversation where we left it off the last time.

The term newsletter is industry standard, and we sort of all understand what that means in physical form. So a better term for ‘newsletter’ would be ‘visit letter’.

That’s the first purpose of any newsletter. Its second purpose then is the tent pole around which everything else you do with your customers revolves.

In a business, there has to be a center point through which you and your customers connect and stay connected, where you're able to communicate what's going on and can continue to bond with them and continue to have a relationship.

So all of your events, your seasonal sales, your trips and excursions, your new or “new and improved” product launches—all these things are connected to the tent pole.

For me, that has always been the newsletter. It's the place to put the collected customer, and it's the place to continue to interact with the collected customer.

But let me go back and say again that it's a visit—it's not a class. And within that in a business or value setting, some of it has to be a continuation or reinforcement of the class. So yes, some “how to do it” information has to be there. But because this is designed to be gluey, sticky, relationship-y, that can't be the predominant content.

Which is why when people join my NO B.S. Newsletter, we give them a MIFGE, the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever, which includes a level of “how to do it” training as a free bonus, as an incentive, because the newsletter is more focused on building that bond.

One of the great litmus tests of a newsletter is when yours arrives, are people so excited about it that they drop whatever they're doing, take their phone and lock it in the trunk of their car, get a cup of coffee, then eagerly sit down to go through it? At least a quick skim to see what's there and then say, “Tonight, when I have more time, I'm gonna read the whole thing word for word.” Is that how they react?

If they don't, then that's the equivalent of you dropping by for a visit and—instead of being invited to sit down on the porch and them saying, “I'll finish cleaning the garage later” or “Yeah, come on into the office. Susan, I'll finish signing these documents later”—you are told, “Ahh gee, I'm too busy today. We'll just have to skip it.”

So the reaction you get every month when you arrive depends on how they feel about the visit when it's over.

And if all you do is load them up with information, no matter how valuable it may be, they are not gonna feel like they can't wait for the next visit so when it arrives, they're gonna jump into it.

That’s how we keep my newsletter moving forward month after month.

: This is just a small excerpt of a discussion I had with Russell Brunson during the Q&A section of my July NO B.S. Newsletter. If you want to read the full strategy breakdown, the newsletter is going into print in a few days, so if you’re NOT yet a subscriber - Join Today so we can guarantee your printed copy.

And if you’re already a NO B.S. Newsletter subscriber, then your newsletter is being printed in the next few days - expect my visit with a good amount of value and discussion.

The full July edition is all about newsletters, along with highlights from experts, customers and more. Ensure you get yours on your doorstep in the next few weeks by joining today and getting my most incredible FREE gift ever.

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