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Are You Struggling To Find Good People?

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Are You Struggling To Find Good People

The biggest complaints I am hearing are either “we can’t get good employees” or “we can’t get any at all.”

You walk into just about any hotel and you are lucky if you can get housekeeping services and if so, it may only be if you are staying for 3 days or longer or they drop it off for you to do yourself.

So the first thing I talk to clients about is that you have to give up on the idea of finding good employees. Because what they’re thinking about is that they’re going to get a ready-to-go person that is like bringing home a lamp from Home Depot, and they are going to plug it in and it’s going to light up, and it’ll be a good employee, like a good lamp. That might be doable when you had an enormous supply of people looking for a finite number of jobs. We have the exact opposite.

You hear about unemployment numbers being a good percentage and about job creation being good. The number they don’t like to talk about much is that we have the lowest workforce participation number in 40 years. Which translates to the highest number of people choosing not to work in 40 years. So you are not going to go to Home Depot, get one, bring them home, plug them in, and they are going to be a good employee. It’s a unicorn hunt.

So, first thing, you need to think in terms of finding good people, is finding a good person with some evidence that they can be trained up, coached up to perform in the position you have. You need to broaden your idea of what you are going to start with.

Here is the new reality. In this environment, staffing is now a marketing problem. It’s not really a hiring problem. So like it or not, and I would not like it, you are now in a supply and demand equation that is very unfavorable to you and you are very unlikely to solve your problem by just throwing a listing up on

In this month’s Diamond Masterclass “Finding Good People” which will be released in your members portal on January 16th, I’m sharing how my private clients are overcoming these staffing challenges and the creative and logic defying ways that they are winning this people problem.

Here is just a snippet of what I am covering:

  • The little known, rarely used places that good people are hiding and how you can spot them!
  • The checklist to use when treating your hiring process as your most important marketing process.
  • The biggest mistakes made in hiring and how to overcome them before they happen to you.
  • ​The one ​thing that no one thinks about once they have found the right person (hint: this is where the battle is won or lost)
  • ​Examples of members who are getting this right.

If you are a Diamond member, I’m told you can login to the members portal, and go to the 2023 Masterclass section to access this month’s presentation.

If you’re not a part of our Diamond membership yet and you’ve read to this point, you know what you need to do. I’ll give you everything included in Diamond which you can see at Upgrade to Diamond today for the deal of a lifetime and INSTANTLY watch this month’s brand new Masterclass.

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