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Magnetic Marketing F.A.S.T Implementation Boot Camp

Friday, January 19, 2024

Magnetic Marketing F.A.S.T Implementation Boot Camp

Are you ready to stop the endless pursuit of customers and instead irresistibly attract them to you in droves like moths to a flame?

Well, I’d like to introduce a cutting-edge curriculum, created personally by the best minds in Magnetic Marketing – including myself, of course.

In just 2 days of this Magnetic Marketing F.A.S.T Implementation Boot Camp, you’ll discover just how quick and easy it is to implement proven, time-tested Magnetic Marketing systems and transform your business into an engine of explosive growth.

I know most people lead small and insignificant lives thinking that nothing that they do can change their situation in life.

These people have no idea how wrong they are. I know for a fact that there are reliable ways to boost business, strategies that have been proven to grow businesses, and systems that can and will work for you 24/7/365. Waiting isn’t one of them, and neither is mental malaise.

The real secret to my success, and the successes of the thousands of students and businesses I’ve nurtured, boils down to one key truth:


And that is exactly what you’ll do in this Magnetic Marketing boot camp.

Magnetic Marketing boot camp

Over the years, I’ve shared my insights and nurtured a growing number of businessmen, women, and students of marketing alike, who’ve gladly abandoned the beaten path, escaped from the well-wishers and nay-sayers, to follow in the footsteps of people who are actually making stuff happen.

The path of Magnetic Marketing leads to steady growth, reliable revenues, and ever-growing profits regardless of whether the economy rises or falls.

By attending this boot camp you’ll be getting the fastest, most effective way to discover, embrace, and integrate our foundational principles into your business.

But, I get it. You are likely feeling a range of your own isolating emotions. You might be wondering how to get information to sink in fast, or you could be feeling unsure of where to start with implementation.

Alternatively, you could be feeling lost, lonely, and without the tools and strategies you need to make your business stand out and in your business category.

Or even worse, you might still be thinking that your business is different.

At Magnetic Marketing we believe, and have proven over and over again, that all businesses including…

  • ​Small businesses
  • ​​​Businesses
  • ​Selling to businesses
  • Service businesses
  • Professional practitioners
  • Sales professionals
  • Authors & speakers
  • Consultants
  • ​Entrepreneurs of any kind

Are all the same in that they DO NOT need to forge a new path, but merely follow in the footsteps of the Magnetic Marketing entrepreneurs you’ll get to know in our boot camp.

You Are NOT In Your Business, You Are In The Business Of Marketing & Sales

You are in the business of marketing your business, and nothing else.

​That’s why our sole mission is to provide you with proven and effective marketing advice, strategies, resources, and know-how so you can market your business effectively, for maximum profit and growth, because that is the business you’re in.

That is the business you should be EXCELLING in.

It’s all about making your business the dominant business in your community or business category – shutting out your competitors and putting an iron cage around your customers.

​That’s why I’m inviting you to attend this F-A-S-T Implementation Magnetic Marketing Boot Camp.

​This is your opportunity to experience and get direct access to the leadership team at Magnetic Marketing – to hear right from the “horse’s mouth”, as they say – and see how to take and use our proven direct response tools and strategies in your business.

This is the one event where everything you need to put Magnetic Marketing to work in your business comes together in one place: the right training, the perfect environment, and a couple of rockstar veterans in the industry to lead you on the fast track to MASSIVE success.

​For example, let me shine the spotlight on one Darcy Juerez. This amazing woman is currently the Chief Business Strategist and the leader of both the Magnetic Marketing Implementation Coaching program and the Insider’s Circle coaching group.

​She has been called many things – from the Queen of Automation to The One That Makes Things Happen.

Darcy Juerez

I first met Darcy when she was the right hand to a true ‘Entrepreneur’ – someone who had all these ideas ready to pull out of his ass but couldn’t seem to make them happen. This changed when Darcy entered the picture. Her first experience was through a live event, and she’s been showing entrepreneurs and small business owners how to implement Magnetic Marketing ever since!

She even makes it seem as easy as 1-2-3.

So as important as her experience and knowledge are, her ability to share this information with our next group of Magnetic Marketing champions makes them uniquely qualified to help YOU.

With guidance from Darcy and many other capable veterans in the group, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a Unique Selling Proposition for your business
  • The “8-Direct Response TRIGGERS”
  • Online Marketing, AKA The Art of Driving Massive Amounts of Qualified Traffic to YOUR Website
  • ​​How to CHOOSE The Right Market for your Business
  • Fundamentals of Crafting a COMPELLING MESSAGE
  • How to find the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in your own Customer List
  • The 3rd Easiest Customer to sell to
  • The 10 Money-Making Rule$
  • “The Secret Sauce”

Think of this, one of our members managed to tailor three USPs for 3 specific markets – all in one evening. Three USPs in one evening!

To give you some perspective, nowadays USPs are often quite difficult to find. They’re simple to make in theory, but as soon as a company establishes a successful USP in a market, competitors rush to copy it.

This is something no one can control – but don’t worry.

Our Magnetic Marketing Boot Camp will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to create a USP that’s enduring, along with a marketing strategy to keep your business ahead of the game.

One of our trainings will involve building your Magnetic Marketing vocabulary.

You might have picked up a few new words since becoming a member, or just from consuming some of my free content, but this tactical lesson will equip you with the language you need to know to understand and employ this kind of marketing.

Magnetic Marketing

Words like “Swipe File” and “Mastermind” are more than just words – they’re part of a language spoken by the top dogs of Magnetic Marketing Members worldwide. It’s part of the language of business professionals, hardened by time and experience.

Additionally, you’ll get demonstrations of powerful promotions that have helped small businesses, businesses selling to other businesses, service businesses, professional practitioners, sales professionals, authors & speakers, consultants, and more.

When you finish, you’ll walk away with a reliable, proven Magnetic Marketing System of Integrated Marketing tools, ideas, and actions – all guaranteed to give you a massive edge over any and all competitors.

Testimonials From Our Past Boot Camp Attendees

But you don’t have to take my word for it. In fact, I’ll let you hear from a few of my members, themselves. Here’s what they had to say about our Magnetic Marketing boot camp:

“Before I got here I was SCARED to tell anyone what my business was. I knew it’s a service business, but I wasn’t sure how to market it or explain it. As of 2 hours into the boot camp, I not only got confirmation that my business idea was great, but I discovered 3 additional target markets I could tailor my marketing to. AAA-MAZ-ING!”Shay Banks, Cachet Concierge

“This Boot Camp was AWESOME! Tons of information. Every Business in the world should go. A Must Do!!”Colie Goodrich

“I came to the boot camp because it was a chance to pick up some marketing tips from the ‘’experts”. The fact that it was free was a huge bonus. So much great information!”Jim Langford

“I have 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Sales is still Sales. Marketing will NEVER be the same again! If you choose not to attend, are you also choosing not to take your business to the next financial playing level?”Bev Thoman,

And you see, Bev poses a good question. I understand completely if you want to miss out, but do you understand exactly what you’ll lose if you pass on this opportunity?

Do you understand that you’re basically seeing all these folks succeeding, making this year really count – yet you’re still choosing to be left out?

Let me stress that this boot camp will be unlike any other event you’ve ever attended.

This isn’t just about filling your head with a bunch of pipe dreams and then throwing you into the proverbial pack of wolves alone. Heck no.

This 2-day Magnetic Marketing Boot Camp is designed from start to finish to basically spoon-feed you exactly what you need to implement what you’ve learned so that your business can, and will, take off!

It’s a mighty big promise, I know, but it’s one I’m confident we can make because we’ve done it over and over again. We’ve put the perfect team in place to make it happen for you.

So if you’re as serious about business growth as you should be, you won’t hesitate to accept this invitation. We are giving you literally EVERYTHING you need to experience the success that awaits you – if you choose to accept it, that is.

You can sign up for the Fast Start Implementation Boot Camp here:

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