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How do I get their attention?

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

“How Do I Get Their Attention”

On a recent Diamond Q&A call, longtime Diamond member Jim Lange asked a very interesting question that I thought might apply to you…

“Dan I have a one-page killer specialty advisory report for parents of a child with a disability. I myself am a parent with a child with a disability, so I have affinity. I have a one-page version and a 45 page longer version. My co-authors include the most well known disability expert superstar who has a daughter who is a 20-time Paralympic champion and an estate attorney. This information is gold. So my question is how do I get this out there?

Jim is a very smart long-time member, he had already compiled a list of 250 organizations that serve parents with a child with a disability. And as a Renegade Millionaire and student is not afraid to spend the money to mail the letter and the report out.

Here is what he said, “I have a 6-page letter trying to convince them to include our website in their communications. The tentative plan is to enclose both the one page and the 45 page version and we have a sheet of testimonials.”

My first question is almost always, “what is the dollar value of getting one of these organizations to do what you want them to do? Because that will dictate the money we can spend to acquire the action.”

For Jim, the answer is into the hundreds of thousands – we can work with that!

There are two things he will want to think through…

1. A package of brain dead things that you ask them to do. More than just give out your website… give them an opportunity to co-brand and distribute the report, an opportunity to buy the report and customize for them with their logo at a certain cost in bulk, an article they can put in their newsletter, a webinar, etc. A menu of possible collaborative activities.
2. Write a check. Buy their participation. They are non-profit organizations. Make a donation to their non-profit, maybe tied to any level of cooperation.

When you ask them to do one thing, you will get a yes or no. Let’s give them choices. Let’s wow factor them, guild them, obligate them. Do this in a way that uses every emotional trigger we can to get a positive response. This about how to make this as hard to say no as possible.

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