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How Do You Create ‘Stickiness’ With Your Customers?

Friday, December 16, 2022

How Do You Create ‘Stickiness’ With Your Customers

There is nothing better to create stickiness with your customers than a really well written customer newsletter. Yesterday, I shared why it really should be thought of as a visit letter. Showing up like an old friend, that you want to sit down, pour a cup of coffee with and are interested in what they have to say.

The second purpose of a well written customer newsletter is to be the tent pole around which everything else you do with your customers revolves. In business, there has to be a center point through which you and your customers connect and stay connected. Where you are able to communicate what’s going on and bond with them.

We want active response, not just passive consumption – this is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they start a newsletter. They think they should be jamming it full of ‘teaching’ to showcase their expertise. Let me go back and say again, this is a visit - not a class.

The newsletters that have the highest retention rate, that help increase the frequency of purchase by customers, help with the ascension of customers, help with referrals contain 10% to no more than 20% of “class continuation” or teaching. So yes, some “how to” information needs to be there. But because this is designed to be gluey, sticky, relationship-y, that can’t be the predominant content.

The biggest mistake made is packing it full of how-to information, attempting to pack it full of value, and they wind up being boring, uninteresting, and unexciting. This is the exact opposite of the person who visits you on your porch or at your office, or who you go to lunch with once a month, who you know is going to have cool stuff to share.

They are going to have another story of conquest or frustration, or sallying forth one way or another to have caught the biggest fish or lost the biggest fish that you can’t wait to hear. They are going to make you laugh. They are going to make you gasp and say, “I can’t believe he said that.” They are going to be in philosophical agreement with you.

In the guru business, we call this “preaching to the converted.” You want to go to lunch once a month for three hours with someone you agree with, and not someone who you disagree with.

When it’s all over, you feel better than you did before. You feel reinvigorated, motivated and you have something you can’t wait to tell somebody else.

How do your readers feel after they read your newsletter? How do they feel after a visit from you?

This is so important that I dedicated a BRAND NEW Masterclass specifically for our Diamond Members, “Creating the "Glue" and "Stickiness" In Your Business: The Customer Newsletter!”

Here is just a snippet of what I am covering:

  • What makes for a “good” customer newsletter? (HINT: There are two simple tests that help determine this.)
  • ​The real goal of a customer newsletter that no one tells you about
  • The 8 component parts that make every great newsletter
  • ​Examples of members who are getting this right.

If you are a Diamond member, I’m told you can login to the members portal, and go to the 2022 Masterclass section to access this month’s presentation.

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