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Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

On last month's Diamond Q&A Call, Michael Goldberg asked Dan a question that many people have been asking, “Do you have any tips for people looking for employees and how we find them?”

I’ve been giving this advice for a long time, it’s not new ideas that I am trotting out for the current situation. You always want the advantage of engineering the economics of your business so that you can outspend your competitors. That’s true for marketing and advertising and it’s true for recruiting/hiring, training, and retaining employees.

It always boils down to:

  • WHO you are selling to?
  • What you are selling
  • The prices and profit margins that you sell at
  • ​What what puts you in an advantaged or disadvantaged position

Right now, other than letting them all work at home in their underwear, the advantage comes from this kind of financial engineering.

The second thing, which I talk a lot about in the January Masterclass for Diamond Members, is that most needs can no longer be filled by the sign in the window or the listing on Too much clutter, too much competition. Now we have to recruit and you have to employ a network of contacts and outreach and individual searching and alertness for a person that can be recruited.

Certainly most jobs for which there would be a sign in the window, you can teach the aptitude, but you can’t teach the attitude. One thing you can do, is to look for a person attitudinally outperforming a low level job for whom your job will be an upgrade. You pick them off and you make them what you want them to be. This situation is going to start to ease up, but it probably isn’t going to be quick. The first big wave of layoffs, they’re all in the tech sector, and they’re all with big companies, not small companies. The recession is going to clean house a little bit, and we will be at 4%-5% unemployment by June or July.

The majority is always wrong. And it’s true in the case of hiring as well. You have to be engineering your business, like your marketing to magnetically attract the right employees. It doesn’t happen with just a sign or a job posting.

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