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Customers WANT to be told what to do, so tell them

Friday, May 27, 2022

Customers Want To Be Told What To Do, So Tell Them

People want to deal with successful people, and what successful people do is they dictate the terms of how you do business with them. They don't negotiate.

My premise from day one was - I tell the customer the rules.

And part of the reason for that is…people want to be told the rules. Kevin Robert used to say that “Most people are walking around with their umbilical cord in their hand, looking for a new place to plug it in.”

There's an enormous amount of truth to that, but the less severe corollary is that customers are looking for the stern, but loving parent.

They want somebody to tell them,”Here's the deal, here's the way this works.” Some of the terminology we use with chiropractors includes, “This is gonna be a partnership and here's what I'm gonna do, but here's what you have to do”

The same applies to dealing with clients and with customers. I don't care whether you're installing carpets in their home or training their bird. What they're looking for is an authority figure to take charge.

Years ago when it mattered, I would never, ever, ever take an inbound call from a client, prospect or call them back the same day. Now, when you ain't got any, that takes some real restraint.

Guy just called, wants to talk to you about, in my case, booking you to speak or a consulting engagement and you got nothing on the books. Guy could have his choice, there's 364 open days (not go work on Christmas). Other than that, take your pick, right?

It takes some real restraint not to take the call.

Now today, as a practical matter, they wait a week. It's a reality today, but the delay began as a marketing strategy.

People want to deal with successful people, and what successful people do is they dictate the terms of how you do business with them. They don't negotiate.

This is why, if you have a retail business, you don't want an empty parking lot. If you have a restaurant you don't want an empty parking lot. Because it invites people to think twice and drive on by.

Maybe you've done it. Go into a restaurant you've never tried before around 7 o'clock at night, start to drive into the parking lot and if you're the only car, you say to yourself, “Uhoh.”

And so in those kinds of businesses, if the parking lot is obviously empty, make sure you park some cars out there. And if you're gonna go weeks when your business is not taking off, make sure you get different cars and move 'em around. Go down to Hertz and rent some cars.

People prefer to deal with successful people and generally speaking, the more successful you are, the more people wanna deal with you. That's kind of logical, isn't it? Let's say you've gotta get heart surgery. Do you want to go to the guy who can fit you in right now? No problem nurse and they’re like, “let's go”

You would rather hear, “well, let's see. Booked, booked, booked, booked, booked.” Not, “We can fit you in right now.”

It takes guts to do that when you really don't have a full schedule.

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