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How To Be Perceived As A Specialist

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How To Be Perceived As A Specialist

Logic tells you specialists make more money than generalists.

And we are increasingly a fragmented marketplace, even in Network Marketing, which has never been an industry prone to specialization, but it's happening. A company like Rexel is focused totally on recruiting doctors. There's another such company totally, almost exclusively focused on recruiting dentists into their business.

So specialization is occurring everywhere today. It hasn't happened nearly as fast as everybody predicted, but it is happening.

You're starting to see stations like the food channel and the golf channel actually able to survive and support themselves on advertising. And everybody's belief in the industry is that you will see an increasing number of very specialized channels for people with very specialized interests. I think it's important to appear to be a specialist (even if you are not).

And even if you are not, what you wind up being is a specialist to different target markets or audiences, with each audience not knowing about your different specialities.

So for example, if you're a real estate agent, you could be a specialist in waterfront vacation homes, marketing to people who are target prospects to buy second homes, while at the same time being a specialist to first time buyers.

In that case, as long as you maintain two completely separate identities, two completely separate marketing tracks, one is not gonna take any notice of the other and vice versa, but each will perceive you differently than if you are just a real estate agent who does both of those things and everything else known to man.

So whether it's a product or a service, you benefit through specialization. And one of the best aspects of specialization is it bumps the price. People will pay more for the specialized product than the non specialized product – just the appearance of specialization can bump the price.

Many of you are in the information business and if you take the example that I often use, which is a generic time management product and we do six tapes and a workbook and a day planner on time management, what can we sell that for 69 bucks, 79 bucks, maybe 99 bucks.

But if we take the same stuff and it's now “Time Management for Dentists”, what can we sell it for? If it's time management for dentists with multiple offices, we're in $500, $600, $700. And the tighter you cut up the specialization, say now to orthodontists, the more the perceived value goes up.

The key to being a specialist is perception, which all comes down to how you craft your message, one of the core principles in the Magnetic Marketing process. I show my NO B.S. Letter subscribers how to craft their message and be seen appropriately by clients & employees in my “Brass Balls” course, which is free in your members area.

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How To Be Perceived As A Specialist


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