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How To Collect The Best Testimonials?

Thursday, November 17, 2022

How To Collect The Best Testimonials

Last month, we had a record number of Diamond members join our LIVE call to ask their questions. We have long-time members who are on every month, looking for that one nugget or reminder that will sharpen their saw. And now we have brand new members who are looking for insight that their thinking is on the right path to avoid making big mistakes.

Jeanne Venekamp, a new member who owns a restaurant accounting firm and is a software reseller, asked a question last month. She is getting ready to bring an A/V crew in to record an interview with a very high profile client. Very smart idea. Most will go the cheap route – asking the client to record something themselves or worse yet, not even go for the video case study. Very few are willing to do this professionally and put this much thought into it prior to showing up.

But I digress, here was Jeanne’s question, “Who should interview our client and what questions should we be asking?”

So in answer, which I gave live, I told her that you should be asking the client questions that your prospect would have in mind. So you have to be a surrogate for the prospect. The questions need to advance your sales story. You are really telling a sales story in a testimonial interview format and you can’t lose sight of that.

First question, can you manage to be a seven outta ten or better in the video format? Because nobody knows the client better than you, nobody knows the business better than you do. IF you are going to use a hired gun, I’d get someone who’s a little bit better on camera, and can work off of a tele-prompter, not off of just their knowledge.

What you didn’t ask, but I will say, from having done a lot of marketing work to restaurant owners, this is one of those niches where there’s almost too many of them to really be a great niche, so my encouragement is to sub-niche.

People in fast, casual dining all believe they are unique compared to people in high end. The Italian restaurant owners all think they are completely unique compared to the Chinese restaurant owners. The people in small markets think they’re unique compared to restaurants in big markets, etc, etc, etc.

So my experience is that testimonials, case histories and stories that are broad don’t work. When they are precision targeted, they work really, really well. So I would encourage you to match them and the promotion to restaurants that match them all across the country, not to any and every restaurant.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees and it’s easy to miss small nuances that can be the difference between okay - good - and great results.

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