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My ‘Million Dollar Sales Presentation’ Strategy

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

My ‘Million Dollar Sales Presentation’ Strategy

For my speaking engagements, I have what I call my million dollar sales presentation. It's called that because in numerous years it has sold over a million dollars of my products, specifically my magnetic marketing system.

In developing this presentation, I determined that the main reasons someone who listened would not buy are:

#1: They think it's not for them for their business.
#2 They think my product is just a book of letters because I show letters in an example.
#3: They think it's too complicated.
#4: They think it's too expensive.
#5: They don't believe the guarantee.

So during the presentation I directly raise and respond to every one of those possible reasons not to buy. This isn't new.

The very first group sales presentation I ever used in this field back in 1975, ended with schtick on the blackboard that said, “The only 3 reasons people don't join”. I would write each reason on the blackboard, then answer it including humor to diminish its importance. And as I killed each one, I would boldly cross it out on the blackboard. And after I killed the last one, I erased them all.

I don't think you should ever fear their reasons for not buying, and never play ostrich. “If I stick my head in the sand, I won't see it. If I close my eyes real tight, the boogeyman will go away.”

Never let your ego tell you, “There's no good reason to say no to your offer.” Use their probable objections as building blocks, not as stumbling blocks.

Now I show all my NO B.S. Letter subscribers how to sell, create winning presentations & learn to ask the right questions in my full “Midas Touch Selling” course, which is free in your members area.

If you’re not a part of NO B.S. yet, let me give you “Midas Touch Selling” and multiple other courses worth $19,997 for free as a gift to get started today.

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