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Content is King: Leveraging Content Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Leveraging Content Marketing for Your Dental Practice

I’ve been in the Dental industry for as long as I can remember. Now if you have a dental business, and you want to become an industry leader, you must create content.

It is no longer an IF or WHEN, it’s a MUST.

We’re no longer living in the 17th century. So if you want to out-compete Dr. John Doe from Next Street, I would advise you to start creating content tomorrow, you can think it over tonight.

The easiest part of marketing a dental practice, especially with your content, is its limitations. You can only serve a certain amount of people in a certain amount of radius, meaning 5 to 20 miles. People aren’t driving further than 20 miles for your services, unless you’re some sort of a specialist and you can solve some big problems.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. "Dan, I'm a dentist, not an influencer." Or "Dan, my business is about molars, not marketing."

But here's the hard truth: in today's market, if you're not creating content, you're as invisible as a cavity in a rear molar on an X-ray.

Content is King

So let's tackle the 'why'. Why should you, as dental practice owners, create content?

  • ​Visibility and Credibility: We live in an era where Google is the new Yellow Pages, if you're not online, you're practically non-existent.

    Content boosts your visibility. But more than that, it establishes your credibility. Patients today are savvy. They don't just want a dentist; they want an expert.

    And whether YOU think you’re an expert or not, they must know you are. That is why content creation – whether it's blog posts, videos, or social media – is your ticket to showcasing your expertise.
  • Educating Your Market: Every piece of content is an opportunity to educate your market. You know why someone should choose an Invisalign treatment over traditional braces, but does your potential patient?

    Use your content to inform and educate. You can look at great examples on social media.
Use your content to inform and educate
  • Building Relationships: Content is a conversation. It's not just about broadcasting your services; it's about building trust and rapport.

    When people read your articles or watch your videos, they start to feel like they know you. That's powerful. And not only that, people start to refer people to you, especially in your hometown. You practically own the city.

    If you’re the expert that is known throughout the city and another expert is not, yet you can both do the same thing, YOU WIN. You get new patients, you activate past patients, you create more referrals, and you’re on your merry way to be retired without having to worry about how much you’re making. That’s what content can do for you.

Now, let's move to the 'how'. How do you create content that attracts, educates, and converts?

  • Understand Your Audience: Start by understanding your patients. What are their concerns? What questions do they frequently ask? Your content should be the answer to their Googled questions.
  • Consistency is Key: Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You don't need to produce a masterpiece every week, but you do need to produce something. Consistency builds momentum and establishes your practice as a reliable source of information.
  • Leverage Different Formats: Not everyone likes to read. Some prefer watching videos; others might like infographics. Diversify your content. A video explaining the process of teeth whitening can be as effective as a blog post, if not more.
  • Storytelling: People love stories. Use patient success stories (with their permission, of course) to illustrate the impact of your work. Remember, HIPAA compliance is crucial here. Be as specific as your legal and ethical boundaries allow.
  • SEO – Don't Ignore It: Learn the basics of SEO. Using the right keywords can be the difference between your content being seen by thousands or getting lost in the abyss of the internet.
  • Call to Action: Most pieces of content should have a purpose. What do you want the reader or viewer to do next? Call your office? Schedule a consultation? Make it clear and make it easy. If I were you, I’d create a 3:1 or a 4:1 ratio. Meaning for every 4 posts, you have 1 call to action to your office, or to get a free guide, or to watch a new video.

Now you may be like…well what kind of content should I create? I’ve listed a few below.

what kind of content should I create

Educational Blog Posts or Articles:

  • ​"The Ultimate Guide to Teeth Whitening: What Works and What Doesn't"
  • ​"5 Common Myths About Root Canals Debunked"
  • ​"The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Wellness"

How-To Guides and Tips:

  • ​Video series on proper brushing and flossing techniques.
  • ​Infographics on choosing the right toothbrush or toothpaste.
  • ​Blog post on tips for maintaining oral health between visits.

Patient Success Stories:

  • ​Before-and-after case studies showcasing successful orthodontic treatments or cosmetic dentistry.
  • ​Interviews with patients about their dental journey, emphasizing how your practice helped them.

Q&A Sessions:

  • ​Host a live Q&A on social media addressing common dental concerns.
  • ​Regular blog posts answering frequently asked questions from patients.

Video Content:

  • ​Office tours introducing staff and showing the environment to alleviate dental anxieties.
  • ​Procedure explanations or simulations to educate patients about what to expect.

Remember, content creation isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. It's the bridge that connects your practice to the world. It's how you show up, stand out, and build a practice that's as resilient as it is reputable.

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