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Elvis Faked His Death & Confession: I Have A Festish

Monday, January 16, 2023

Elvis Faked His Death & Confession I Have A Festish

I was recently told by Darcy that in some “Facebook group” where people spend a lot of time talking about me, fools are insisting someone else is writing these Memos and trying to sound like me – and failing.

When Elvis faked his death, he grew a big beard and retired to a cabin in the woods, intending to stay out of sight and live out his life simply, undisturbed. But he got bored. So, he cleaned himself up and started working the Holiday Inn lounge circuit as an Elvis impersonator. He stuck to small towns, was quite popular, and no one suspected a thing.

Then he went a little crazy and entered the annual Elvis Impersonator Competition in Vegas.

(This is a big thing.)

Hundreds of Elvi come from all over the world to vie for Best Impersonator of the Year. It lasts 3 days, with a Survivor-show-like winnowing down to 10 Finalists. Elvis made that cut, but then came in 4th . He finished behind a short, fat bald and toupee’d hardware salesman from Wichita.

I know all this to be fact.

So. Please tell the dummies – if you know them – that I am personally writing MY Monday Memos. Writing ‘em. Typing ‘em. Sending ‘em over to Jenny at the Brunson Empire Offices. I think I sound like me. And for the official record, any “classic” content of mine being used in NO B.S. is clearly identified as such. ALL the other is from me, by me, now.

— — — — — — — —

That’s the start of today’s Monday Memo for Diamond Members this week. I go on to state how success comes from relentless, ruthless, disciplined focus on moving the ball forward – and more.

Since you’re already a member, your memo is ready in your members area and/or your fax machine. If you’re “old school”, you can get your Monday Memos via fax or eFax by submitting your fax number to my team on this same page.

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