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Do You Need To Be On Calls?

Monday, November 28, 2022

Do You Need To Be On Calls

So I got a strange question from a member asking “Do I need to be on calls?”

So I want to take a week off from “content” here, and instead talk with you about YOUR available Q&A Calls. I’m inspired, writing this right after completing one of the Diamond Members’ Q&A Calls with Darcy.

In recent months, these Calls have been VERY good, with smart Members asking smart, specific questions.

I was listening to Earl Nightingale recordings and I plucked just one statement that affected my life in a profound way, forever. And it altered the way I did business permanently and gets credit for millions of dollars. Ears on. Brain on high alert.

There is a “strange” difference between Being There As It Is Happening, and listening to recordings later. We used to all watch TV programs when they were on, period. So, people really into a night-time soap like DALLAS or DYNASTY arranged their entire life’s schedules to be at home, settled in front of their TV, for their show. Miss an episode of DALLAS – are you nuts? I have noticed, and am rock solid certain, that people were more enthused about “their shows” and therefore enjoyed them more when this was the situation vs. now, when it’s all on streaming to watch “whenever,” to binge ahead, to catch up after. I am equally certain that when you ink something into your schedule, like the monthly Diamond Call, so that you are

There As It Is Happening, your mind attaches a higher level of importance to it than if you listen to a recoding “whenever.”

So, do you NEED to be on the Calls? No. Should you WANT to be? Yes. Should you try to get your hot-seat? Yes. But if you don’t, there is likely to be “a gold needle” just right for you, in the haystack of everybody else’s hot-seats. You ARE, after all, eavesdropping on some pricey advice – one to one, my tele-consulting fees start at $3,600.00 per hour or $19,400.00 per day, and I’m as busy as I care to be. Very smart and successful entrepreneurs are at or past their 10th to 25th year anniversaries of consulting with me every month or on some other regular schedule. Most are on the Diamond Q&A Calls too.

— — — — —

That’s the beginning of today’s Monday Memo for Diamond Members for this week. Today’s new Monday Memo is titled “Do You Need To Be On Calls?” and it’s being faxed to members who’ve requested it right now and it’s also available in the Diamond members area.

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If you’re already a member, your memo is ready in your members area and/or your fax machine. If you’re “old school”, you can get your Monday Memos via fax machine or eFax by submitting your fax number to my team on this same page.

Enjoy today’s Memo.

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