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Choosing Who To Follow in 2023

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Choosing Who To Follow in 2023

A lot of people get themselves in trouble this way.

When dealing with experts, here's a biggie, something I call the ‘Core Competency Factor’.

The temptation when you find somebody who's really smart, who has the legitimate experience and is really helpful to you in one area, is to suddenly give them credit for being equally smart about a whole bunch of other stuff, which they are not.

Very few people are good advisors about everything. I try not to talk to you about stuff I don't know anything about, but there are a lot of people I know who are cheerfully happy to talk to customers, clients, and audiences about what they know a lot about and what they don't know a lot about,with no difference between the two.

There's a guy, I'm not gonna say his name because you would know him too, but I noticed when he was speaking at a high-price seminar, he was talking about how to do infomercials.

Now, this is a direct-response guy with great qualifications in his own area of expertise, however in seven years he's only produced four infomercials, and all four of them were instant deadly, fatal flops. He has no more idea on how to do an effective infomercial than I know how to cook dinner.

I mean, he'll never pull off a successful infomercial and I'd starve if I had to cook. And I got no business doing a cooking class, and he's got no business talking about infomercials, but because he's really smart, people will listen to him about that too thinking he knows something he doesn't.

So as you deal with people who help you, it's important to get a grip on what I call their Core Competency Factor - what they do really really well, what they have legitimate track records connected to and what you should be listening to them about.

The other stuff that they talked to you about, you either ignore it entirely, or you listen to be polite, but don't give them much credit.

You gotta sort out the two.

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