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How To Reach & Sell To The Successful

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

How To Reach & Sell To The Successful

If there was a salesperson who’s trying to get to somebody like me, a real, super busy person who's reluctant to let go of any of their time and has a ton of barriers, how do they get to people like me?

It's a real good question.

I have one cartoon, ‘cuz I collect them about this topic, where there's a secretary sitting at a desk or a receptionist and there's a wall and there's a sign on the wall just above where there should be a door, and the sign says “President.” But there's no door in the wall. And there's a guy standing at the desk and the secretary says, “Well, you can't get to him. That's why there's no door.”

It's very difficult, but it's such a good question because I, and people like me are terrific clients and terrific customers. Number one, price is rarely our predominant deciding factor in who we deal with or what we buy. Other things are more important to us, which means we'll buy at premium prices. And number two, we respect other people's time because we demand that our time is respected. So we're really great customers and clients, if you can do it.

And the ultimate answer to the question, the big general answer is again, to not think that “my business is different”, that trying to sell Kennedy something is different than trying to sell a lot of other people something because “Kennedy's different”. Well, he is and he isn't, you know. The fundamentals don't change the basic necessities of making a sale.

If you boil it all the way down to the simplest sales formula, it's Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. And those fundamentals don't change and getting my attention is really no different than getting anybody else's attention - it boils down to, ‘Do you have the right bait?’

I always use the story of, “If you wanna fill your backyard up with deer, you don't put a 500 pound block of cheese out there. And if you wanna fill it up with rats, for some reason, you don't put a salt block out there.” Mostly people are holding out the wrong bait and then they're wondering why their prospects, in this case a prospect like me, why we're not jumping ‘cuz the bait doesn't interest us. And a lot of marketers are trying to do this one size fits all thing. You know, they go get a brochure done, a generic brochure, and they got a generic sales message. And now they're trying to use that with everybody and anybody. You know, you need different bait for different critters. And so the general principle is absolutely the same and it's not that we don't respond by the way.

I tore two things out of the newspaper today and called the 1-800 numbers to request information. I responded to a radio commercial this week. I gave my assistant three websites to go download, ‘cuz I wanted to see them. So it's not like we're not open. In many cases we're looking and searching and more alert than the non-affluent, non-busy, non-entrepreneurial client. But you've gotta figure out what the precise best bait is for the prospect or group of prospects that you wanna reach. And then you've gotta figure out how that group of prospects likes to process information and utilize that format.

So for example, email blasts to Fortune 1000 CEOs are useless. Just pointless and it doesn't matter what the message is. That's not how fortune 1000 CEOs acquire and deal with information, and the barriers or screeners or what are some called gatekeepers. I mean, your choices are a shock-and-awe piece with overwhelming force. You don't send a direct mail piece with one of those little tiny aluminum trash cans, you send a direct mail piece in a full size trash can and you don't send it by mail - you have it delivered by a Brinks guy who's got it handcuffed to his wrist. So you've got that option.

Referral, of course, because the higher up the affluency ladder you go, the more decisions are made through referrals. Or you can use incredible persistence, but it does all start with the right message.

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