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High Achieving Behaviors

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

High Achieving Behaviors

What behaviors are the most common to high achievers who are also very good time managers?

First, everybody I know who gets this is very conscious of time. They got a good clock running in their subconscious. They tend to mirror me and their work environment tends to have clocks everywhere you look.

They're working against the clock. They've gone through the exercises to establish the minimum dollar value that their hours must be worth. So they're dealing with time on a very conscious basis and continuously aware.

They at least schedule, if they don't fully script, but they at least schedule very well. And if you’re wondering what the difference is between a schedule and a script, a schedule is your appointments for the day, but a script is every minute of the day.

The people who are very very good at this, specifically those who've emulated me who've learned from me, operate with scripts. They're very selective and they have the ability to say no.

And they deliberately procrastinate. Procrastination's got a very bad rap, but it's a very useful skill and strategy to include. They work without interruptions. Working without interruption is responsible for my productivity. And it’s why I do the great amount of work I'm able to do – completely free of interruption and distraction.

They have a bias to take massive action. I once had a conversation with Bill Glazer, and we were talking about a group of people that we both know, and he said, “It just boggles my mind, how little they get done. They walk out of here with a billion dollar plan and three months later they've gotten two or three parts of a 20 part plan implemented.”

And the people that I work with get all 20 parts implemented simultaneously.

You know, I often get that question, “What should I do first?”

You do it all. It's all number one.

These are just some of the behaviors high achievers do, and I go into far more depth in the “Renegade Millionaire: Time Management System” and I’ll give it to you for FREE when you join my NO B.S. Newsletter and you can start listening to it for free, not to mention multiple other courses worth $19,997.

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