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NLP vs Vince Lombardi

Friday, February 17, 2023

 NLP vs Vince Lombardi

Largely thanks to the Tony Robbins infomercials that my past client, the Guthy Renker Corporation produced and aired for several years, selling over $80 million of Tony's personal power tapes. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has become a huge fad and the best place to read about it is in Tony's first book, Unlimited Power. But I have to tell you, this is not the brand new technology it's made out to be.

One of the all time, best bluntest books ever published on closing sales titled “The Closers” from 1980 talks about “mirroring”, one of the key NLP techniques. By the way that book, “The Closers” is very hard to find but worth hunting for. I think it's out of print. So libraries and used bookstores are your best bets.

Anyway, there's some NLP techniques that frankly for me, is more distracting than helpful in selling. And some of it I'm not even sure I agree with at all, but the information on mirroring is sound. I think you have to be careful of falling prey to each new fad or idea that comes along each presenting itself as a miracle breakthrough for salespeople.

Keep in mind that in many cases, it's just as Kevin Roberts says “old wine in a new bottle”. My own observation is that very few sales professionals have achieved such mastery of the fundamentals that they need to move on to esoteric techniques.

I'm told that Vince Lombardi started each season at the first team meeting by holding up a football and saying, “ladies and gentlemen, this is a football”, This is how he would launch into a pitch for concentration on the fundamentals.

We all want the magic pill and that's worth remembering when you're selling that something to watch out for in your own behavior because there isn't one. A few years ago in football, a new kind of offense called run and shoot was seen by some as the magic pill that could elevate a dog team from the basement to the playoffs. Detroit bought into it more than any other team, but four or five used it a lot. And none of 'em got to the big show. Lombardi would've whipped them all with blocking and tackling.

Several years ago when Chuck Daley and Brendan Suhr were still the coaches at the NBA, Detroit pistons, I sat in on a practice. Now this is a practice with top pros. They played basketball in high school, college, and in the pros all their lives. And I heard Chuck Daly yelling over and over again, “follow your shot, follow your shot”. Now that's a basketball fundamental. You don't take a shot and then stand there waiting to see if it goes in or not, depending on your team's game plan, you either follow the shot in order to get the ball on the rebound, or if it doesn't go in, you move into position for defense, but you don't just stand there.

This year, every time I watched an NBA playoff game, I saw guys forgetting this fundamental and costing their teams points. And again, it's my observation that very few sales professionals have achieved such mastery of the fundamentals that they need to look for new, more sophisticated, esoteric ideas or fads for improving their performance.

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