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Can Your Business Withstand Economic Upheaval?

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Can Your Business Withstand Economic Upheaval

At the moment, we are in a severely damaged and distorted national economy. The first six months of 2022 rival the worst we have seen since at least Jimmy Carter. Some economic indicators are the worst we have seen since 1929, 1930, and 1931. The Dow had the worst first half of a year in 30-40 years.

The labor market is tight – making it hard to hire who you want and it’s tough to keep ‘em.

Some businesses are still dealing with supply chain issues.

We are all dealing with the overarching inflation monster. The average inflation to businesses is hovering at 11-12%. Mortgage rates have now tipped over 7%. And all indications are that it is going to get worse before it gets better

I shouldn’t have to tell you that we are in a tough place.

Company revenues may be up, but the whole increase is inflation. It’s not that they are selling more units. In fact they may be selling less. The top line might be looking good, but the bottom line number is NOT.

Whatever fragility you have in your business, will be completelyexposed and can be fatal in situations like this. They may have been concealed in other situations and times, but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t there.

THIS is why we strive to build anti-fragile businesses by design, not just happy to live with fragile business and hope that its fragility will never be tested.

Inflation crushes discretionary spending from the middle. So while you may have been an ‘option’ to your customers in boom times, while you might even be doing well as a ‘luxury’. The minute there is a pivot and your level of consumer starts to think, “huh, we need to be a little more careful here.” Money starts to move from what was optional to what is essential. Don’t be fooled, this has already started to happen!

If you look at the corporate labor market, every major tech company is announcing layoffs and hiring freezes. And the ones to go are the ones who don’t sell anything, who don’t make anything that gets sold, and the outside consultants. The people who are ‘optional.’

An Anti-Fragile business will have already addressed this in their strategy, in their messaging, in their positioning. It’s not too late!

This month’s Diamond Masterclass “Anti-Fragility vs. Economic Upheaval!” has just been released in your members portal today. This is a brand-new 1-hour class specifically on specific ways that businesses can achieve anti-fragility. This is what you need to survive the next economic downturn that has already started!

Here is just a snippet of what I am covering:

  • The 6 specific areas of your business that reveal your level of fragility and what you should attack with extreme urgency immediately.
  • What you need to know that will protect your price and profit margins in a down economy… this could be the difference between thriving and surviving or going bankrupt.
  • Why the mortal hazard of one is put on steroids during a difficult economy and what may not seem like a weakness today will be your achilles heel tomorrow.
  • ​The secret to finding the customers who will buy even in times of economic uncertainty (I’ll give you a hint … it’s not logical and not easily seen.)

If you are a Diamond member, I’m told you can login to the members portal, and go to the 2022 Masterclass section to access this month’s presentation.

If you’re not a part of our Diamond membership yet and you’ve read to this point, you know what you need to do. I’ll give you everything included in Diamond which you can see at Upgrade to Diamond today for the deal of a lifetime and INSTANTLY watch this month’s brand new Masterclass.

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