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If I were mute and had to sell, this would be my weapon of choice

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

If I were mute and had to sell, this would be my weapon of choice

But make no mistake about this - logic is what the buyer uses to defend his decision after he has made it. E-Factors are what makes buying decisions and actions happen.

We are a nation of cynics. The idea that our elected officials lie, cheat and steel is accepted as a norm. So what makes you think anybody should or will believe in you?

This is not a place to let your ego get in your way. It's just not enough to insist that you are a trustworthy, trusted, persuasive person. Don't invest your self-esteem in being believed by prospects.

Smart strategy assumes that every statement, every fact, every promise, every benefit, every assertion will at best be questioned, at worst be disbelieved. Then equip yourself with appropriate weaponry.

I'm about to reveal to you and attempt to sell you on the single most important, most powerful selling weapon that exists, period. I know that's a big claim, but I believe it wholeheartedly. If I could have only one selling weapon, this would be the one I choose. If I had to sell mute, but could have this weapon, I could still sell.

Here it is: Proof.

If you will substantiate your sales presentation, as thoroughly as the top prosecutors and top criminal defense attorneys try to substantiate their cases and arguments, you will be on your way to assembling enough proof.

In selling, we prove our cases with facts and figures, physical demonstrations, pictures, testimonials, references, and guarantees. And of these, testimonials can be the most powerful.

But that comes secondary to emotion. If you had to depend on either logic or emotion, you will depend much more on emotion.

There are five emotions, five ‘E-Factors’ that control buying behavior and most other behavior.

#1: Love
#2: Pride
#4: Guilt
#5: Greed

(not necessarily in that order)

The more of these you can hit with your selling case, the better.

Let's take a product from TV - a set of videos designed to help kids get better grades, where the sales are made to the parent.

#1: Love
- “If you really care…”

#2: Pride
- “Picture yourself congratulating your son or daughter on a straight A report card. Finally, having a report card, you can brag about.”

#3: Fear
- “It’s tougher and tougher for kids to even get into a good college. Grades are more important than ever.”

#4: Guilt
- “It's hard to work to compete in the business world, have time for your spouse and still have all the time you'd like to give to your son.”

#5: Greed
- “Let's talk about grades and scholarships.”

You see, I can hit all five E-Factors.

But make no mistake about this - logic is what the buyer uses to defend his decision after he has made it. E-Factors are what makes buying decisions and actions happen.

A lot of people, particularly in business-to-business marketing or selling sophisticated products or services, wanna argue this. They want to be above it. They want to be “fact presenters''.

They are wrong. The exceptional salesperson always weaves the E-Factors all through his presentations.

If you read the account in Napoleon Hills writings of how Andrew Carnegie was finally sold on retiring and on selling and merging his companies, you'll see all the E-Factors hard at work, even though Carnegie, America's first billionaire, was as hard knowed and tough mind and heartless a businessman as any.

He was renowned for his shrew judgment, tough negotiation and stubbornness. At the time, this transaction was the largest financial deal in American history. And without Charlie Schwab's savvy use of the E-Factors, it never would've happened. I suggest you find and read the story.

John Scully, former CEO at Apple back in the day, got sold (actually conned by a conman) into a very embarrassing and costly business deal. Scully was desperately eager for a way to rebound and recreate his reputation as a successful businessman after leaving Apple. His pride was in control, and he was afraid that opportunities might not come his way. So fear was in control.

He should have done more investigation and analysis, but the conman used the E-Factors in such a powerful way, Scully virtually ignored logic. In this case, the axiom is fitting, “Pride goes before the fall.”

These two stories are decades apart, but both are about shrewd and sophisticated business leaders that simply demonstrate that no one is immune to E-Factor selling, that everybody is very susceptible to E-Factor selling.

Always weave E-Factor selling into your proof-stacked sales pitch.

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