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Chiropractic Marketing 101: Strategies for Success

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Must-Read Marketing Books for Beginners

If you're serious about skyrocketing your chiropractic business, you'll want to read every word I'm about to share. Marketing isn't magic, it's science, and today I'm going to give you the formula.

First off, let's talk Direct Response Marketing.

So many Chiropractors think, just because they got their fancy little license hanging from the wall, they made it. Especially if they are a practice owner and know nothing about business or marketing. They often realize they're burnt out and overworked, dealing with clients and patients day in and day out.

So they must use Direct response in their advertising.

Not those vague, fluffy ads. I'm talking about making a precise offer where your potential patient knows exactly what the next step is. 'Hey, want a discount on your first-time adjustment?' Boom. Clear, direct, actionable.

Now, everyone loves a magnet, right? That's why you need a Magnetic Marketing System in your practice. You need to craft an offer so tempting, so irresistible, that it's akin to a magnet pulling metal.

Magnetic Marketing System

Maybe it's an exclusive technique only you offer. Or an e-book on maintaining a youthful spine. Or a discounted assessment you offer to people only coming to your ad, and they can get a refund if they refer to people, and you sell them on a plan of care.

A great way I’ve done it in my days when working with chiropractors was running an advertisement to the local radio or mailers. Now today you can do that on social platforms, running lead ads in your local area for $20/day.

A simple discount assessment is enough, just make sure you have your front desk calling the leads as soon as they pop in, otherwise they will forget whether you exist. With that you want correct follow up systems, emails, phone, and mailers if possible. This will allow you to maximize your client acquisition while spending a lot less.

Once you have the initial steps dialed down, remember to change your ad often, create new offers, and run retargeting ads to those who have not yet bought.

Chiropractic Ad example

Tips for Success:

  • Educate the Market: People fear what they don’t understand. So, run a
            workshop, host webinars, flood the community with knowledge about
            chiropractic wonders. The more they know, the more they're likely to knock
            on your door. And come in.
  • Referral Systems: Turn every satisfied patient into your personal promoter
            through this strategy. How? Discount on their next visit for every new patient
            they bring in. It’s old school, but trust me, it works. I’ve also helped
            chiropractors take off the initial assessment fees as a referral bonus.
  • Retention, Reactivation and Upgrades: Don’t just focus on getting new
            patients. Send them newsletters, surprise them with offers, remind the old
            ones of that magic touch they're missing out on. Remember, a bird in the
  • Authority Positioning: I want you to be THE name that pops up in every
            conversation about spine health. Write, speak, get interviewed. Own that
            expert badge.

But, it's not just about what you say. It's about what your satisfied customers shout from the rooftops. I'm talking about Testimonials and Social Proof. In a world full of BS, proof is king. Showcase them. Let Jane from downtown tell John from uptown about her miraculous recovery under your care.

Testimonials and Social Proof

Now, if you’re not already doing this, I urge you to craft a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Why should a patient choose you over Dr. Jones two blocks away? Nail down that answer, and you've struck gold.

Diversify, diversify, diversify. Multiple Streams of Income isn't just for the Wall Street folks. Supplements, posture tools, maybe even massage therapy. Think bigger than just adjustments.

As I always say, the biggest risk is your business, in marketing, and in employees, is having one of anything. If you have one marketing channel, it’s time to create another. If you have one referral system, it’s time to create another.

And lastly, but perhaps most crucially, the money isn’t just in the first interaction, it’s in the Follow-Up. Multiple emails, postcards, a simple phone call. Remind them, charm them, woo them into your practice.

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