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How to Ensure Your Security (Only ONE Real Way)

Friday, December 09, 2022

How to Ensure Your Security (Only ONE Real Way)

Important Note: This is just a small part of my newest article on ‘Q&A with Dan Kennedy”. To read the full Q&A article, you need to get my NO B.S. Newsletter shipped to your house, if you don’t already. This particularly article goes to print in the next few days for January.

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Q&A with Dan Kennedy

Jim Edwards
: This month we are talking about offers. When you got divorced and at other times in the past, you talked about getting the herd to “foot the bill.” People said, “Oh, you’re getting divorced. When will you send us the bill?” Let’s talk about figuring out what you are going to send to the herd so they foot the bill for the new racehorse, the divorce, the big car—whatever it is you want to do. I’d like to talk about coming up with ideas for offers: figuring out what they get, creating the stack, and doing all that stuff.

Dan Kennedy: Sure. First, let me back up. I think there are three answers to this question and only one of them is mechanical, which is what you’ve described. The first answer actually backs us up into the Renegade Millionaire system, because there is a principle there, an objective called the income-at-will position. This means you can send the bill to the herd. If you’re in a position that at almost any time you can come up with an offer that your customers, clients, patients, donors, followers, or fans list will like, then you have the ability to create income at will.

This position should be a big priority for people to get themselves into. Because in harsh reality, this is actually the only financial security there is. Because one way or another, what you already have can be wiped out. So the only real financial security you ever have is being in the income-at-will position and able to replace disappeared wealth. It’s really important.
No matter how clever you are about the mechanical aspects of this, the offer itself is no good if it falls on deaf ears. The best offer in the world is not gonna be very successful without a receptive audience for it. You have to create and nurture and maintain and keep that audience ready. That’s #1.

Principle #2 (before we do mechanics) is that, broadly speaking, even with the asset and advantage of an organized, maintained, nurtured, and receptive audience, it’s important to never underestimate the difficulty of this task. When you’ve done the income-at-will principle really well, there’s a temptation to think, Gee, this is gonna be easy. I myself have fallen into it from time to time over the years.

But separating people from money is never easy. Small amounts on impulse, maybe. But any kind of significant amount where they kind of pause and make a decision, it’s not easy. Now at different times it’s even harder, but you never want to underestimate the difficulty of the task.
Which now gets us to #3, which is the mechanics: How do you build the offer? I have two main things to say about that.

First, you don’t build your offer from what you’ve got on the shelf. You don’t go look at your products and services and say, “Which of these do I pull off my shelf and put together in some kind of package and pitch it?” You instead think about the customer, the audience. At this moment in time, what are the top three things on their mind? What’s going on in the conversation at the kitchen table or at the office (which used to be called the water cooler conversation)? What do they want? What are they mad about? What are they afraid of? And from that, what solution can I offer? Then you go to your shelf and see what you’ve got that you can rewrap, retitle, tweak, put together differently than you have in the past, in order to make it the solution that answers that list.

Jim Edwards: What immediately sprung to mind when you said “now you go to the shelf to create a solution” is to create a new solution. Is it important that it feels like a new solution?

The Offer is above all else one of the most crucial and hard to understand pieces in marketing. Failure to achieve a great offer means your business is alive or dead. And many marketers out there almost always take it as the least important step.

Dan Kennedy: Absolutely. It could be broad and big, right? For two years, we had everybody locked up in their houses. They couldn’t go anywhere. Well obviously that affects buying behavior. And so companies like Home Depot benefited enormously because everybody started remodeling s**t. Some businesses were actually made by quarantine and are now collapsing because people don’t have to stay in their houses anymore.

Peloton is a great example. I knew it the minute I saw it. Even streaming services. I mean the question in Wall Street is: Is this business model sustainable? Because they benefited so much from people being locked up. Now that people are loose, what do they wanna buy now? They’ve shown us in the short term that they don’t want to buy any more stuff; they want to buy experiences. They want to go places. They want to do stuff. That’s a kind of macro issue. For micro issues, you’ve got to really know your audience, really know your customer. You’ve got to know where they are mentally, emotionally, practically, and financially at this moment in time.

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This is only a small taste of my full article, which goes into more depth with 9 pages of my conversation with Jim Edwards. We talk about what your audience wants, what they’re starving for, and what would a stack look like if I created an offer today . It’s all in my January Newsletter and if you’re a member, we’ll be printing your copy for shipment next week.

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