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New Article: Write & Speak To Sell & Grow Rich (Me & Napoleon Hill)

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

Important Note: This is just a small part of my newest article on ‘Write & Speak To Sell & Grow Rich (Me & Napoleon Hill)’. To get the rest, you should be a part of my NO B.S. Newsletter membership, particularly before this article goes to print in the next few days.

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Napoleon Hill came into my life early, when I was in my teens, after first discovering Earl Nightingale and Paul J. Meyer. Rather than tread common territory of Hill's work related to successful achievement, I'll take you down a far less traveled path: Hill's principles for direct-response advertising, marketing, and selling. I used the 17 Laws Of Success presented by Hill, for example, as a 17-point structure for any selling endeavor, whether by one-to-one presentations, group presentations, or media like ads or sales letters. All apply.

DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE, for example, should be set before preparing or writing anything to sell. Surprisingly, a lot of salespeople, speakers, and copywriters fail to do this. They are often okay with “maybe” rather than a "yes" or a "no." They do not pre-calculate a target range of response, whereas I never stepped to the stage or planned and wrote for a direct-mail campaign without knowing what number of buyers it should produce. And there's the matter of who you want to attract as a customer—and who you do not want.

ORGANIZED EFFORT and PERSISTENCE, as another example, lead us to multi-step marketing sequences and follow-up in place of the all-too-common one-attempt-and-done marketing. Each of Hill's 17 laws can be similarly applied.

Hill was most celebrated as a "success" author. Less celebrated as an advertising copywriter, speech and sales presentation writer, and sales trainer. Yet he made his living with these things while he did the research leading to Think and Grow Rich, and following its publishing success as well. The component parts of my business pretty much paralleled his.

As an odd piece of trivia…

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This is only a small taste of my full article, which goes into much more detail on the keys of writing & speaking to grow rich. I have written a lot of sales presentations—for myself, for clients, and for sales organizations—always agonizing over using exactly the right words. I’ve listed out many details from Gary Halbert, Napoleon Hill, and George Douglas inside of my April Newsletter, and if you’re a member, we’ll be printing your copy for shipment next week.

Which means, if you’re not already a member, you have until Monday morning to jump in before the April letter goes to print - otherwise you’ll miss this issue.

All of April is dedicated to helping you learn the secrets to writing & speaking to tell when you follow these proven tips which include…

  • Write & Speak To Sell & Grow Rich (Me & Napoleon Hill)
  • 8-pages of Q&A with Russell Brunson, Jim Edwards on topics related to Napoleon Hill And His Marketing Viewpoint.
  • A ‘Fax from the Past’ discussing “Boom Or Bust”
  • ​Magnetic Marketing In Action by Darcy Juarez…
  • ​Member Spotlight showing “How I Went From Being An Overworked, Tired, And Frustrated Chiropractor To Loving Life And Business Again!” By Darcy Juarez
  • ​Copywriting Secrets By Jim Edwards: 10 Copywriting Tweaks That Create Instant Spikes In Results
  • ​And Secrets From My Swipe File: Reverse-Engineered Marketing Examples From The Founder Of The Internet’s Most Extensive Swipe Archive By Mike Schauer

The April newsletter is going to the printer on Monday, so depending on when you’re reading, this is your last chance to get your copy on your desk.

And I guarantee you won’t find a bonus offer like the one we provide for the NO B.S. Newsletter, with over $19,997 of pure money making information, my gift to you.

Don’t miss this April’s print date – we’ve crafted it to meet your needs to ensure business momentum and prepare you to become a true Renegade Millionaire.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy
Magnetic Marketing

P.S. Don’t forget, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.

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