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Forced Appointment Setting

Monday, May 09, 2022

1 Forced Appointment Setting

Anytime you're looking at a crowd or a group or an industry norm, you start out by figuring that if the majority of 'em are doing it that way, then there's definitely a better way.

Earl Nightingale once said that if you were setting out to do something (it almost didn’t matter what that was) and you had no successful role models or examples and had to figure it out on your own, all you would have to do would be to look at what the majority was doing and start by doing the opposite.

Do the opposite and you will pretty much be headed in the right direction, because the majority's always wrong.

I learned this rather young, in the early 70’s, during my first and only job. I was a territory sales rep with five states and they did what most companies do.

The mechanism was to go to a city, visit all the accounts and walk in. That's still the mechanism most territory salespeople who sell to retail, going from city to city in their territory with their sample case and march in unannounced and present themselves.

And that's the way you do it.

Two weeks into this, it was just abundantly clear to me after talking to the other reps, seeing how they went into their territory, who they called on, that this doesn't make any sense.

So I asked everyone, “Why not have appointments?”

And their answer to that was, “If you try and set appointments in advance, they won't agree to see you.” To which my logic then said, “If they don't want to see me, why do I wanna go see them anyway?I'd rather go see somebody who wants to see me, or we're saying the wrong things to get them to want to see us. Right?”

And so pretty quickly, my mechanism became sending mail ahead of time, saying, “I'm gonna be in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, here's the way I routed myself and I'll be coming to see you at 10, then I'm going to see Joe at 11, then I'm going to see Charlie at 12, then I'm going to see Mart one. And so expect me.”

I called it Forced Appointments Setting.

Now I saw 80% of the people I went to see.

And as near as I could tell, the average rep saw 20% of the people that he wanted to see.

And consequently, I very quickly was outselling everybody to the point that the sales manager was asking me to take Fridays off, because I was making everybody else look bad.

If you buy into that concept, to do the exact opposite of the dogma, it’s a great life simplifier.

Anytime you're looking at a crowd or a group or an industry norm, you start out by figuring that if the majority of 'em are doing it that way, then there's definitely a better way.

If you, like me, equate time to money, and you know that the majority of the people are wrong about money, you have to logically conclude they're wrong about time.

Then you look at their behavior and you know that it is ineffective and you have to go in search of alternative methods.

I created Force Appointment Setting with this process - you can implement the exact same process for your appointments.

Or you can create something new yourself simply by seeing what’s broken and doing the exact opposite.

So do the opposite - and you’ll be mostly going in the right direction.

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