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Leveraging Personality Marketing

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

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I'm kind of befuddled by small companies that are always in a hurry.

They tend to be initially entrepreneurial-driven. Everybody knows who the leader is. Everybody thinks they're dealing with a person. They tend to be in a mad rush to look like, if not become a large, nameless, faceless corporate institution, when all of the evidence is that people prefer to deal with people not with nameless, faceless institutions but with other people.

And the best example of all that is what happened with Chrysler and their lead executive, Lee Iacocca. The principle of massive action helped him in doing a number of things to save the company, but one thing he would rather never have done and hated doing was TV commercials. But it was vitally necessary to put a person's face on a company, and to parade in front of the public, somebody that they might trust, in a case where they could not and would not trust the company.

Had he not done that, I don't know if there'd be a Chrysler here today.

So it seems to me that when given the choice, you want to do personality-driven marketing, not corporate-driven marketing.

Dave Thomas is another great example. Doing TV commercials with Dave was agonizing. He doesn't like it, and it would take him 50 takes to say, ‘hello’. It's just a painful process, but you know, they tried everything else and nothing else worked as well as him.

So given the choice, you wanna do personality-driven marketing. Tomorrow if you’re around, I’ll share how and when you should use a celebrity-driven marketing, but if you want to go deeper into all the types of marketing available in your business, let me give it to you for free as a gift when you get my newsletter on what’s new and most important for your business in 2023.

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